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By *TheWife+Hubby [Ignore] at 02,Dec,17 18:54   Pageviews: 165

We arrived there just before 7 (opening time) and waited outside in the car park. The wife was the only female there waiting to get in with already a small group of men also waiting.

The wife was wearing a skin tight black short sleeved dress with high heal shoes and nothing else. Freshly shaved pussy. Her dress barely long enough to cover her naked ass and as she walked would rise up exposing her ass just that little bit showing all.

We heard the doors unlock we went in. The venue has 2 bedroom down stairs with double beds. A outdoor area with social area, smokers area, spar and day bed about 3 double beds wide.

Upstairs 2 bedrooms double bed in each, bar area with pool table, kitchen, bar, disco area and behind that a larger play room with 2 double beds and a sex swing.

We walked up to the front counter, checked in and were told there would be a rule reading at 8pm. We headed up the staircase I was following the wife her ass clearly visible to me and others following up the staircase, advertising what she has. The thought of other guys looking up her dress was already getting me hard. We got up to the top of the staircase, stopped off for a few snacks at the kitchen area then walked over to the bar and pool area. The wife constantly trying to pull her dress back down over her ass. It was pointless. Every step she took her ass became visible. She was attracting quite a few horny on lookers. This was going to be a good night.

The wife sat down on a low small stool by the pool table. Her freshly shaved mound although not to much visible could be seen as her dress had ridden up a little as she sat down. The guys near her were having sly peaks at her, she was heating up the guys in the room. She still a little shy at this point trying to cover up a little. I went to the bar and got her a drink.

After having that she got up and walked over to the water jug, bending over showing off a little bit of ass, many guys keeping a close eye on her. She came and sat back down. We chit chatted a bit together. Kissing on and off we were both getting quite horny. My cock hard and inching to be in a wet hole.

Guys just kept poring into to venue, a few couples arrived. Come on 8pm we both were itching to get started.

8pm arrived. The hostess of the night directed everyone to enter the disco room. We stood at the back. I slipped my hand behind the the wife's ass and slipped my finger into her wet willing hole and fingered her wet hole as the nights rules were read out to everyone.

After the rules were read out to everyone one we turned to each other and discussed about getting started. We decided to go down to the downstairs rooms and check them out. We had been to the venue many times before when it was regular swingers nights and had only fucked in the upstairs rooms. Thought might give the down stairs a go for something different. We headed of down the staircase and down the hall to the first room. Looked in fans only no air conditioning so moved on down the hallway to the next room same. Only fans. We agreed to go back upstairs to a air conditioned room. We turned around to go back.

To our surprise we turned around and there was a line up of horny guys behind us. They must have followed us from upstairs. Was about 10 most of which were rubbing their cocks on the outside of their clothing. We paused for a moment surprised of our following entourage. Walked past them all they then all following. Wife first up the staircase guessing her horny followers all looking up her dress.

We went into the first bedroom at the top of the stairs entered with our horny followers in toe.

The wife undressed very quickly only wearing a dress and pair of shoes it took me a little more time but not much. She lay down on the bed while I finished undressing. When I turned around most if not all our follows had their cocks out some undressing. The wife lying on her back with her legs spread wide open with a guy eating her pussy and already was sucking cock. I lay down beside her she started jerking my cock as the guy that was eating her pussy was hard and ready and pushed his cock into her and started pounding her like a rabbit. While she was moaning like a whore sucking the other guys cock.

Her first fuck for the night came quite quickly. He moved out of the way to let another in. The room was packed with many men, jerking their cocks hard. Lining up patently waiting their turn to fuck my wife or have her suck their cocks.

There were also one or 2 females popping their head into the room having a look. One in particular commenting she is doing very well.

As her second fuck for the night was heading toward her pussy with his hard cock I held her leg closest to me wide and back to give him full access while she continued jerking my hard cock. I was so hard with the excitement that my wife was about to get the fucking of her life with a room full of guys and seeing her so happy with all the attention she was getting.

The second guy pushed his cock in her and started pounding her deep and hard. The wife moaning as loudly as she could but muffled by the cock she was still sucking.

The guy she was sucking then withdrew out of her mouth then he started to cum into his cupped hand. I told him that the wife would be more than happy to drink him, she grinned and he put his cock back into her mouth. He started moaning quite loudly as he entered full orgasam my wife stroking his shaft and sucking the end of his cock ensuring she drained him of every last drop of cum, swallowing his load not wasting a single drop she is such a good girl.

The guy fucking her at this point must have been quite excited to see that show he started to moan and emptied his balls in her thrusting his cock hard in her.

Well I said to her, that's 3 down, she smiled then another strangers cock was put in her mouth.

None of the other guys standing around were quite hard enough to fuck her yet so I took the oportunity to fuck her my self. I started fucking her while she was sucking her second cock. I asked her to get on her hands and knees for me but she replied she was quite comfortable on her back. With that I put her legs over my shoulders and started pounding her hard and solid. My balls slapping her ass quite loudly. Heard the guy she was sucking quietly ask her if it was okay to cum in her mouth. She nodded and he started moaning as she drank him dry once again not spilling a drop. He moved away and another cock was soon put in her mouth she started sucking and stroking it straight away.

I looked around to see if anyone was ready to fuck her. There were a few contenders one of which was the first guy that fucked her so I moved out of the way so others could have a turn to fuck my horny wife. I asked her if she was ready for a break she said maybe soon. I was so I kissed her and left the room while she continued to suck and fuck strangers.

