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By Jcksj [Ignore] at 04,Nov,17 18:34   Pageviews: 95

Earlier this year, I met a sexy BBW. We just seemed to connect really well. The sexual tension was palpable. We are both in very long term relationships with other people. One thing lead to another and soon we were fucking like a couple of high school kids. She gave amazing blowjobs! One afternoon we were at our regular meeting place and started to get down to business. She ripped my pants off and I disposed of hers. She grabbed my cock, laid back and started to rub her clit with my tip. I could only take a minute of this and needed to bury myself in her very hot cunt. I slammed it in. No gentleness given and we started to rut. After a few minutes I flipped her over and took her doggystyle. I loved watching her big ass jiggle as I pounded into her tight cunt. A couple slaps of her ass and she was over the edge. I followed, pulling her back on my cock and exploding deep in her. I loved cumming in her. We took a few minutes break and started to go at it from the side. Her cunt was dripping from both of our cum. I made an executive decision, I wanted her ass. I pulled my slick cock out and lined up her tight little pucker. Slowly I slid in, not wanting it to be too painful for her. I did have some tender feelings for her after all. My first time in someone's ass! It was amazing! I loved the little grunts from her as we slowly moved, until she became accustomed to my cock. Then she unleashed hell. She got on all fours. And started slamming back on my cock. It was mere seconds before I shot my second load of the day into her tight sexy booty. Fuck it felt good. We laid there catching our breath. My cock still in her, still hard. I pulled out slowly and gave her a good slap on this ass followed by a very passionate kiss. We both realized we were due back at our respective employers right away. No cleaning up needed, we got dressed and went back to work. I jacked off later replaying the best sex I had had to date. The knowledge that she was going home to her man, with my cum leaking out of both holes, making a mess of her panties had me cumming almost as hard as she made me cum every time we were together. Fuck, do I miss her. And her holes. Now, I can't stop thinking about the thrill of filling a woman up, and sending her home dripping my seed.

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