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On being a sissy

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By bisibi [Ignore] at 02,Dec,17 05:19   Pageviews: 134

To become a she-male one has to undergo some kind of hormonal therapy, first the voice pitch changes slightly and you start to grow breasts so that soon you are able to seek breast enlargement surgery and if you go further you can go to full gender re-assignement where some scalpel artist try to build you a nice lookin vagina with the remaining skin and nerves of your cock. If in the right frame of mind, if you are truly a woman, you can climax.

Well said, now, you can stay at the she-male stage and keep your cock, with great curves and beautifull breast, and if in the right state of mind,you are a new type of human, three quarter female and one quarter male, the one you see in all those porn vids with a funny looking half hard cock, hormonal therapy reduce the male hormones and sperm production drops to a minimum, real hard ons is a thing of the past and in my humble opinion, you become some kind of a freaks...

I prefer to stay a male physicaly because i enjoy my stiff cock, i am a woman inside and that what"s important, and for the playfull parts, i enjoy the " artistry" one has to master in order to present itself as a woman while remaining a"normal" average dude in everyday life, it is fun and exciting.

As a younger trav i use to go out into the nightlife of my hometown and i do have some unbelievable and great memories of those days, i looked great as a chick and still do, i remenber hiting the dance floor and guys sending me drinks and ending up in nights of torrid sex with one or more guys and sometimes girls, and being complimented on my fashion style, my hair, my beautifull legs, etc..

Every saturday nignt i would start my evening by having a drink in my favorite spot downtown, being call by my girl name ( Brigitte) by the waiters was a real treat, and i used to dance by myself on the dancefloor in front of a giant mirror, i remenber there was this couple of she-male prostitute that join me on the floor and facing the mirror dancing while caressing their big breast to show off , they where stoned all the time on hard stuffs and end up pretty bad in some laneway when the street gangs had enough of them, the poor souls, they constantly put in my face what i supposedly didnt have... But i"m still here, healthy and good looking,l strong and hard, sexy and smart, jerking off less but enjoying it more than ever !

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By Ingot [Ignore] at 04,Aug,18 15:00
If you ever want to be in one of my pictorials...please let me know

By riccismall [Ignore] at 29,Jul,18 20:53
You are a very sexy looking lady, I enjoy your pictures and you having a cock doesn't take away from your sexy body

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 19:54
Very nice story gal!Glad you have been doing seemingly so well for these years. You did make one hard decision in keeping your cock! Now days thee are many more doing the same thing. It used to be only "until I get enough $$" but now as you mentioned you are truly a 3rd sex. I know many str8 guys that would like if they have not already been with a person like yourself. I would myself! Many mostly mature guys becoming hetroflexible dudes. They are finding out how much fun it can be to do some cock play of many types. A GF of mine a bit ago was telling everyone that sex is just sex and it does not need to be any part of your romantic life! So far with my limited experience have found her to be correct in her thinking. If you like/love who you are the way you are stay that way and enjoy all of the sexy fun you can find. Look out for the crazies out there but wee all need to do that now days. Wish you were near me so we could enjoy some sexy fun together. This cock play newbie would love to experience some of your fun and games. Love to learn from you anything you have to offer!

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 00:06
ld like to think that you can remain a bloke but still enjoy your fantasy side also, without cutting off your bits.. lm not sure most surgeries go to plan and any sensations much are left, but lm sure if youre full on sexually you can still come by thinking about it and other body stimulations... l like trans blokes still with their dick intact and enjoying who they are.. good on you for having the life you choose and don't let anyone change you *Lix*

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