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Fun at the local swingers party.

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By *TheWife+Hubby [Ignore] at 02,Dec,17 18:55   Pageviews: 231

Lots of people turned up singles and couples. Started a little slow we kicked things off by fucking in one of the open bedrooms with many coming in and watching us fuck.

The owner of the property pulled his cock out and pushed it into the wife's mouth she sucked him nice and hard while she was on her back giving her a good pounding. Time to change positions the wife bent over and while he fucked her hard she sucked my cock moaning like the whore she is with a cunt and mouth full of cock. Didn't take to long for him to empty his balls in her cunt.

Next the party host entered the room with a couple entered the room they stripped of and got on the the bed beside us. His partner sucking his big cock rock hard then she sat on it grinding her pussy hard on him until she had at least 2 powerful orgasams. They dressed and left the room while we continued to fuck.

Next a few young guys entered the room withwatching us fuck. One of them standing close by had dropped his pants and was playing with his cock inside his underware, the wife on her back while I was fucking her. I said to him "her mouth is free if you want to use it". He dropped his underwear, I moved the wife to the edge of the bed, her head hanging off the side. He shoved his cock in her mouth and she sucked him rock hard while I continued to fuck her.

I then asked him if he wanted to fuck my wife, he smiled with a huge grin. She moved further on to the bed on her back. With my cock in her mouth I held her legs wide poking her hole up to be pounded. He fucked her hard and fast for some time. The wife moaning like a whore. We then flipped her over on her hands and knees I pushed back on her shoulders as he pounded her from being. Her ass cheeks quivering from each hard thrust as he pounded his cock deep inside her. He quickened his pace then emptied his balls deep inside her fuck hole.

He then lay back on the bed asking her to suck his cock. She bent over and was happy to oblige. I pushed my cock into to her now loose and well fucked hole and fucked her while she sucked. Seeing that she got him rock hard again I offered her cunt to him. He fucked her on her back while I held her legs open for him. After not to long he dumped another load deep inside her.

Then a young black guy who was watching all this going on asked if he could join. Happily with a big grin on her face the wife invited him on the bed. He undressed he had quite a big healthy young cock on him. I said to the wife your going to enjoy this big cock, she replied with a huge grin. She sucked him rock hard. He fucked her hard with his big black cock pounding her cervix. Her face showing pleasurable pain as he fucked her into oblivion like a wild animal. He blew deep in her hole. He dressed and started leaving the room. I called out to him and thanked him for fucking my wife. He responded with a big smile and commented any time mate. My wife giggling to herself.

The wife starts sucking my cock again and after a while a guy who we have seen before and has fucked the wife numerous times before came into the room with a lady friend. I offer my wife's pussy to him which he was quite keen for. The wife loves him fucking her fucks fast and hard usually with her on her hands and knees.

He drops his pants and his lady friend starts sucking his cock hard for him while the wife continued to suck mine. He got nice and hard in no time the wife already bent over ready for him, he started pounding her. The wife moaning as she sucked my cock.

His lady friend asked if she could suck my cock I was happy to oblige. She she sucked my cock with vigor then asked if she could sit on it. She was a little concerned about my piercing hurting her she wanted to be in control. She lowered her pussy onto my cock and humped it wildly. Her big tits jumping up and down everywhere as she rode me wildly, moaning and panting heavily.

I asked her to bend over and on her hands and knees I fucked her hard, deep and fast. All the while my wife getting pounded beside me by her friend.

I fucked her until she could take no more. She played with my cock while playing with my wife's swinging tits while she was getting fucked.

She then announced that she really enjoyed the fuck I gave her and commented on how good the jewelry in my cock felt and told me she was going off to get one of her friends so I could give her a fuck and off she went.

Shortly after her friend fucking my wife emptied his balls in her pussy with a moan.

There was a good looking young boy very toned standing in the corner of the room watching all the fucking going on and now the wife was free I offered her to him. He replied he was a bit shy as it was his first party and just wanted to watch.

Just then the woman I just finished fucking returned with her friend. My cock hardened up. I was looking at this girl earlier on hopping I'd get the chance to fuck her. Here she was served up on a silver platter yummy.

She was a little apprehensive about my cock piercing. I assured her I would take it easy on her, her friend also talking her into how good it felt. She dropped her clothes to the floor lay down on the bed and opened her legs. She said I might need some lube so I felt her pussy she was dripping wet. I entered her gently with my hard cock asking her if she was okay with my piercing she was. Quickened the pace deeper and deeper she was fine with it. Moaning and enjoying my pierced cock.

