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I'm sorry

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By straightarrow [Ignore] at 02,Nov,17 15:56   Pageviews: 75

Oh, man! As soon as I said 'suck me bitch', I regretted it and my cock started to shrivel.
Who's the real bitch here?

Fred, reached out and grabbed my cock and squeezed it so hard it shrunk almost to baby carrot size.
He looked up at me and said,
You have so many friends with benefits that you want to treat me as your 'bitch?'
I, don't believe a bitch would come to your home and gently nibble your nipples,
tenderly fondle your cock, ask if you want to cum and then slowly lick and suck your cock until your load is swallowed.

Do I seem like a woman that is spiteful and overbearing or a man that is weak and contemptible?
No! I, came over here as a neighbor and a friend. Fortunately for me, maybe for both of us,
I found a man with perky nipples and some tube steak that was aching to be tasted.
I,told you that I love to get naked with a man, nibble, fondle, suck and swallow cum.
Maybe have my nipples nibbled and sucked, my cock fondled, the precum rubbed over the head and eventually when you shoot your load into my mouth and down my throat I'll shoot too.

That's what I told you in all sincerity and honesty. But, you want to treat me as a 'bitch?'
All the time he's speaking, he's gently squeezing my cock and had started to fondle my balls.
He lowers his head, opens his mouth and slowly sucks the head of my cock.
As I start to grow bigger , he deep throats my cock a few times, lifts his head, smiles and says "would a 'bitch' lovingly do this for you almost anytime you want?"
I, want to shove my cock back into his warm,wet sucking mouth and feel the pleasure he gave me before.
Experience the tenderness he so lovingly gave me, while disregarding his own pleasure.

But, then I realize that he did experience pleasure, didn't require any response from me other than my balls tightening, my cock erupting and stream after stream of my hot seed shooting deep in to his throat.

As the song say's, 'what kind of fool am Ií. Almost 2 years with no physical sexual contact
except for old lady 5 fingers or flesh light.
I, tell him, I'm sorry that's the first physical sexual contact in almost 2 years and my first from a man.

It's only my 2nd blow job ever, the 1st was from a prostitute in ,Japan.
I, guess I got overly excited wanting you to suck me again and my response wasn't very considerate.
I, apologize and sincerely want you to do what ever makes you comfortable.
Put clips on my nipples, nibble, lick and suck them, fondle my cock and balls and if you desire, suck my cock.
Take your cock out, get naked, jack-off and cum,as I hope you will make me cum.

Do what pleases you, because you have sure pleased me and I want you to go on pleasing me as often as we can get together.
The whole time I'm talking he's been pumping his hand up and down the shaft of my throbbing member and massaging my balls.
His thumb spreads the precum over the head, he dips his head and licks the precum.

My nipples are stiff, my cock is rock solid and aching to burst, my balls ache and all I want to do is cum. I, don't care how, my hand, his hand, his mouth-just cum.
He lets go of my cock, stands up and begins removing his clothes.
Once naked I notice his nipples are as hard as mine and there is precum all over the head of his cock.

His cock is hard but only about 3 inches. I, bend my head nibble and suck his nipples,
reach my hand down and cup his cock and balls.
They fit snugly and he cums almost immediately. He's moaning and saying 'yes,yes,yes.'
His cum squirts out of my hand and onto my leg.

He reaches down,takes my hand and licks it clean, bends down and licks my leg clean.
Works slowly up to my balls which he begins to lick and suck.
Finally, he gently licks my cock and slowly sucks it into his mouth.
He slides my cock in and out of his mouth with a suction that's mind blowing.

He's sucked my cock before but never like this.
Wantonly he sucks, like he's getting nourishment from my cock.
He sucks like a baby nurses at his mothers breast, he's making love to my cock, my head is spinning.
I, feel his throat contract with a swallow and grip my cock. It was like a pussy spasming only better.

Grunting, my cock explodes, spewing a flood of cum into my loving friends mouth and throat
and now I'm the one yelling yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming, I'm cumming...

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By Billy4995 [Ignore] at 03,Nov,17 04:17
hot story thnx for sharing

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