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Titty photos of my Annual Bike Ride to Big & Little Sturgis

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By NiteRider [Ignore] at 04,Nov,17 09:16   Pageviews: 55

Yes, assumed permission for ALL Photos these Magnificent Titties along with a Puss or two, considering all the beauties were strolling the streets proudly showing off their ASSets. I have uploaded a few, omitting their faces as a courtesy, considering, even if I publicly Showed It Off, I would not want my face displayed on the Net for my Momma to see,either. :-)

Remember me commenting, as a young adult, I vowed Never to grow Old mentally?

Each year, since Nineteen Sixty Eight, I have made an Annual Pilgrimage to Sturgis N.D. along with N later years including Little Sturgis Ky.

My first Bike Ride to Sturgis N.D. was on my new Kawasaki 400, little did I realize at the time my bike was referred to by Harley Owners as a Ricer, a Rice Popper due to its Japanese Heritage, sneered, looked down upon by the Die-Hard Bikers riding practically every Vintage of Harley's produced for decades.

Ha ha. Yep, young, naive, I was in 1968.

The following year, 1969, I Proudly rode my newly Used 1964 Harley Ironhead to Sturgis N.D. Posing a photo of it too.

Aah, to be young, riding the Ride with a set of warm, firm Titties pressed up against my bare back as we approached Sturgis after several leasurily days on the road, sleeping under the Stars, enjoying each others Body in the most exquisite, intense, Love Making, Orgasmic Bliss that Only a Young Body can experience. As I said, we rode into Sturgis with a Smile on my face and a set of Warm, Firm Titties, pointed Nipples pressed into my bare back. I remember those times as If Only Yesterday.

Yes, We continue our Annual Pilgrimage to Sturgis, a little slower than in Sixty Eight, the Titties pressed against my back no longer as firm as then but No Less Appreciated and Worshiped, our Love Making no longer has the Animal Intensity of Yesteryear, now a deeper, slow Love Making that Satiates One's Soul, an Affirmation, that after decades, You are Still part of my Life, Flesh to Flesh, Soul to Soul, even after the Sexual Fires of Youth have lessened, Still, the Memories of Yesterday, the continued Connection of Today causes an Old Man's Dick to Harden. How Sweet it IS

I hope you enjoy the Titty photos a tenth as much as my Huney an I enjoyed our Annual Rides over the decades to Sturgis N.D.

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