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Berlin Sauna

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By alanhuk [Ignore] at 02,Nov,17 05:58   Pageviews: 133

Berlin Gay Sauna

After my first experience, I was ready for a large venue so a trip to Berlin was just the opportunity I needed!
I took the U.bahn and walked the short distance into a courtyard with the sauna to one side.

In preparation, I had totally shaved my under arms, chest, stomach, pubes and arse.
After reception the open changing room with hundreds of lockers were on the second floor, (I was using No251) there were other guys getting dressed as I stripped off down to my normal black thong, placed everything into the locker. Then my CK thong came off and I squeezed my manhood into a chunky donut stainless steel cockring!

I now felt very comfortable, so I set off to explore. Everything is downstairs in the cellar!
Nice showers then into the cooler (60degC) sauna. It was completely glass fronted so you could see who was in before opening the door!
A few guys in there, mostly sat, some laid down. Two guys ‘playing’ – One laid on top level completely stretched out with arms above his head! (One in his 50’s, guy being caressed was in his 40’s)
His buddy was on next deck down. He was gently caressing his feet then angles and thighs....The guy getting the attention had a good looking body and solid cut cock with trimmed pubes. As the caressing moved nearer to his manhood, his cock swelled from flaccid to semi pointing towards his feet then quickly erect pointing towards his chest! They were happy to be watched, I was happy to watch – I was aroused too! When his balls were being caressed the cock was throbbing well!

I was being watched too by a guy in his 20’s. Although he was holding his manhood most of the time, he kept looking at mine – held tightly in a stainless steel ring and totally smooth! He kept look up to catch my eye, I decided maybe not...yet!
I decided to take a shower then move into “L” shaped hot tub. Lots of guys in, some in their 20’s with great bodies! Part of pool had a glass wall so you could be seen from inside steam room!
Then into hot (90degC) sauna – Very large, again fully glass fronted. My 20 year old fan followed me in – continued looking at me, eyes and cock! But he was always on middle deck and me on top one!
Then off to shower, then Warm stones to relax, then back into cooler sauna.
Again young guy followed me in – We took up our normal positions! This time a guy came in with a pot of water and so as it was poured on the stones, a wave of very hot steam shot into the air – when the second wave was to be produced I moved down a deck and sat next to the young guy, he looked into my eyes and I stroked his back. He smiled and looked at my cockring again then my eyes – I nodded and he moved his hand and grasped my cockring and its contents – nice!
My hand moved from his back over his shoulder and onto his chest, as I moved over his nipple and attempted to hold it, he let go of me and went out of sauna!
I was surprised but not hurt!

We met again in hot tub but no contact!

After another period in hot sauna I decided to venture into Steam Room. This is a large dark labyrinth with no lighting and very few seats, just a maze of tiled walls. There were probably 20 guys in there. Some stood, some walking around. Although we were almost touching, no one did!
I stood near a guy as we watched two guys in the hot tub through the glass wall – cute!
He looked at me, I placed my hand onto his neck and shoulder – he responded by running his hand down my chest and stomach and held my manhood.
I placed my arm around his neck and played with his nipple; he now took hold of my aroused cock and slowly masturbated me – then faster!
By now we were kissing each other’s necks, I had hold of his cock and I was at the point of ejaculation! I exploded and we held each other tightly until we both had semi cocks, then a gentle feel of our bodies and we parted. He did not seem to want me to massage his cock! I went straight to shower then again into hot sauna!

Young guy came in too – but no contact!

A great afternoon, more than happy to repeat the experience!!
Please tell me if you have experienced the same!

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By X5TANNED [Ignore] at 09,Nov,17 05:21
wow sounds gr8 glad to hear you had a good time would have loved to have been there with you
By alanhuk [Ignore] at 10,Nov,17 08:12
me too!!!

By mywusch [Ignore] at 05,Nov,17 11:28
great, love to meet you there

By andy99 [Ignore] at 03,Nov,17 06:06
Thanks for this! Next time I'm in Berlin... Saunas can be hit and miss, but this ones sounds great. Hard to read body language in the dark, of course, and some guys are definitely there for watching only so you can't be pushy. Last time I was in a sauna a guy much older than me eventually gave me the most delightful, slow BJ. But this was after roaming around the place for ages.

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