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Coyote Boy Has a Boyfriend

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By JustWill [Ignore] at 15,Nov,17 23:31   Pageviews: 97

(Chapter 42 )

On Sunday, Mark woke up around the same time his br0ther left the house to take his usual early morning run. Later, he would claim that he had sat for an hour at his end of the sofa quietly watching me sle*p and willing me to wake up and join him. Given that patience was never my Goblin's strong suit--and that he was prone to exaggeration--his silent vigil probably lasted more like two minutes, five at the most. When his attempt at telepathically waking me proved to be unsuccessful, he nudged my leg gently with his foot and whispered, "Hey, Coyote Boy, I have a question."

"Hmmm?" I mumbled in sle*py response, pulling the blanket over my head to block out the intrusive morning light. Barely conscious, I totally missed the eager tone in the Goblin's voice.

"Seriously, Dude," he prodded my leg again with a touch more urgency, "this is important."

Managing to pry one unwilling eye open to regard him, I asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. I just want to know...now that you're my boyfriend...does that mean you'll suck my dick whenever I want you to?"

The words 'suck my dick' caught my attention and drew my brain closer to wakefulness. "Is that a trick question?"

Still seated, Mark slid his butt on the sofa so that he moved a bit closer to me. Leaning forward, he began to use the side of his foot to stroke my inner thigh. It felt very nice. "Nope. Just curious."

"I already suck your dick whenever you want me to, Goblin. Don't plan on stopping any time soon." With a yawn and a stretch, I tried harder to focus on my too chipper buddy's face as he spoke.

"Yeah, I've noticed that you're very fond of getting my boner in your mouth." His eyes were twinkling and his grin had assumed its full-blown, impish splendor. "I really like that quality in a boyfriend."

His second use of the B-word in less than a minute did not go unregistered by my rapidly awakening thought center. As a matter of fact, hearing my lover refer to me as his boyfriend made my heart flutter pleasantly and caused a warm, tingling sensation in my groin. My pecker, always quicker to wake up than my brain was, began to rise to attention. In spite of the horrid earliness of the hour, my dick and I were in complete agreement. We definitely liked where this was going.

Still, even a Goblin-besotted Coyote Boy has to set some limits, so--against my growing boner's complaints to the contrary--I closed my eyes, nestled my head into my pillow, and pretended that I was going back to sle*p. "Glad to hear it, Dude. Just let me know the next time you want a blowjob and I'm all yours."

"You're not fooling anyone, you know," Mark told me as he shifted to a kneeling position so that he could lean over me and run a hand under the cover and up the side of my leg. "I can see you've got a hard-on," he grasped the bulging front of my shorts to emphasize his point.

Unwilling to give up my pretense so quickly, I kept my eyes tightly closed and lied, "I just have to pee real bad. You know how it is in the morning."

"Bullshit," the Goblin's response was warm and he began to gently knead my boner with his talented fingers. "This is clearly an 'I am Mark's cock-hungry sex-puppet' boner, not a piss hard-on."

"I am not your sex-puppet, Goblin," I protested halfheartedly, intentionally leaving out the 'cock-hungry' part. The trick to lying successfully is to keep it simple and to not make the untruth so outrageous as to be an obvious falsehood. I had, in the past year, shown an insatiable appetite for Goblin dick, so there was really no point in pushing my fabrication to an extreme.

Mark merely laughed. "Liar," he accused, his green eyes dancing with mirth and his wicked grin turning lustily feral. "You are my bitch, William." Giving my boner a firm, possessive squeeze--which made me emit a horny moan--my lover released his hold on my throbbing tool, ducked his head under the covers, and moved forward between my legs. He pushed them further apart with his knees to make room as he crawled up my body. A delighted 'mmmm' of pleasure escaped my lips when I felt his warm, wet tongue delve into my navel, teasingly flick around its rim, and slowly lap its way up my belly to the center of my chest. "My Coyote Boy-toy," he continued as he kissed his way to my right nipple, drew it between his lips and spent a moment sucking on it hard before giving it a gentle, gasp-inducing, nip with his teeth. "My personal, cum-crazy, fuck-monkey," my guy went on as he moved in the same fashion to the other nipple and performed the same pre-cum producing process there. I moaned, once again, deep in my throat.

Having gotten the reaction from me that he desired, Mark poked his head out from under the top edge of the blanket and gave me a self-satisfied smirk. "You know it and I know it." His nose was at the level of my chin, and the tip of his erection rested firmly, sexily, at the base of my balls.

"Okay, so I am nuts about your cock," I conceded without reluctance. Reaching down with both hands, I grabbed his butt and pulled him up my body so that we were eye to eye and his groin was pressed against mine. "What's your point?" Craving the feel of his skin against my palms, I slid my hands beneath the waistband of his shorts so that I could get a double grip on his wonderful ass cheeks. "You didn't wake me up just to remind me that you know how much I love your dick, did you?"

Mark sighed contentedly as he settled atop my prone body and began to gently rock his pelvis against mine. The sensation of our erections rubbing against each other, even through the thin fabric of the shorts we both wore, felt fantastic. I wrapped my legs around his to keep him in position."Not at all. I just think that, as my boyfriend, it's important that you understand how things are between us." He looked down into my eyes with a completely straight face and added, "That you know your place."

"Ah, I see," I responded, fondling his bottom and not cracking a smile. "As your boyfriend, it's my job to willingly submit and satisfy your every perverted sexual desire whenever you demand it. To suck your dick on command or give up my ass to be fucked as required. To make sure that your balls are regularly drained and your pecker is constantly satisfied."

