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By cutup [Ignore] at 12,Nov,17 10:03   Pageviews: 139

last weekend, my wife came home early while I had a man in our bedroom. I had his cock deep in my throat when I heard the door open. I actually thought she was ok with this, but I was wrong. The guy whose cock I had just been making love to quickly grabbed his clothes, got dressed and exited through the front door. My wife accused me of cheating on her. After a whole day of wondering how we had such a misunderstanding, and that she was going to divorce me, she finally cooled down and listened to me. I assured her that I thought she was ok with me having men over, as long as I told her what I was doing. Apparently, she understood that I was to ask her permission beforehand, while I understood that she was ok with me doing whatever I wanted to with guys, as long as I was open about it. I had been open in the past by letting her know that I wanted to suck men's cocks, and wrongly assumed that that gave me an open door to do what I wanted when I wanted. She's never been truly comfortable about the man on man thing, so I chose not to tell her details about what actually went on when she was away, because I didn't want her to feel awkward or uncomfortable about it. I was wrong by not being totally open about my trysts with craigslist men. Moving forward, I've agreed to be completely open about the men I suck and fuck. I love my wife deeply, and want so much for her to accept me as the cocksucking sissy that I am. I want her to watch me suck cocks, be fucked by them and not only accept that this is a part of who I am, but actually get turned on by it, watching me be the bitch, and masturbating herself to orgasm while watching her sissy husband take cock and become a sperm receptacle. Am I asking too much? I guess that's up to her to decide. in the meantime, I find myself as much as ever, fantasizing about the next time I get to suck a nice cock, swallow the sperm, and eventually take a hot load deep in my sexy man pussy while she watches, encourages the behavior and accepts it.

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By #437938 [Ignore] at 16,Nov,17 12:55
Lucky gurl!

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