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Penis Plug Advice

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By ilovemydick [Ignore] at 03,Dec,17 11:13   Pageviews: 94

I want to buy a penis plug, any advice for a beginner like me?

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By megaplum [Ignore] at 25,Mar,18 20:51
Ok, I have been doing it for ages so here's some advice: ALWAYS wash your toys with soap and water before play!
Start small and work your way up, I started by using the handle of an artist's paint brush, they're smooth and not too thick, then you can gradually use thicker and thicker ones until you're ready to buy a steel toy.
Don't get too eager, I've scared the hell out of myself by making my cock bleed.
Get a toy with a hole through it.
Most toys will go in more easily that they come out, so when you get one in, go in and out with it straight away.

By nell62 [Ignore] at 18,Dec,17 10:04
I went to buy one but the guy in the sex shop told me of all the dangers.....I thanked him and just bought a dildo for the wife instead.....so my advice......don't do it

By luvmyboner [Ignore] at 05,Dec,17 21:08
I got one, it was totally huge. I could hardly get even the tip into my cock. I tried all the time but it was way to big for my urethra. After months and months of trying one day it finally just pops in. I left it in for a while playing with it, then when I wanted to take it out I couldn't get it out. I didn't know what to do. I tried and tried to get it out but I couldn't. I didn't want to go to the hospital, way to embarrassing. I could still pee as long as I sat down, otherwise piss would go everywhere. That thing was inside my cock for eight months, finally got it out. During that time I didn't go on any vacations, could imagine going on an airplane, with that inside of me, what if I was searched. Just be totally careful, that was the worst eight months ever. Now I can get it in relatively easily 30 - 40 minutes of subtle pressure and comes out with a little more pressure than going in.

By Jb11 [Ignore] at 04,Dec,17 10:49
Start small, plenty of lube then gradually try something a bit bigger, great with a partner

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