The Goblin's eyes twinkled impishly and he flashed me an adorable grin. "Yep," he nodded, "that's pretty much what I'm saying, Will."

I pretended to ponder the idea for a moment, then returned his smile. "Okay, I can live with that." Keeping the Goblin sexually satisfied, in any way he wished, had been one of my favorite ways to spend my time for quite a while now. It wasn't like I was admitting anything but the absolute truth. I was, without the slightest doubt, totally devoted to the guy. "But..."


"Well...and don't get me wrong here, I really like your description of our relationship. A lot..." I glanced away, playing coy, "All the cock and cum I could ever want. It's what I've been dreaming of for months. But...it seems kind of unfair, Buddy." The expression I showed him was my best imitation of sad, soulful, puppy-dog eyes.

"Unfair? How so?" His look of confusion was as phony as my sorrowful one had been. It was all part of the playful banter which, from the beginning, was a huge and extremely arousing part of sex between us. Words and word-play are a powerful aphrodisiac when it comes to the mating habits of geeks like the Goblin and me. As cliché as it sounds, though I was extremely physically attracted to my best buddy, my dearest love, it was his brain--and how it worked--that turned me on the most. Happily, Mark felt the same way regarding me.

I arched my neck so that I could reach his throat with my tongue and gave it a languid lick before replying. "It's just that...the way you explained it, with me being your obedient sex-puppet...I get the better end of the deal." Maintaining my double-handed grip on his bottom, I licked, kissed, and nibbled at his throat and upper chest as I spoke. Christ, but I loved the way his skin tasted! "I get to suck as much Goblin cock as I could ever want. Get to swallow untold gallons of your delicious cum. My asshole, which exists solely for the purpose of being stuffed with your awesome, never subsiding boner, gets fucked until my insides are sloshing with jizz and I've howled myself hoarse with ecstasy." I looked steadily into my friend's eyes with feigned pity, "I get all the good parts, and you are f0rced to keep a perpetual hard-on and function as a walking spunk factory just to keep me satisfied. It doesn't seem fair to you."

"No, no, no," the Goblin shook his head, "you're missing the best part."

Using my hold on his butt to pull his groin more firmly against mine, I smiled my most enthralled smile at him. "I just described the best part."

Again, he corrected me, "Wrong.You're usually such a smart guy, but you're missing the obvious here, Will." Mark leaned down and kissed me. It started as a tender, gentle peck on the lips, an almost chaste gesture of affection. Quickly, however, it transformed into a passionate, lusty lip-lock. His tongue licked the edge of my lips, demanding entrance, and I gladly parted them to welcome it inside of my mouth. Our tongues lapped and played against each other. He sucked on mine, I sucked on his. The kiss was deep and hungry and satisfying. When we parted to catch our breath, my balls were aching with desire for him. "The best part, Coyote Boy," my lover explained as he looked sincerely into my eyes, his voice husky with carnal need, the tip of his nose almost touching mine, "is that, as your boyfriend, I get to be your dedicated sex-puppet, too." He snagged another lingering kiss, which I returned with equal fervor, then added, "That's the best part of the whole boyfriend thing."

"Hmmmm. Interesting," I murmured in a professorial tone. "Let me see if I understand this correctly. As my boyfriend, you'll blow me whenever I want."

The Goblin nodded vigorously and grinned, "Yep. No hesitation or questions asked."

"And, if I want to fuck you?"

"Just say the word and I'm your bitch; your willing and eager fuck-Goblin. Always."

"You'll promise to keep my cock tended and my balls drained."

"The happiness of your penis and the emptying of your testicles are what I will live for, Coyote Boy."

"I see." Keeping a completely straight face, I said, "So, essentially, nothing has changed at all."

Mark's answering laugh sent a thrill of pleasure through me, as it always did. "Nope." He smooched the tip of my nose and leered bawdily before adding, "That'd be plain crazy." We kissed once more, ardently, then the Goblin licked and nibbled his way along the side of my neck, across my throat, and down the middle of my chest. Reluctantly, I released my hold on his ass so that he could shift backward on the sofa as he moved.

When the top of his head disappeared beneath the blanket I playfully asked, "Where are you going, Buddy? I thought we were having a serious discussion here."

"Done talking," Mark informed me between a series of affectionate kisses on my right pectoral. His breath was delightfully warm against my skin. "I'm going to suck my boyfriend's dick now...if he doesn't mind."

"Your boyfriend thinks that's an excellent idea," I purred as I felt my love's tongue teasingly begin to circle my nipple. Wanting to watch him as he worked, I pulled off the blanket and let it drop to the floor. A moment later, he drew that sensitive bud of flesh between his lips, sucked on it vigorously for a few seconds, then bit it hard enough to be just shy of too painful. I gasped at the sensuous jolt of excitement the bite sent straight to my already throbbing pecker. It became more rigid than before and the muscles at its base contracted, making it twitch in my shorts. Involuntarily, my back arched upward, and I placed my right hand on the back of his head to press his mouth more firmly against the spot he was wonderfully tormenting. "Again, please," I requested.

The Goblin obliged with a soft, self-satisfied chuckle, clamping his teeth firmly down just above the base of my nipple while almost savagely lapping at its tip with his skillful tongue. My vocal and physical reactions were immediate and more intense than after the first nip he'd given me; my body bucked under him as I shuddered with bliss, my toes curled, my dick pulsed and leaked pre-cum in excitement. Early on, while still getting to know each other sexually, Mark had learned that having my nipples toyed with a bit roughly was a huge turn-on for me. Fortunately, my wanton response to such harsh treatment was equally arousing for him so, with wicked joy, my buddy was always happy to indulge me in that regard. Often, after a glorious naked tryst with my best friend, I'd come away with a pair of sore, extra sensitive nipples, and the friction of my shirt rubbing against them would provide a sexy reminder of my beloved Goblin for hours afterward.

