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mmm Iím just not sure

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By Likedick [Ignore] at 02,Nov,17 21:32   Pageviews: 60

Hi Iím puzzled?? So can any of you answer me this ??
In birding school I was introduced to boy on boy sex. The dot in my room asked if he could put his dick in my bum. We was stood n his dick only got between my cheeks. The next night he got us both naked on his bed & tought me how to wank his cock ( Iím so hard) the night after he convinced me to suck his cock n Iíve got to admit although he let me do all the work and it kept him from sticking his thin 5Ē long foreskiníd cock out of my ass I enjoyed are sex. There was house parents men & women & none of them ever approached me sexually. it was just my roommate. Then I advanced on a female house parent 1 night & had great sex & I mean the hole night of sex. But that day my roommate got moved & the next boy liked to cock too so it all started over again. The next boarding school was much the same although 1 house parent called bill. Had lots of boys in his flat n **** overs as he lived on school grounds n kids went home at wkend. So plenty of wankink with the other boys and cumin on each other. I left school having my fill of boys & girls by the age of 15 move out of home by 18. I found every single day I was going to the common & cruising the places where men where hanging about Is sometimes see guys sucking other menís cocks even fucking sometimes clothed quite often naked. Iíd often stay hidden to watch as I played with my hard cock but denied myself the cum. Iíd get disturbed n sort myself out n walk away. One day I was on the common looking to find somewhere to sun bathing & even got a womanís thong on instead of undies. After finding a place n stripping down I had a older guy come for a sucking we 69 no anal. Several sexy years later Iím wed but canít stop thinking & looking at online cock. Sex is crap at home so Iím back on here. Thinking how it would feel to have a cock cumin over mine n how it would feel to suck Alcock again. Am I bi or what or do I just like cock ??? Comments welcome please Iím gonna have to wank my throbbing hard cock n cum now.

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