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Re saying hi and logging off.

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By Jailbait [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 05:51   Pageviews: 223

This has been said a few times already, but what is with people saying Hello, Hi, etc and then logging off straight away. Juat me being me.
Oh, to all on this site, Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to me.
I love you all, well except for three. Hell, one of those was brilliant.

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By redbear [Ignore] at 14,Jun,18 08:11
Some times ive been on for awhile and i see someone i like come on and i want to say hi! But i explain that before i go!

By kebmo [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 21:32
Haha. I always think that their girlfriend or wife walked in and he had to bail.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 22:27
Once in a while, but not as often as it happens.
I get this probably every second or third day. You type, well, like "Hello and how are you". And they are offline.
I just don't do that, I always wait a good 5 10 minutes, if I have to go offline. Or if I do, I'll say sorry, got to go.
By #460523 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 22:20
By #460523 [Ignore] at 02,Feb,18 22:21

By Ishkur [Ignore] at 14,Dec,17 20:59
I have to admit - I do this.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 14,Dec,17 21:51
So you do, do you.
May I ask why.
Or is like some childish prank, knock on someone's and run off giggling into the night. Being funny here.

By LittleSissieDicklette [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 18:16
Maybe they got "cold feet". Even if they don't log off, an introduction of 'hi' makes me expect to carry most of discussion.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 18:55
Yea, now why is that????
By LittleSissieDicklette [Ignore] at 26,Nov,17 12:27
I don't know why the cold feet if so. I do find that usually the less they say as an intro the less they say to my replies.
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 26,Nov,17 20:47
Yea, same here. Hi, usually means, I do the talking and get single syllable answers.

By MrBone [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 20:16
Hell, I'll chat with you! Hit me up!
By Jailbait [Ignore] at 24,Nov,17 22:29
Hey ya hot and Hairy. You are offline.

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