While continuing to administer marvelous @buse to the one he had in his mouth, my buddy gripped its twin between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, tugging and pinching it vigorously enough to make me thrash and cry out, "Ahhhh, fuck, Mark! I want to feel your teeth. Bite that one too." Without hesitation, he complied, shifting his head so that his mouth could latch onto my left nipple and give it the same delectably rough treatment as the other had received. I thrust my hips up to grind my hard-on into his belly as I writhed in enjoyment of the tender torture from his teeth and tongue. It was driving me wild."Mmmm, yes, you bastard," I groaned in avid appreciation, "just like that. Bite that fucker. I want to see teeth marks when you're done."

Never one to miss an opportunity to turn me into a quivering, moaning mass of carnal pleasure, Mark did as I demanded, moving his mouth back and forth between my left and right nipple. He gave them both an equal share of thrillingly attention until I was gasping in feral delight. Each nip of his teeth caused me to moan, and made my hard-on jump like it was trying to tear its way through the fabric at the front of my pre-cum soaked shorts. I needed to get the Goblin's mouth, in a much less aggressive fashion of course, on my cock!

I gently pushed on the top of Mark's head, signaling that I wanted him to attend to business a bit lower on my anatomy. He complied without hesitation, running his tongue down the center of my chest and belly, leaving a trail of soft kisses as he worked his way to my crotch. Glancing down as he moved, I saw that my nipples, smeared with his saliva, were red and swollen. They throbbed pleasantly, and I could clearly see light, yet distinct, marks from his teeth on them and each areola. Unable to resist, I ran my thumb over the tip of my right nipple, enjoying the fact that it was tender to the touch.

When his mouth made its way to the top of my shorts, the Goblin hooked the fingers of both hands beneath their elastic waistband and pulled it down just far enough to allow my erection to spring free. My cock, rigid with lust for my sexy playmate, pointed straight at the ceiling, its head shiny with pre-cum. Still not looking up, Mark said, "It's all wet and juicy with your schlong-sap, Coyote Boy. Just the way I like it." With his lips hovering barely an inch above the head of my boner, he finally glanced up to meet my eyes. The hungry expression on his face made me shiver with anticipation. His emerald gaze still locked with mine, the Goblin darted out his tongue and flicked it into the slit at my pecker's tip. "Sweet," he whispered, before going back for a second taste of my juice.

He then ran his tongue lightly over my frenulum, swirled it under the ridge of my corona, and lapped it teasingly over and around the entirety of my glans, licking away every drop of pre-cum it could collect. This was all done while holding a steady gaze into my eyes, which made what he was doing exponentially more sexy. His tongue was wet and warm against my skin, and I sighed in pleasure as he used it to lick me thoroughly clean. Once satisfied that he hadn't missed any, my buddy gave me a wicked grin and wrapped his fingers tightly around the base of my cock.

Wagging my boner at me, Mark asked, "Who does this belong to, Will?" His tone suggested that there was only one correct answer to that question and any response even similar to 'I do' would earn me a failing grade on this pop-quiz.

"You already know the answer, Goblin."

Shaking his head and clucking his tongue at my imprecise reply, Mark tightened his grip on my prick and stroked it twice, from base to tip, with agonizing slowness. "Of course I know the answer, Cocksucker, but I want to hear you say it." His grip still firm, my buddy began to leisurely wank me. The evil little bastard was toying with me, getting-off on having me at his mercy, and I was loving it.

The tips of his fingers played tantalizingly over the engorged head of my dick. That exquisite sensation made me squirm, and my hips, of their own accord, began moving up and down in time with his stroking fist. It felt amazing, and I was half tempted to call his bluff just to see how long Mark would continue to jerk me off. I knew from experience, however, that my buddy was just as stubborn as I was, and the only place I wanted to shoot my load was in his smugly grinning, incredibly skilled mouth, so I gave in after only a few minutes. "You own it, Mark," I confessed. "My cock belongs to you."

"Good boy," he said, and planted a sloppy, wet kiss on the head of my dick. Letting go of my erection, my lover tugged at the waistband of my shorts and grumbled, "These are just going to get in the way," before yanking them down to mid-thigh. I lifted my butt up from the sofa cushions a few inches and raised my legs into the air, trying to be as helpful as possible, so that Mark could pull them completely off and toss them over his shoulder. "That's much better," he said as he settled back between my spread legs. "Now, where was I? Oh, I remember..."

The Goblin reached between my legs and cupped my scrotum in his hand. Giving my ball sack a trio of gentle squeezes, like he was checking a tomato for ripeness before buying it, he informed me in an adorably smug tone, "These also belong to me, Coyote Boy. Are we clear?"

"Crystal," I nodded. He was, after all, simply speaking the truth. Besides, only a complete idiot would try to argue with the guy who was holding his nuts in the palm of his hand.

He graciously acknowledged this confirmation of his rightful claim to my testicles by lowering his head and running his tongue up the underside of my erection. "I swear to always take good care of it," Mark promised me with a vulpine grin, then drew my glans into his mouth. Locking his lips snugly beneath the flair of its corona, the sexy 'owner' of my penis proceeded to give its head an amazing tongue bath. He kept his hold on my balls, and gently massaged and played with them while orally tending to just the fleshy end of my cock.

