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By the river

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By cucky [Ignore] at 04,Nov,17 12:51   Pageviews: 51

So I just stopped in the small alcove at the river side walk I desperately needed to pee. As locked in chastity I crouched and had wonderful pee then as I was finishing doing up my trouser two young guys come round the corner.

Seeing me there they come over I carefully move away from the wet floor and one guy is now either side of, me I admit now I am scared what comes next!!!

To my relief one of the guys pulls down his trousers a bit so his cock springs out over the waistband, without hesitation I am on my knees taking the tip of his cock in my mouth. I hear his friend now taking a piss as I lick and tease the large cock head in my mouth. I reach up holding his hard shaft and suck taking him in and out then I stop and wank him as I his friend walks up and I lick then suck his piss tasting cock.

Before long I am sucking and wanking both of the taking turns, as I now start taking one of them balls deep he grabs my head and now just fucks my face I struggle to breath and gag a bit but keep control, then he pulls back filling my mouth then covering my face with cum.

A quick lick clean then his friends cock is in my mouth he pushes me back against the wall then tightly holds my wrists I can do nothing but take his thrusting cock in my mouth and throat cum and Sylvia pouring from my mouth as he grunts then pushes deep pulsing filling my belly with cum, as he pills out I drop to the floor choking on cum. They walk off laughing as I lay in my puddle of cum, feeling so used, so happy.

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