I started fucking her hard fast and deep holding her legs wide open with my arms while I was pounding her. Her pussy getting wetter every stroke as she moaned with pleasure. Her pussy juice splashing on my swallow heavy balls.

I looked over to the other side of the bed where my wife was. She had the shy young guys cock in her mouth his cock rock hard as sucked it like a demon. He was standing naked beside the bed the wife lying on her stomach on the bed sucking his young hard cock. He saw me looking and remarked "your wife is very talented". She sure is I replied.

I turned around to the woman I was fucking. Looking at her hot face, hearing her moaning while I thrust my cock in her and seeing her large natural beasts heaving and swaying with each stroke. I could hold on no longer. I could feel my orgasam building and emptied my swallen balls into her drenched pussy. She thanked me for fucking her and said she loved the piercing, rubbing her in ways that a naked cock cannot.

The were a few guys lined up to have a go. I got off the bed and she called out "next".

I looked over to the wife still sucking wildly on her young man's cock having a great time. I left the room to go get a drink and have a smoke.

I was sitting outside in the cool of the night and my wife turned up. Asked her how she went. The young guy have her a great fuck after I left the room and another ball load of cum emptied in her pussy.

It was getting late. The party ended at 12pm it was approaching 11.30 we decided we had enough and started toward the front door thanking party hosts for a good night.

Walking toward the front door was the door leading into the garage where the glory hole set up was. There was also a double bed in there where at least 2 couples were fucking and some single guys hanging around waiting for their turn at some pussy. One girl in particular was very vocal as she was being fucked it was a very sexy scene.

The wife asked if I wanted to go glory hole with her. How could I refuse.

The glory hole set up was simple but effective. A cube or square steel frame welded up. 3 sides sheeted in raw ply wood and one open side. Inside a massage table up against one wall and a sex swing mounted in the center. The massage table had 2 positions, a hole at the head end for sucking while being massaged and another larger hole at the end of the table to stick a ass out off. Female on back poking her bits out and a pair of velcro ankle straps mounted high to keep her in place, also on the back wall 2 holes for standing on the outside to have your cock sucked from the outside. One a bit larger for a fuck hole to back up onto from the inside. Nice set up.

I fully clothed drop my jeans down and put my cock and balls through the cock sucking hole. The wife dissappears behind the wall.

Next thing I know is I can feel her mouth whoring to my cock. Sucking and licking my cock and balls like it was the last time she was ever going to suck my cock. I pushed my whole body hard against the timber wall to get all I could through the hole. Omg she sucked me like a woman possessed.

What I didn't know I couldn't see it was a husband and wife were also in there watching my wife slut her mouth to my cock.

She sucked me through that glory hole for a good while until I could take no more. Drenched with sweat from the excitement. I knelt down and said we should go. But she wasn't done yet. She climbed onto the massage table and poked her ass out of the fuck hole. Her cunt poking up in the air in the perfect fuck position.

Still not knowing that they were there the hubby of the 2 watching strapped my whore wife's ankles high up on the inner wall so her fuck bits could be held in position.

I pushed my cock deep inside my whore wife and pounded her fuck hole like it was the last fuck I was ever going to have. Her cunt puffy and red raw from all the fucking she had that night but wet and juicy eager for all the cock she could get. It was then I knew that at least one other person behind the wall with her. The sound of her sucking cock while she was getting fucked was unmistakable. I had heard it so many times before.

The sound of her sucking a cock I could not see drove me wild and I fucked her so hard and fast treating her like the fuck hole she is. The harder I pounded her the harder I could hear her suck this strangers cock. She is such a slut she makes me so proud to be her husband.

Pounded her fuck hole for quite some time but ended up exhausted. Went around to look at what was going on and the hubby cock she was eagerly sucking while I fucked her his wife stone close by watching the whole event. If I had have know that I would have cum very quickly. Glad I didn't it was a fantastic fuck.

It was time to leave. We left the party house only about 10 min drive from where live. We went to bed without showering with the sent of sex we both had on us from others and ourselves. The wife sucked me hard, I lay her on her back. Both still so horny from the fucking we had that night. I pushed her legs over my shoulders and pounded her well used cunt and in a short period of time flooded her cunt with my second load of cum for the night.

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By Screwy [Ignore] at 06,Mar,18 19:32
fuckin' hot story!

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 17:23
This sounds like the start of a great weekend party where it never stops until no more hard cocks or all the balls are only shooting dust in pussies and assholes!

By mywusch [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 12:40

By #526940 [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 09:13
You should have licked all of that hot cum out of her well used pussy!!!

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 00:00
great party, and l love the glory hole, sounds like she is one special lady and commands your respect for all the fucking and sucking she lays out.. *lix*

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