I knew that this was only preliminary teasing to start what would be an awesome blowjob, and it felt incredible (the Goblin always gave excellent head), but I was anxious to feel more of my dick in my lover's mouth. Attempting to urge Mark to do as I wanted, I raised my hips to feed more of my hard-on to him. My guy, however, was not willing to cede any control of the situation to me at the moment. Using his handhold on my scrotum, he gave it a gentle but insistent tug downward, clearly indicating that I needed to settle my ass down and let him run the show. I obeyed immediately, content to allow my buddy to continue doing such wonderful things to my penis at his own pace.

He didn't keep me waiting long. After just under a minute more of polishing only my glans with his gifted tongue--a measure of time most likely enforced to certify that he was the undisputed boss of this particular blowjob--Mark lowered his mouth to include the top third of my shaft in his oral ministrations. I moaned my gratitude and reached down to tousle his hair as a further sign of my appreciation. The Goblin teased my cock, his lips hugging it tightly, as he allowed all but the head to slip from his mouth, then slowly drew it back in before repeating the process. Each time his mouth descended toward my pubic thatch, it took in just a bit more of my erection than it had the time before, and the pace at which he sucked me increased.

Before very long, Mark was nursing on my dick in earnest, making wet, slurping sounds as he suckled. Every time his nose brushed my pubic hair, I felt my cock's head prod the top of his throat. Soft "mmmmm"s of hungry enjoyment issued from him, matching my own nonverbal murmurs of excitement and encouragement. The fingers of both my hands were tangled in his thick, blonde hair, gripping his bobbing head as it moved up and down at my groin.

Because watching Mark suck my dick and seeing how much he really enjoyed giving me a blowjob always increased my pleasure, I kept my eyes riveted on the point where my boner slid in and out of his face. Knowing that I would be watching, he glanced up to lock his gaze with mine. The expression I saw in my beloved mate's eyes was one of such absolute devotion that it stole my breath away and made my heart race. It was at that moment I realized that my wicked, brilliant, sexy Goblin truly did own me--body and soul--and that I would do anything in my power to make him happy. I also decided that he and I were not going to be leaving that couch until Mark had fucked my ass well and soundly.

The very thought of having his gorgeous cock shoved into my fuck-hole pushed me to a higher state of arousal, intensified the already spectacular sensation of Mark's hot mouth ardently nursing on my pecker. "You are an amazing cocksucker, Goblin," I whispered with conviction. I'd told him this many times before, but I never grew tired of telling him so, and he never tired of having his oral expertise admired and acknowledged by me. "I love what your mouth does to my dick."

Mark showed his appreciation of my sincere compliment by swallowing my boner to its root. I felt my cockhead pass the back of his tongue as he "mmmm" ed his thanks and buried his nose in my pubic hair. With his face planted snugly in my pubis, he shook his head gently from side to side, causing the tip of my hard-on to rub thrillingly against the inside of his throat. He held me like that for a quick five-count, then returned to fellating me. After a few moments, he ate me whole once again, paused with my boner sheathed to the hilt in his face, then resumed sucking on it. The Goblin repeated this process until he had me moaning and writhing in feral abandon under him.

In that way, my lover soon brought me to an explosive, gasping orgasm. My spine arched, my leg muscles tensed, and my body trembled with its intensity. As I cried out in ecstasy, I shot my load down his throat and across his tongue. My hips jerked of their own volition with each successive pulse of my ejaculation, and Mark continued sucking on me, though at a gentler pace, in order to draw every ounce of cum from my quaking body.

When the powerful waves of my orgasm subsided, I sighed contentedly and affectionately stroked my love's hair. As was our habit after blowing each other to climax, he held my cock in his mouth, leisurely licking and sucking on it while it gradually returned to its flaccid state. Each brush of his lips or tongue over the head of my dick, rendered hyper-sensitive post-orgasm, sent a jolt of such acute pleasure through my body that it made me jump and twitch involuntarily. The sensation was fantastic, but came just shy of being uncomfortable. Evil bastard that he was, the Goblin really got off on tormenting me in this fashion, so, because I loved him dearly, I indulged him as he quietly giggled with each tongue-induced spasm of my body until my pecker's sensitivity level had returned to normal.

His impish fun having ended, Mark gave my now flaccid cock a loving kiss, then looked up at me with a satisfied grin, licked his lips and said, "That was great!"

"It really was," I agreed, returning his smile. I then gave his hair a light tug and ordered, "C'mere, you sexy cocksucker."

Obliging, he crawled up my body until we were groin to groin and nose to nose. Once he'd settled comfortably atop me, I wrapped one arm around his back, the other around his neck, and pulled his face down to meet mine. I then gave him a fierce, passionate kiss; relishing the taste of my cum on his tongue as it wrestled with mine. I worked my hands down into the back of his shorts so that I could fondle his ass while we kissed. As I squeezed those luscious cheeks, the Goblin ground his hard-on against my belly. Sucking my dick and swallowing my cum had clearly made my guy very horny, and I had in mind the perfect way to help him rectify his boner problem.

Breaking our kiss, I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered, "I want you to fuck me...Boyfriend."

My buddy pulled back his head to look at me, his eyes flashing bright with lust and his lips forming that wicked grin that I loved so much. "I really like hearing you call me that." His smile grew radiant. Mark leaned in to give me a quick smooch. "Do it again."

"Give me a real kiss, and maybe I will," I teased with a sly smile while casually hooking my thumbs in the waistband of his shorts and sliding them down to just below his hips.

The Goblin did as I asked, locking his lips on mine and giving me a kiss that was every bit as passionate as the one I'd just given him as a thank you for an excellent blowjob. While we sucked face, I continued in my effort to get him fully naked. Mark, with his tongue greedily exploring the inside of my mouth, assisted by raising his butt a few inches so that I could more easily push the back of his shorts over the crest of his bottom, disentangle the front from his rigid penis, and shove the damn things to the middle of his thighs. His hard-on popped free to poke me in the belly, and I slipped my hand between us to wrap my fingers possessively around it before the Goblin settled his weight back down onto my prone body.

