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MsTits has a very strict rule.

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By MsTits [Ignore] at 01,Nov,17 11:21   Pageviews: 121

Jim again.......

I absolutely adore MsTits. She is so incredibly sexy and such a great lover that she has her hooks very deep in me. She owns me, and she knows it. And I would do anything to please her.....and that's how she can get away with enforcing this one very strict rule she has for me.

MsTits sternly prohibits me from masturbating. She has told me that she can tell when a man masturbates. She says a man's cock doesn't get as hard when he's been wanking and that he doesn't fuck as well when he doesn't have a horny edge on him.

A little more history on MsTits. I've never seen or heard of a woman who like male semen more than her. She says she's addicted to men's cum and that it's her favorite "food." If she doesn't swallow a load at least every other day she can get cranky.

Tits is also very possessive of her man and readily admits to being selfish about sharing his seed with another woman AND she says that when her boyfriend wanks he is "wasting his cum." She says she wants every single drop of his cum for herself....that his seed belongs in her mouth/tummy, in her cunt, or on her face or tits. She's very demanding about this.

The good thing about this no-masturbation rule is that Tits will take my cum anytime I get backed up. So she'll suck or fuck me almost every day, the exception being when I'm out of town.

One time about a year ago I had to go out of town on business for five days. I desperately missed MsTits and thinking about her got the best of me, so I jacked off on day three of my trip. When I got home - I don't know how Tits could tell I wanked - she knew immediately I had broken the rule and she cut me off for a week.....the longest week of my life......but man-oh-man did I ever bust a big hot load when she let me back in her cunt.

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By nekekal [Ignore] at 01,Nov,17 13:29
Lol. That's a pretty easy rule to live with. If she will fuck or suck every day, maybe two or three times some days, there would be reason to masturbate. She could keep a guy sucked dry.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 03,Nov,17 17:04
This comment is very true I think! If the lady will actually do what she claims. I bet she could have a harem of guys standing in line for her to take care of every day!

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