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School Days

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By Frenal66 [Ignore] at 06,Dec,17 21:00   Pageviews: 89

"School Days"

It was just another beautiful fall day, the first day of classes at my college and I'm excited to see all the new faces in my classroom. You see, I am a professor of sociology at this small town college. As I make my way up the stairs and approach the entrance, I notice someone running across the soccer field. I take a closer look and see a pretty young girl in knee high socks and a short plaid skirt. As she makes it to the top of the stairs she trips and falls, spilling her book bag across the landing at the top of the stairs. "Fuck me, I can't be late...not today. Mrs. Parker will bitch me out." I hear her mutter as she bends down to pick up her books. I bend down to help her pick them up, also getting a glimpse of her perky tits in her tight shirt. I must admit I have had some pretty naughty thoughts about girls who wear these uniforms. "Excuse me miss, can I give you a hand?" I ask.
"Oh, please call me Manon and sure if you want. I'm gonna be late anyway, might as well have a good excuse." You say.
As I reach down, I notice that one of your magazines has spilled out of your binder and as I pick it up I notice that it is a copy of Hustler. Good taste in porn, I think to myself, quickly shoving it back into your binder and handing it to you. I didn't think you saw me notice it, but you give me a sly little smile and lick your lips as you push by me and accidentaly brush your hand against the front of my pants. At least I thought it was accidentaly.

As I make my way down the hall and into my office, my secretary tells me I have a student waiting for me wanting to discuss the courses she needs to pass my class. I open the door to my office and find you behind my desk, looking through a magazine. It's only then I realize that you have one hand up your skirt and rubbing your pussy. I close the door behind me and lock it, knowing that this day is going to start out absolutely fantastic.
"Well, well, Manon, I see you have made yourself right at home behind my desk. Is there anything I can help you with?"
"Mmmm, I've been looking at these pics and need some help. I just can't help myself, can you help me with this?" You ask and motion for me to come over to where you are. On the desk is the copy of your Hustler, open to a page showing a male teacher with a school girl bent over his lap. Not surprising you are wearing the same school girl outfit as she is.

I sit down on the chair and **** you over my lap, pushing your head down so I can get a nice look at your ass in those cute white cotton panties. I notice a little wet spot on your pussy as I hike up your skirt and begin to rub and squeeze and grab your tight ass. You begin to moan as I give you and hard slap on your ass. "Mmmm, I've been a bad girl, sir, and I need you to punish me." You say as I wind up and slap your ass again, this time hard enough to leave a red hand print. Mmmmmm, you moan as I pull your panties off and toss them onto my desk, I reach down and rub your wet slit with my hand feeling the soft flesh of your pussy lips against my fingers. Ever so gently I stroke your clit with my thumb as I slide two fingers deep into your pussy then tasting them in my mouth before sliding them in you again. I reach up your shirt to feel your soft tits in my hand and your hard nipples between my fingers. You moan louder and louder as I work my fingers in and out of you, rubbing your puckered asshole with my thumb as I stroke your clit with my other fingers. I run my hand over your soft tits and up over your back, dragging my nails into your flesh as I slide a third finger into your soaking wet pussy, I grab onto your ass with my hand and dig my fingers into the soft skin. Slowly I run my hands up your back, between your shoulders and to the back of your neck, sliding up your head and grabbing a handful of hair. I pull my fingers out of your pussy and reach down to unbutton my pants, letting you feel my hard cock with your hand as I give your hair a little pull. I run my hand underneath you to flick your swollen clit with my finger, pinching the soft pussy lips between my fingers as I rub your clit with my thumb. You begin to jerk my dick up and down twisting your hand over the purple head, making a drop of precum drip onto your fingers. You take your hand off and lick your the sweet sticky goo from your fingers.

I run my hand down your back, dragging my nails into you as I reach your sweet ass and give you one more slap. You almost scream with pleasure as I run my hand over your pussy and thrust three fingers deep into your pussy. I spit on your asshole and begin to rub the puckered little hole with my thumb, I slowly ease it past your tight ass and feel you quiver against my cock. Your hand is jerking me off, faster and faster now as I have my thumb and fingers deep into you, my pinky teasing your clit as I give your hair another yank. The mixture of pleasure and pain is too much for you to handle, you buck your hips against my hand, fucking yourself hard as you near orgasm. I work my hand up and down, rubbing your clit and asshole as you stroke my thick cock over and over. You reach down and feel my big balls and give them a squeeze as you feel the warm feeling of a mind blowing orgasm building in your body.