His pecker was warm with arousal and slick with the ball-nectar it had produced while its owner had been sucking my cock. Mark began to move his hips slowly, fucking my fist-- which was now pinned between us-- while continuing to kiss me. Thanks to the abundance of his pre-cum, his dick glided smoothly in my hand, and I swallowed his sighs of pleasure as each one was uttered into my mouth.

When our kiss ended, Mark looked down into my eyes and asked, "Was that real enough for you?"

"Uh-huh," I replied, "exactly how I expect to be kissed by my boyfriend." We exchanged dopey grins, both of us enjoying the sound of that particular B-word when being used in regard to each other. After a moment, though, my expression transformed into a hungry leer. "Did I mention that I really need you to fuck me now?"

"I think I heard you say that a little while ago."

""One question first." Giving his dick a firm squeeze, I asked, "Who owns this, Goblin? Who does your cock belong to?"

"Silly question, Coyote Boy," my boyfriend laughed and gave me a quick peck on the tip of my nose. "My dick belongs to you." It was a statement of fact, delivered with heartfelt sincerity and an adoring look that made me want his pecker inside of me all the more.

"Then would you please be so kind as to stick it in my ass and rapidly shove it in and out?"

Mark didn't even pretend to need more convincing. He rose to his knees above me, which meant that I had to release my grip on his dick. I was reluctant to let it go but, as much as I loved the feel of my buddy's gorgeous cock in my hand, I wanted to feel it inside of me much more. The urgent desire to be fucked superseded my great joy over handling his boner, and I let him withdraw so he could push his shorts down as far as they would go. My mouth watered at the sight of his delicious hard-on bouncing freely as he moved, at the glistening bead of pre-cum that dangled from its swollen, succulent glans. While the Goblin maneuvered to remove his garment completely, I brought my hand to my mouth and greedily licked my fingers clean of his scrumptious nectar.

When Mark had kicked his shorts to the game room floor, he glanced back in my direction, catching me in the act of lapping the last traces of his juice from my palm. "Cum-junkie," he teased me with a cocky, utterly charming, smirk. The Goblin took great pleasure in the fact that I found the taste of his schlong-sap irresistible.

I licked my lips and nodded, "I can't get enough of the stuff." Raising one eyebrow I asked, "But are you going to kneel there and gloat, or do as you're told and bone me?"

"Oh, I am definitely going to bone ya, Coyote Boy," he assured me, "I'm going to bone ya like I own ya." As he spoke, my Goblin ran the ball of his thumb across the tip of his hard-on, then popped that same thumb into his mouth to sample the flavor of his own pre-cum. "Hey, that is pretty tasty...I can see why you like it so much," he informed me. Then, smiling, he slapped me lightly on the hip and ordered, "Now roll your ass over and lay across the arm of the sofa so I can fuck you the way you deserve it. Like a bitch-coyote in heat."

I scrambled to assume the position he'd described, impatient to have Mark mount and fuck me. With my knees spaced as far apart as they could go and still stay on the sofa cushions, I knelt and rested my chest on the couch's arm. My still swollen and tender nipples brushing against my perch's upholstery sent pleasant tingles straight to my groin, heightening my already intense state of arousal. I arched my spine--shoulders back, belly low, and ass raised high--offering myself eagerly up for my Goblin's carnal use. "Do it," I demanded. "Bang the hell out of me. I want to be fucked hard, Mark." I shook my bottom at him to emphasize my slutty plea.

"Damn, I love that view," he said. He spoke in a low, husky tone that, combined with the sincere admiration in his compliment, caused me to shiver with anticipation. "And I really love to hear you beg." The cushions jostled as Mark moved closer to my backside. Momentarily, he began to gently caress my proffered ass with his hand, a gesture that was equal parts affectionate and proprietary. I was more than okay with either side of that particular equation. "Spread them wide for me, Will" the Goblin instructed. "Show me where you want my cock."

I obeyed his order, reaching back to grasp my own ass cheeks with both hands and parting them to display my wanton fuck-hole for my love's inspection. "Right here. Please." I heard the slight whimper in my voice and didn't care. Occasionally playing submissive whore for Mark could be a powerful rush for me, and I knew that my buddy was always greatly turned-on when I assumed that role.

He patted my butt and chuckled wickedly. "You're such a slut, Will. A dick-hungry, cock-sucking, fuck-monkey." With the tip of his forefinger, Mark touched the end of my tailbone, at the top of the cleft in my buttocks, and slowly, lightly, began to trail it down my crack and toward my taint. When he reached my willingly offered asshole, he softly traced its rim; his playful touch in that most intimate of places making my body quiver and my breath catch. My sphincter clenched and relaxed, pulsing in expectation of being delightfully--and more deeply--probed. "This," he whispered seductively, "is mine too, Coyote Boy. To fuck whenever I want... right?"

"Always, Mark," I agreed. "My fuck-hole belongs to you."

"Exactly. Your ass is mine, your dick is mine, and your balls are mine." This was delivered in a no nonsense, 'I'm just stating the facts' tone. "Which is what I meant before when I said that you needed to know your place, Coyote Boy." Since there wasn't a 'place' I would rather occupy, I voiced no objection whatsoever to Mark's statement.

