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By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 06,Dec,17 11:38   Pageviews: 106

I had flown into Phoenix to visit my son at Luke Air **** Base in Glendale, Arizona. The base is just west of Phoenix. I combined the trip with a two week stay at Sin City or Las Vegas as most of us know it.

I left Luke around 6 PM on a Sunday. My son wanted me to stay till Monday morning, but, i had a rental car and wanted to travel in the evening and night. Arizona heat is brutal during the day, and, even though it was April, it still is super hot.

The fastest and really only route that made sense was US 93 north. I thought I could make it to Kingman, Arizona, but after two hours of driving in relative high heat and hungry for some dinner, i decided to stop at the next town.

Now, Arizona, like most of the Southwestern U.S. is sparsely populated. Little towns exist here and there, but, they have limited resources. Wikieup, Arizona was such a town. After some directions from a gas attendant I found this little motel, the Trading Post Motel.

By the time i found it and had gassed up and checked in, it was almost ten PM. The guy at the check-in desk was friendly and very nice looking. While i was checking in he gave me a look and I got some weak knees, But, i needed food and rest.

I got to my room,, changed into jeans and blouse and went out again. Tom, the check-in guy, was still there. I asked him if there was a place around to get some food. He told me that everything was closed already, but, there was a place he knew where i could get a good, home cooked meal a block from the motel. He said that he was getting off now and would be happy to walk me there.

We started, and when we got to this little house/cabin I looked at him. He said, ďI make a mean omelet and Iím friendly and cheap.Ē ďI have good wine, beer, and scotch, and, I like to talk.Ē I didnít know this guy, but, he seemed nice. I didnít get any bad feelings from him, so, i accepted.

He wasnít kidding, he made a killer omelet, and the claret was excellent. After he collected the dishes, we moved to his couch. He had a view of the nearby hills. Only moonlight and stardust was visible. We had some scotch to take the sting of the omelet off.

I was looking at him and he was talking. I donít even remember about what. I was just looking at him. My hand, all by itís own, started to unbutton my blouse. Slowly, one button at a time, and i kept looking at him. Suddenly, he stopped talking but kept looking at me. He reached and opened my blouse. I was not wearing a bra or panties and my 36DDs popped out. He got closer, as close as can be. He put his hand on my breast and kissed me. I kissed him back and undid his belt buckle.

He stood up and brought me to my feet and slowly, took all my clothes off and then he took his off. I could see he was ready to make love to me, but, i no longer wanted to spend a lonely night in my room. I wanted him. He picked me up and took me to his bed. He started to finger fuck me,,I was moaning, but, with great effort, i pushed him to the side and bent over to suck on his huge (and i do mean huge) cock. Somehow we ended up in a sixtynine position and spent a while savoring our juices and making each other reach heights of rupture.
Then he put me on my back. He just sat there on his knees and looked at me. A faint smile on his lips. I was shaking from anticipation. Then he lifted my legs so they were on his shoulders and slowly but firmly he shoved his cock deep into my pussy. He started to pump,,,hard,,,very hard. I kept gasping,,and hoping it would not end.

After 20 minutes or so he turned us over and I was on top. I rode him like the best cowgirl in a national rodeo. We cumed at least three times that night. I didnít even know his full name. Neither one of us asked any personal questions.

In the morning, I showered, got my things from my room, left the key on the dresser and drove on. I wonder if heís still there making killer omelets,,,,i have to go back that way.

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