I had a couple of drinks walked around to the other rooms to see what was going on. There was only 1 other female into it at this stage with a few guys. My wife was very popular. As the night devolved it unfolded that she was the most popular there. Most of the guys that attended the party went through my wife that night many for seconds and thirds. The second guy she sucked off returned at least another 2 times for her to suck him off.

I went into the wife's room after a bit to check on how she was going. She saw me and smiled. Some guy fucking her hard. A nice fresh cock in her mouth. My cock grew rock hard again watching her enjoying herself and strangers enjoying her. The guy fucking her came and pulled out and there wasn't any other cock ready at the time and as most of the first wave of cocks had already gone through her numbers in the room had dwindled. I got undressed and started fucking her again. The guy she was sucking off came in her mouth and she stoked, sucked and drank all of him. She turned around to look at me, she told me she had sucked off at least 4 or more guys already and had lost count of how many had fucked her. I told her she is such a good girl and she makes her husband so very proud. We expressed our love for each other while we continued to fuck. I guess her moaning had attracted some new cocks in the room. I pulled out so others could fuck her stayed with her for a little bit then left her with it.

Came back to the room not to long after she was getting pounded on her knees by a young black guy. He was fucking her nice and hard just the way she likes it. He emptied his balls in her. She was ready for a break. The time was about 9:30

We went out and mingled for about 10 minutes or so, had some refreshments. We walked around to see what was going on in the other rooms. We stopped by the larger room behind the dance floor. There was a woman on one of the beds with a couple of guys I told the wife I was going to have a go and asked her to suck me hard.

She was happy to oblige and dropped to her knees as I dropped my pants and took my shirt off. Guys started to enter the room and surrounded the wife and I with their cocks hanging out waiting their turn. She got me nice and hard ready to fuck. I asked her if she was ready to go again, she smiled add stood up. She started taking off her dress some of the guys helping out. She went over to the empty bed guys following her and getting ready to fuck her and get sucked.

I went to the other bed and joined the others and started fucking the woman there while the other guys caressed her. I started off slow she mentioned she had been at a party the previous night and was a little sore. Fucked her quickening the pace looking over at the wife while she was getting fucked sucking cock moaning in pleasure. With another woman's pussy all over my cock and the excitement of the wife getting it on didn't take to long for me to cum.

Spent I got dressed told the wife I loved her and left her with it. I popped my into the room from time to time watching her getting serviced and servicing cocks with her mouth she is a good wife

I looked in on the room where my lovely wife was getting serviced from time to time. She had picked up a friend, a guy that simply just adored her. Lying by her side watching her getting fucked. Touching her and occasionally putting his cock in her mouth to get sucked as she was getting fucked. During the evening the wife had sucked him off at least twice.

I decided to join them getting worked up again and hard watching the wife having a great time. I positioned my self myself with my cock beside the wife's mouth jerking my cock while she licked the tip of my cock occasionally pushing my cock in her mouth for a good suck while her new friend watched eagerly massaging the wife's clit with his hand.

Another guy entered the room one the wife had fucked earlier on ready to fuck her. He entered her pussy with his hard cock and started pounding her hole. Didn't take to long for him to cum and he was done. I took over and started fucking the wife while her new friend rubbed her clit wildly. From time to time I'd pull out and thrust 2 fingers in her stimulating her g spot while her friend massaged her clit.

The wife twisting moaning in pleasure cock in fucking, g spot massage on and off for about 5 times.

The last time I pulled my cock out and was finger fucking her on the upper wall of her vagina while her clit was being massaged I knew from her moaning and the way her body was twisting she was close to orgasam.

The wife's cunt started tightning up around my thrusting fingers. I curled the tips of my fingers a bit more applying more pressure to her g spot. Increasing the speed of my thrusting while her new friend sped up rubbing her clit.

The wife exploded into a huge orgasam. Writhing and twisting in its pleasure for at least a full minute as it took control of her whole body. As she was going through her waves of orgasam I felt the short sharp warm squirts of liquid every time her pussy clamped my fingers with every wave of her climaticing orgasam. Gasping for air she finally collapsed limp on the bed.

The varocity of her orgasam sent my cock rock hard and I threw her limp legs over my shoulders and fucked her until I came for the second time that evening fucking her limp body.

We both took a little time to recover said our good buys it was time to leave. All most closing time close to 12.

We lost count but we estimate the wife was fucked at least 30 times that night maybe more had many return customers. Drunk at least 10 loads of cum maybe more, same, many repeat customers.

A great time had by all.

Next day wife had swollen lips her face from sucking so much cock looked like she had botox, her pussy swollen and tender.

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By dura2000 [Ignore] at 23,Apr,18 16:52
Iíve read this a few times, it made my cock hard every time. I wish I could be there to be part of it.

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 17,Mar,18 00:43
Wow she sure seems to have had a wonderful time there. Has she done it again or will she? Would she do an oral or anal only bang ever? I bet everyone else had a good time just watching her having so much fun!!!

By vrsexy [Ignore] at 16,Mar,18 22:48
Thanks for sharing the erotic experience. I am not getting the chance to get my wife fucked by such a group.

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 17:36
You and your lady tell a fuck story very well! Would have loved to have been there like her friend to lay next to her and see every cock that entered her mouth or pussy. So much fun to see a woman that enjoys cock after cock after cock. For her own pleasure not just to lay there and be a cum catcher!

By TitusObsessus [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 13:25
what an awesome story!

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 02,Dec,17 23:47
wow, sounds wonderful, l bet she loved every minute and so did you by the sound of it, she sure is a champ and l bet if you asked her to go the next night, she'd jump at the chance.. youre a wonderful couple and lm jealous...., very jealous of her lol., *lix*

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