I twist my hand around and stroke your g-spot with my fingers as I drive them harder and faster into your tight pussy, my thumb rubbing your wet little asshole, you buck your hips up against me working yourself into a frenzy. I feel your whole body shake as you let out a loud scream as you cum hard on my hand. I feel a warm wetness on my leg, I look down and watch you squirt a puddle of pussy cum onto my leg. I pull my fingers and thumb out of you and lick my fingers off as you collapse in my lap. "Oh god damn, that is just what I needed. Thank you sir, now it there anything I can do for you?"
"Mmm, well I do believe that I have a nice hard cock ready to fuck that pussy of yours, but I need to get sucked first. I want to feel your warm lips and wet mouth suck me off."
With a sly little smile you get off my lap and get down on your knees in front of my chair. "Ooh, anything you want, sir, I will be happy to obey."

You lick your soft full lips suggestively and look up at me with a coy smile. You touch the tip of my cock with your hot tongue and I shudder with anticipation. You flick Your tongue over the tip of the hard cock and cup my balls in your hands and squeeze them gently. all the time you are slowly stroking your hand up and down my shaft. You look up at me and ask " am I doing this right sir?" I tell you to suck me hard and push my head down to your throbbing cock. Your lips tighten around my cock and I **** my long hard shaft deep into your throat, moving it in and out long and slow as you suck hard on my cock. I thrust into your throat harder and harder and you gag slightly which really turns me on. you take your mouth off my pulsating cock and lick the tip tasting my precum, and ask "what lesson do you want to teach me now sir?"...

Mm, such a hot little cocksucker you are, I watch as you lick my hard shaft up and down teasing my balls with your warm wet tongue. I grab a handful of hair and give it a little tug as I shove my cock further down your throat, feeling you suck it harder and harder.
I reach down and pull off your clothes so you are completely naked in my office. I stand up and you pull off my pants so you can stroke my shaft with both your hands. "You've been a very bad girl Manon, reading pornography during school. I'm really gonna have to punish you properly. Bend over that desk so i can give your pussy the fucking you deserve."

You lean over and arch that sexy ass up in the air, just begging me to lick and taste your sweet wet pussy. I run my hands over the soft skin and lick your slit form clit to asshole, tasting every drop of your cum. You moan louder as I give your ass a quick slap and grab my cock, teasing you with the swollen knob, rubbing it up and down over your clit getting it nice and wet. You push your hips back to meet my cock, I grab your hips with my hands and thrust the whole length into your wet willing pussy. A slight scream escapes your lips as I begin to pull my thick cock out of your tight pussy, only to shove it back in hard enough for our hips to slap together. I run my hands over your back, dragging my nails over the soft flesh of your ass.
You beg me to fuck you harder and faster, to make you my dirty little schoolgirl. I reach around to rub your clit as I fuck you from behind, harder and faster I pound away at you, feeling you grind your pussy on my cock. You reach back and begin to finger your ass as I pull out my hard cock and rub it over your swollen clit. You grab my cock and ease it back into your tight slit as i pick up the pace, fucking you harder and faster, feeling my balls tighten as I get close to cumming...

Your soft ass feels so good in my hands as I work my thick shaft deeper and deeper into your tight wet slit, I grab you with both of my hands and spread your cheeks wide so I can fill you with my thick cock. Your hand flashes over your clit in a blur faster and faster as your body begins to shudder as you cum one more time with me deep inside you. You feel shivers from your orgasm move through your body starting in your thighs working up towards your well fucked pussy, up your tight tummy over your tits. You feel you nipples harden as you become flustered as you go limp on the desk.

With a few more hard thurts into your soaking pussy I feel my balls swell with my own orgasm, slowly building as I pull you off the desk and onto your knees in front of me. You take my cock in your hand and tease the soft underside of my balls with you other hand. You slide your hot mouth over my thick shaft, taking me deep past your lips and into your throat getting my dick slippery with your saliva. I take my hard wet cock out of your mouth and rub the swollen tip over your nipples and slap your tits with my cock. I grab your tits and push them together around my shaft creating a tunnel of soft titflesh. You lean your head down and spit on the tip of my dick as I slowly titfuck you with long slow strokes. You flick out your tongue and flick the tip of my cock as it nears your mouth, almost begging me to shoot my hot cum over your lips and chin.

I push your wet breasts more firmly around my cock creating more friction, my fingers pinching your nipples as I thrust my hips back and forth faster and faster. I moan louder as i feel my balls tighten in their sack the pressure building in my balls as you lick my cockhead with every stroke. All this fucking and teasing brings me to the edge, I pull back to release my cock from your soft tits so you can stroke my hard shaft with your hands, sucking the head of my cock into your mouth as I begin to shoot my hot cum into your mouth. You aim my dick at your tits so stream after stream of thick hot cum covers your tits and nipples. You rub my still hard dick over your chest, smearing the sticky mess all over yourself. You lick your lips and give me little kisses on my now well spent shaft, lean back and whisper to me that if this is punishment for being bad then it's gonna be one fuck of a great semester!

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