A moment later, I heard him spit, followed by the distinctive, moist sound made during masturbation when a wet, slippery palm makes contact with a hard penis. I realized immediately, however, that Mark wasn't actually jerking-off--he was simply coating his beautiful cock with his saliva in preparation for sliding it inside of me more easily. Spit was a less effective lube than the baby oil we normally used for that purpose, but, with a little patience and care, it would do the job nicely in a pinch.

Mark spat into his hand again, and then ran his fingers and palm across a very specific spot in my gaping butt crack, wiping his spit right where it would be most effective. When his finger touched my anus, I moved my hips back reflexively in his direction, trying to coax him to thrust his teasing digit inside of me. My Goblin was not going to allow that, though. With an impish chuckle, he pulled his hand back quickly and chastised me, "Easy, you horny bastard. I'm going to stuff you with something bigger than my finger in a minute. I just want to make sure you're wet enough first."

He bent in closer to inspect his work, and his hot breath tickled my backside as he conducted the examination. Apparently unhappy with his lubricating job, Mark spat once, and then a second time, into my butt cleft. His saliva splattered, warm and wet, just above my rear opening, then trickled slowly toward points further south. "I bet I'm wet enough now," I said hopefully. "You're cock will slide right in."

"Not quite," my boyfriend demurred, then startled a delighted "Oh!" from me by planting an open-lipped kiss directly on my asshole. That exclamation of surprise rapidly became a prolonged "ohhhhhhh" of immense enjoyment when I felt the tip of the Goblin's tongue dart out and tenderly tickle at the puckered rim of my sphincter.

"You dirty little pervert," I purred, knowing that he would take it as a compliment and hear the great appreciation for his analingual skill in my tone.

As his tongue continued to lap and probe my boner-burrow, Mark paused long enough to inform me, "We've established that it's my fuck-hole, Will. I can do what I want with it." That said, he returned contentedly to devouring my asshole.

Seeing no flaw in my buddy's logic, I kept silent, pulled my butt cheeks as wide apart as I could to give him better access, and settled in to thoroughly enjoy the divine thrill provided by the Goblin's agile tongue. Jolts of sensual pleasure shot straight to my balls as my lover orally stimulated the thousands of highly sensitive nerve endings located in my anus. He varied his technique as he rimmed me, circling my hole with the tip of his tongue, darting it inside of me, taking long, languid licks that extended from my taint to the top of my cleft. Mark lapped at my hind quarters hungrily. He gently stroked and probed or roughly swiped at whatever his magnificent tongue could reach. In short order, he had me moaning and pushing my bottom firmly against his face, writhing with excitement and pleading for more.

Eventually, when Mark had my asshole soaked and dripping with his spit, he rose to his knees and declared, "Now you're wet enough, Bitch." Knowing what was coming next, I shivered happily and eagerly lifted my butt a bit higher. Though I had greatly enjoyed the fantastic rimjob, I seriously craved the wonderful feeling of having my hole stuffed and plowed with Goblin dick.

"Good. Fuck me now, Mark," I implored him when I felt the tip of his glans, hot and swollen with lust, pressing firmly at the ring of muscle that formed the entrance to my more than eager to be speared anal passage. Sometimes, a Coyote Boy just needs a hard pecker in his horny ass, and I wasn't at all ashamed to beg him for it. "I want your juicy dick in my ass so damn bad." The touch of the Goblin's cockhead on my sopping wet hole, pushing gently but insistently for entry, was making me randy as hell. "Ahhhh, do it. You know…how I like it."

One of the great pleasures of being on the receiving end of anal sex is the sensation of being penetrated; of feeling your asshole being gloriously stretched to engulf and snugly encompass the rigid girth of your partner's erection, of experiencing the thrill of his hard shaft sliding its length deeper and deeper inside of you. Mark, who enjoyed being fucked even more than I did-- and took every opportunity that he could get to have my dick in his ass-- was in complete agreement with me on this subject. We spent a lot of time comfortably talking about sex together-- about what we liked, how it felt, what we wanted to try--and fucking (for obvious reasons!) was a very frequent topic of those discussions. Early on we'd learned that he and I mutually relished how spectacular the process of penetration felt, and since then we always tried to draw out that experience when sexually impaling each other.

Mark did his best impression of a cowboy drawl. "Yep. Mount-up slow an' easy, an' then ride ya like I'm with the Pony Express." The barest thrust of the Goblin's hips in the direction of my bottom drove the head of his cock inside of me. As always, the feeling was exquisite, and he whispered a satisfied "Yee-Haw" in response to my "ahhhhh!" of passion at the rapturous sensation of having my hole breached by his rigid guy-meat. With a slowness that made me whine and tremble, my lover slid his hard-on into my asshole until it was sheathed to the base.

I clamped my pecker-loving sphincter around the root of his shaft in welcome. "That feels so good, Mark," I murmured. Wiggling my butt against him, my voice a whisper, I repeated, "So...good." I always got, and maintained, an erection while being fucked; a sure sign, Mark and I both believed, of how very much I truly enjoyed having my ass stuffed with hard cock. True to form, though I'd just had an intense orgasm less than fifteen minutes before, my cock sprang to rigid attention the moment my Goblin had shoved his prick inside of me.

"Same from this end," he assured me. "Tight and warm." I'd released my grip on my ass cheeks once Mark had mounted me, and he put his hands on either side of my waist, taking charge before giving my asshole a few tentative, gentle pumps with his cock He was both staking his claim to my dick-hungry ass and testing to ensure that his spit had lubricated us sufficiently. It moved inside of me perfectly, and I "mmmm"ed softly to acknowledge that fact. Taking my vocalization as the sign that I was good to go, my best friend began to slowly bone me with long, lazy strokes, withdrawing his cock almost completely and then casually sliding it back in to the hilt. "Jesus, I love your fuckin' ass," he declared after maintaining that steady rhythm for a minute or so.

