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By bella! [Ignore] at 13,Nov,17 08:25   Pageviews: 359


It might be the "truth" in your head, but it's far from being the truth or reality.

I attempted to make amends with you well before you began with the name calling. You weren't a big enough person to let it go.

You think that a certain group of people are "liars" and you speak the truth on your page? That's only in your mind. Do you remember a while back, you were calling me intolerant and possibly a racist? But I was able to show you and others just how intolerant and racist YOU really are. You tried to back pedal and justify your comment all the while blowing smoke up member's asses. What a joke! You're a joke!

From my point of view, you are just a miserable old woman and the only thing you've got going for yourself is that you are willing to screw anything and flash your hoo haa EVERYWHERE! Yep, that's all. The only thing you seem to care about is yourself and perhaps, that little pygmy boy.

I'm not going to waste any more of my time thinking about you or writing about you, you are not worth my time or energy. Good day!

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By Skittles [Ignore] at 07,Feb,18 15:36

By Gntlmn [Ignore] at 13,Nov,17 19:53
Clue me in, here...please?
By bella! [Ignore] at 13,Nov,17 23:37
A SYC member has referred to me and continually refers to me as a "cunt" or a "fuckwit" and frankly, I'm tired of it and I'm tired of her.
By dgraff [Ignore] at 04,Dec,17 05:29
I couldn't agree with you more she needs to go she's been nothing but trouble sense the first day she showed up here

By JustWill [Ignore] at 13,Nov,17 11:15
As I can only assume that this post is about the Walrus, I just want to remind you that you are talking to/about an unhinged, crazy person.
This is an individual who, only just recently, spoke out in favor of the sexual @buse of disabled people!
Who is currently running a Trumpian smear campaign against HR13.
Anyone here with a brain in their head knows that the Walrus is little more than an attention-seeking, hypocritical, whiny-assed whack-a do.
By bella! [Ignore] at 13,Nov,17 13:48
Gee, this was my attempt at a discreet post, no names. I didn't hit the mark.
By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 14,Nov,17 09:30
Geebus! Did not know about the sexual abuse thing. Makes sense now as to why she’s so enamored of her reject from the Oompa Loompa chorus line.
By JustWill [Ignore] at 14,Nov,17 14:33
".. that they didn't make a choice for this behaviour to be taught to them, or have no one else in life to 'love' sexually, like a disable guy in a wheelchair that was never able to walk and withered away, but his m0ther gave him pleasure because she knew no one else ever would ... some might not be given an equal chance in life and some didn't ask for this to be their life, but for many, this is life, this is how they live and how things are in their world.. the old saying, until you've walked a mile in someone elses shoes, you should not judge.. .. Just be careful who you choose to call SICK" `` in *suckit*'s own words.

By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 14,Nov,17 09:26
Don’t feel bad. This woman, if you can even call her so has the intelligence of toilet bowl air freshener. She’s just upset because she knows she has the appeal of three day old liver and mashed potatoes from the buffet line at a Furrs cafeteria. So she has to advertise that slab of head cheese she calls a vagina around here like a commercial for crappy car insurance.

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