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Down and Dirty

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By Frenal66 [Ignore] at 06,Dec,17 21:01   Pageviews: 45

"Down and Dirty"

This past summer was one you'll never forget, the weather was always hot and sunny and great for suntanning in the back yard, but the sun wasn't the only thing that made you hot and sweaty this year. It was the first time you got to taste the sweet pussy of another girl, one that you have been dying to get your hands on for a long time. This summer will be unforgettable because it was the one where you got to lick, suck and taste your friend Skye.

You've always been a bit bi-curious about her, everytime you see her and her perfectly shaped ass in a pair of jeans you can't help but think how she would look like out of her clothes, ample breasts in your face as you grope her ass with your hands. Your body shivers with just the thought of her...closing your eyes and squeezing your tits wishing it was her groping you, the phone rings and interupts your sexy daydream...

"Hey Christina", the voice recognize it at once, it's Skye. "What are you doing later today? If you have no plans maybe you should come over and hang out for a while, I'm just staying home to soak up some sunshine and would love some company."
"Sounds like a great plan", you tell her "I can be there in a bit." You hang up the phone and realize you have been pinching your nipples the whole time you chatted with her. Fuck, I've got to have her, you think to yourself as you grab your bikini and towel and head out the door.

You arrive at Skye's house in record time, hoping that she would be home alone so you could make your move and have her all to yourself. Even though it's a hot and sunny day you wrap the towel around you body to hide your hard nipples that are poking through the fabric of your bikini top. "Hello, Skye? Are you here?" you call out.
"Hey Christina, glad you came! Grab a chair, come join me." Skye replies, "Lots of room here for both of us."
Her beauty hits you all at once, her perfect bronze body exposed to the sun, large breasts barely covered with her bikini top, sexy stomach glistening with suntan lotion and her ass in a skimpy feel your pussy get wet with anticipation of what will happen next. "You look so fucking hot, Skye. There's something I've been wanting to do to you since the first time I saw you." You blurt out, waiting for her reaction.
"Mmm, I was hoping you'd say that, Christina...I've had my eye on you and your hot sexy body for a while. I saw the way you look at me and would be surprised if you said no to my invitation today." You look at her without saying a word. "What's the matter, Christina, cat got your tongue? Well, how about you get my tongue, and I get your pussy?"
You smile in acceptance and remove your towel to reveal rock hard nipples and short shorts. Laying back on the ground you spread your legs for Skye who is already on her knees and pulling off your shorts and bikini bottom at the same time. Your pussy is wet and sticky from your earlier daydream. "Now that's what I call one hell of a sexed up pussy!" she says. Laying back you close your eyes as your entire body shudders with anticipation of her lips and tongue...but nothing happens..."Are you sure you want this?" she asks.
"Oh god, do i ever," you moan "Lick my pussy now before I go crazy!"
"Positive?" she asks with a sly grin on her face, enjoying the little game she's playing with you.
"Yes!" you cry out "Yes, I want you, I need you right fucking now! Mmm, lick my pussy...Skye!"
Grabbing your thighs, Skye spreads your legs even wider as she runs her fingers up and down you thighs, lightly brushing your swollen clit with every stroke. Slowly she parts your pussy and slides a single finger up inside your tight pussy. Waves of exctasy wash over your body as starts to suck your clit...her mouth clamps onto your moist mound, her tongue slithering over your hot wet clit. Flicking her tongue around and around feels so fucking good you almost climax as she slides a second finger in your pussy, working them in and out at a faster pace she easily fucks you making you moan louder and louder. With one hand Skye reaches up and grabs a handful of your tit and squeezes your erect nipple...the slurping noises she makes as she sucks your wet pussy is making you so fucking crazy with desire. You feel your body shudder with orgasm as Skye sucks your clit with her mouth, tasting your sweet juices as you cum on her tongue, smearing her face with your sticky juices.
"MMmm, god damn Skye you lick a good pussy! That feels so good, but let's make this a two way sex feast." Licking her lips, Skye gets up, licking her lips her face shiny with your cum, and lays back on the ground. "Come here Christina, lick my pussy while I fuck you."
Squatting over her face you lower yourself down so your wet pussy makes contact with her lips, her tongue darts out and flicks your slit as you dive into her pussy face first, finding her clit between the folds of her moist pussy. Spreading her lips apart you tease her with your tongue, flicking over her clit as you shove two fingers into her tight snatch. She moans loudly as her tongue slides back and forth over your pussy and asshole. "Fuck me, Christina...taste my hot cum on your lips...fuck me harder!"
Skye's legs clamp around your head as you slide your fingers up inside her to stroke her g-spot making her moan even louder. "Fuck me, fuck me...mmm, god damn you're gonna make me cum, Christina...MMm..." You feel her body shake and quiver beneath you just as she slides a finger in your asshole, working it in and out while keeping her lips firmly planted on your clit. The sensation of a finger in your ass and a tongue on your clit is too much to take. You cum for a second time today, this time Skye licks up every bit of cum off your thighs and pussy. Faster and harder you drive your fingers into your friend, feeling her nails digging into your ass. "Christina...oh god, here i cum...!!! Oh fuck me!"
Skye's legs go numb and collapse to the ground as she squirts a large stream of cum from her pussy, soaking the ground and your chin at the same time. You lick your lips and wipe the hot sticky mess from your face and lean in to kiss Skye on the lips, tongues swirling each others juices around your both fall back exhausted from the heat and sex.
"So glad you invited me over, Skye. I've wanted to fuck you so bad for so long."
"Mm, you can fuck me anytime if you can make me cum like that, Christina baby!"

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