"My fuckin'...ahhhhhh....ass loves you...ohhhh...too, Goblin." As amazing as being gently screwed felt, I was in the mood for a harder and faster fuck. I started pushing my butt back at his pelvis while he was still part way through each thrust, silently showing him what I needed. Mark had fucked me doggy style--my favorite position in which to be mounted--dozens of times since our first such coupling out in the woods that previous summer, and had become quite adept at interpreting my body language when we mated in that fashion. (In truth, he and I both prided ourselves on how skilled we'd become at reading, and pleasing, each other during all aspects of our sexual encounters.) Taking his not so subtle cue, my brilliant boyfriend tightened his grip on my hips and started fucking me more vigorously.

The feel of his cock thrusting in my randy hole, occasionally prodding my prostate when it drove deep, was exhilarating. In almost no time, it had me whimpering in unrestrained carnal bliss. My beloved Goblin definitely knew how to fuck my ass; to push me to that fantastic, feral point where my higher brain function quieted down and allowed my animal drives to take brazen control of my thoughts and body. I was almost there, but needed just a bit more.

"Mmmmm. Harder, Mark," I begged. I was gasping and trembling under him, and my fingers dug like talons into the sofa cushion my knees rested on. "Fuck my...ahhhh....coyote ass like you want to break it, Babe." I'd never used that particular term of endearment in regard to my Goblin before. I'd thought it hundreds of times, just never said it out loud when he could hear it. While in the throes of sexual ecstasy, however, I have a tendency to confuse the thoughts that are supposed to stay in my head with the ones that could be shared with the rest of the world, so that 'babe' sort of just slipped out on its own.

The fact that he immediately began slamming his dick into me with renewed gusto told me that my best friend had heard what I'd said quite clearly. He made no comment on the new pet-name I'd let slip, however, and in just a few seconds the sensual joy of being so robustly fucked had me completely focused on other, more physical, things.

Not holding back, Mark pounded my ass without restraint. The sound of his flesh slapping against mine as he savagely thrust his cock into me, as well as his @nimal grunts and groans of pleasure at the feeling of his prick pistoning in the warm embrace of my pecker-tunnel, made a beautiful counterpoint to my besti@l moaning and gasping. His balls tapped against my taint with each thrust of his hips, and my own nut sack swung wildly where it dangled between my spread thighs. My 'I love your dick in my ass' hard-on bounced and jostled freely beneath my belly, demanding that it be given its fair share of attention.

It would have been rude of me to ignore the needs of my favorite body part.

I moved my left forearm to push against the arm of the sofa and braced my legs firmly to avoid being thrown off-balance by the **** of Mark's humping. Taking my boner in my right hand, I proceeded to beat-off, matching the strokes of my clenched fist to the timing of each thrust of Mark's cock in my asshole. My back arched deeply, and I held my backside as steady as I could given the wonderfully brutal drilling it was experiencing. I wanted--needed-- to feel my lover's dick stab me as deeply as it could. "Ohhh...fuck yeah!" I cried. "You're...ahhhh...a goddamn stud....mmmmm...Mark. My...ahhhh...stud-Goblin. You...ohhhh....own my ass." It felt so awesome having my dearest love fuck me with abandon like this. Jerking myself off while my guy pounded himself into my fuck-hole intensified my carnal excitement. The combined sensations of having my anus and cock stimulated at the same time was beyond amazing!

To make our mating last longer, my buddy varied the pace of his thrusts a number of times. He'd ride me hard for an exquisite handful of minutes, then ease back a bit, plowing my ass with long, deliberate strokes until I begged him to fuck me harder. With an indulgent chuckle, he'd happily resume fucking me more savagely. I masturbated like a monkey and howled like a wild coyote as Mark banged me. I wanted it to last forever.

Fantastic stud-Goblin that he was, though, Mark was only human. The many glorious hours of practice my buddy had put into humping my ass had helped him to develop very respectable staying power, and the fact that he had ejaculated several times the previous evening helped enable him to hold back his orgasm for longer than normal. But, outside of porn movies--where multiple takes are spliced together to make it seem like the male actors can really fuck for hours without cumming--even the best lover in the world hits a point when his pecker takes control and makes him shoot his load. After all, that's what a penis was designed to do. The sensation of his boner thrusting in my anus felt spectacular for me and, as I well knew from much experience on the me-fucking-Mark side of anal sex, the feeling of my asshole gripping his hard-on as it repeatedly impaled me felt equally spectacular for him. It was inevitable that my mate would have to let Nature take its course and empty his balls inside of me.

To his credit, Mark lasted for a bit longer than I did. The acute sensual thrill of being roughly fucked while I jerked-off had put me in a state of lusty frenzy. Jolt after jolt of erotic pleasure, stacking one upon the other, had become the sole focus of my being. Detecting the signs of the Goblin's approaching climax-- the growing frequency of his moans of enthusiasm, the fact that those same moans were lower in pitch and issuing from deeper in his chest, the quickness of his breathing, the slight tremble in his hands where they gripped my hips--also feed my growing need to let go and shoot my load.

His growled, "Ahhhh...fuck, Will...I'm gonna cum soon. Gonna shoot...in your fuckin' ass," is what finally pushed me over the edge. The sexy huskiness in my lover's voice, the primal desire in its tone, and the knowledge that mating with me is what had caused Mark to reach that point, combined with the immense physical pleasure of having my asshole so well and thoroughly ravished, rendered me incapable of holding out any longer.

