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Girlfriends ****

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By Samman [Ignore] at 27,Nov,17 22:31   Pageviews: 85

So I have been going to my girlfriends parents house with her a lot more often ever since I started to have fun with her younger (she just turned 19) sisters panties, socks and other assorted items. Today while my girlfriend was in the shower I went to her sisters room and I noticed that there was a little pair of cotton panties bunched up in the floor. I decided to get undressed and have some fun. I grabbed her panties and got in her bed. I was starting to get hard before I could even slip them on. Her **** is really petite so I expected her panties to be a little small on me, but as I put them on and imagined her little pussy in them a few hours prior my dick got so hard that it bulged out of the waist band so in order to get a good picture I stuffed my cock back in the crotch, as I was trying to get some pictures and videos I got really hard and before I knew it I was leaking precum all over the front of them so I went to slip my cock out but when I did they ripped and not a small rip but a very noticeable tear I panicked and quickly slipped them off but upon further inspection the damage was done. I didn't know what to do. If I left them on the floor where I found them she would definitely notice because they where the only thing on the floor other than a pair of socks, and they had precum stains all over them and they were stretched out and ripped , but if they just vanished I imagined she would wonder what happened was trying to decide what to do when my girlfriend walked in and saw me naked and hard with her sisters panties in my hand. Surprisingly she was understanding of my situation. We both have freedom to do whatever we want sexually, but I thought this might be different because it was her little ****. She laughed at how worried I was and told me to go ahead and finish for her and she would just say that she picked up some laundry around the house. I came in a matter of minutes as she took one of her sisters socks from the floor and slipped it on my dick. After I finished up she told me that if I wanted to keep the panties I could otherwise she was going to have to throw them away. So now I'm back home playing with myself as I am wearing those tiny cotton panties

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By Samman [Ignore] at 28,Nov,17 02:05
By Samman [Ignore] at 28,Nov,17 02:05
These are the panties

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