My body went rigid as the f0rce of my orgasm took control. The muscles in my thighs and butt flexed involuntarily, and my sphincter clenched tightly around the Goblin's still thrusting cock. Shuddering in bliss, I gasped as hot wads of spunk, in successive, exhilarating spasms, erupted from my dick and sprayed my belly and the back of my hand. My asshole throbbed in time with each burst of cum I released, pulsing uncontrollably around the hard shaft that pierced it. "Do it! Do it!" I panted. "Mmmm...cum in my ass."

The words had barely left my mouth before the Goblin's fingers dug, almost painfully, into my flesh. He shoved his hips into my backside, plunging his cock balls-deep into my ass, and pulled my butt to rest firmly against his pelvis. Clutched so tightly to his body, I could feel him shiver under the power of his orgasm as he surrendered himself to it completely.

"Uh...uhh...uhhh...uhhhhhhh," he grunted as he came. His pelvis pushed against my impaled bottom with hard, short thrusts, and rocked me slightly forward with each blast of semen he shot into my interior. I felt his dick pulse six times in the loving embrace of my well-fucked asshole, once for each spurt of nut-juice he deposited there. Clamping and relaxing the muscled ring of my nether opening around his shaft, I tried to milk him of every drop of jizz he could produce. For those few, precious moments, the point of our physical joining, and the divine sensations which that connection had given us both, was the glorious center of our universe.

When his orgasm had run its course, my Goblin sighed in satisfied contentment, patted my sated butt fondly, then draped himself across my back to relax while we both caught our breath and regained our bearings. I loved the feel of his weight on me and the touch of his naked skin, warmed by exertion, against mine. His spent cock remained comfortably lodged in my asshole, neither of us in a hurry to end our physical union. Too soon, we'd have to get up and start our day, and Mark and I both cherished every second we could share with our bodies intimately linked together.

Moving my arms to pillow my head on the arm of the sofa, I saw the errant streamers of cum I'd recently sprayed over the back of my wrist and hand. Because I wanted to tidy up, and because I actually enjoyed the taste of my own ball-juice, I greedily licked it away without a second thought. It was cooler than I preferred, but quite tasty none the less.

After a minute or two more of companionable silence, about as much as my impetuous lover could reasonably tolerate while awake, Mark quietly said, "I really think I'm going to like this whole boyfriend thing, Coyote Boy."

"Me, too, Goblin," I agreed with him. "I'm already liking it a lot."

I could hear the happy smile in his voice when he murmured, "Cool," before placing a soft kiss on the small of my back. Saying nothing more, he tapped my side to signal that I should roll over onto my back so that we could cuddle.

I complied without a word, and my lover crawled between my open thighs to make himself comfortable. As he moved up my body, Mark paused to casually lick stray drops of my cum from my stomach, smacking his lips in satisfaction before resting his cheek against my chest. I wrapped my legs around his and fondly stroked his hair while he idly played with my left nipple--still a bit tender from its earlier encounter with his teeth. For a time, we remained like that, silently basking in the glory of our deep and mutually shared affection for each other.

Just as I had begun to think my Goblin had fallen asleep, I heard him chuckle and say, "You called me Babe."

Shit-- he had heard my unintended use of that particular term of endearment. The little bastard was sure to tease me about it for weeks. I felt my cheeks flush bashfully and quickly fibbed, "I did nothing of the kind."

"No, no," he argued, giving the nipple he still played with a gentle tweak and glancing up at me with that wicked grin of his, "I distinctly heard you--right in the middle of your going all coyote from having my amazing cock drilling your horny ass. You clearly said 'fuck my ass like you want to break it...Babe'."

"Too much awesome sex has obviously driven you crazy, Goblin. You're delusional, and I am going to have to cut you off--for your own good. Sorry, Buddy, but you're going to have to settle for jerking-off for the next month or two--until you've regained your senses."

"Sure," he giggled, "because you could actually make it for more than five days without trying to get me naked and jumping my bones." Rolling over onto his stomach so that he could look me in the eyes while he tormented me, Mark poked a finger at my chest and said, "I think I'll just start calling you my Honey-Bunny."

"Yeah...that is not going to become a thing, Mark. Not ever."

His wicked grin grew wider, and his emerald eyes twinkled with mirth, "Okay. How about Sweetie-Pie?"

My buddy was enjoying the hell out of himself. I loved the guy dearly, but I will be the first to admit that Mark was often his own best audience. "I would be f0rced to destroy you. It would make me sad, like having to shoot Old Yeller, but a guy sometimes has to do the hard thing for the sake of the common good."

"Dude," he laughed, "you'd actually 'Old Yeller' me?" The expression on his face was one of exaggerated shock and disbelief. "Your own boyfriend?"

I tried to look stern, but an amused smile kept struggling to take control of my face. I was, after all, the Goblin's second best audience. "For calling me Sweetie-Pie? What other rational choice would I have?"

"How about: 'Pardon me, Mark--my bestest friend, most favorite fuck-buddy, and owner of the most delicious penis in all the land--but I would rather you not call me Sweetie-Pie' as just one example? You know, before you go all shooty on my ass. That might work."

Raising one eyebrow to signify my doubt of this statement, I asked, "Would it? Would it really? As the world's foremost expert on all things Goblin related, I believe that I can safely say that it would not."

Mark pretended to give this some serious thought for a moment and then nodded. "You're probably right. I've been told, once or twice, that I tend to be a bit hardheaded when it comes to stuff like that." Flashing me a grin he said, "Maybe I'll play it safe and just call you Babe too"

I wrapped my arms around him, gave him an affectionate kiss on the top of his head, and chuckled, "Mark--my bestest friend, most favorite fuck-buddy, and owner of the most delicious penis in all the land--I think I can live with that."

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