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By Frenal66 [Ignore] at 06,Dec,17 21:02   Pageviews: 93

It was one of those days where nothing I did turned out right. Dropping stuff, breaking shit and to top it off, smashed the front of my car on a fucking fire hydrant....what else can go wrong today I thought as I pulled into the driveway of our house and walked up to the front door. "Christina babe, I'm home... where is that sexy little ass of mine?" No answer. Just as I'm about to call out again I hear strange little moans from behind the bedroom door...I look around, wondering what the heck that was, paying no attention to the extra pair of shoes at the door. I give them a little kick as I make my way up the stairs and again I hear a little moan...but it didn't sound like your moans that I'm so familiar with...soon i found out why.

I sneak my way up the stairs wondering whose voice is making that wonderful noise, thinking about what i'm going to find behind our bedroom door. Just my luck you left it slightly open, almost like you expected me to find the surprise you have in store for me...And now I hear your voice, hearing you say something out of my wildest dreams. "Mmm, you like it when I like your pussy like that, don't you?" I peek past the open door to find you face down in between the legs of your best friend...eagerly sucking her clit and fingering her hot wet pussy. A slight gasp escapes my lips as i take in the sight of two gorgeous naked women in the throws of exctasy...her legs wrapped around your head, her hands pulling you closer to her tight pussy. She's really moaning, almost screaming as you make her cum on your tongue, her large tits heaving with every breath just begging for you to get her off. Your delicious ass is swaying back and forth as you lick her slit up and down, running your hands over her body. "Mmm, fuck, fuck, fuck me with your tongue...oh god Christina I'm cumming...!" Krystal yells, urging you on to suck her harder and faster...You take three fingers and shove them deep into her pussy, working them in and out faster and faster as you lick her clit around and around. She pulls your hair back as you slide a finger or two into your own wet waiting pussy. You work your hands over your clit in a blur, wanting to cum when she does...not long after I hear you moan as an orgasm rips through your body, face still buried between her legs. You finally get up and kiss your way up her body, licking her nipples as you pass by then driving your tongue into her mouth so she can taste her own pussy on your lips. I look down and not to my surprise my cock is rock hard from watching you finger fuck your friend.

"So are you just gonna stand there, Dave or are you going to join the party?" That was your friend. I hear you giggle as you give me a naughty little wink, "I was wondering what was taking you so long to come in!" You say and give me that come here motion with your finger...the one that was shoved deep in your friends pussy not 30 seconds ago, still wet I noticed. "Come here, baby and give us that cock we need!" Mmm, well I don't need to be asked twice! I step to the edge of the bed to give you a deep wet kiss, wanting to taste Krystals pussy on Christinas tongue. Krystal begins to undo my belt as I reach up to feel your tits, feeling your hard nipples between my fingers as I feel a warm mouth engulf my cock. You slide your hands down to rub her slit as I run my hands down your body to the hot wet spot between your dick in her mouth, your fingers in her pussy and my hands on your slit...sucking, fucking and rubbing the three of us fall back onto the bed, I lay back and watch as the two of you take turns sucking my cock deep into your swing your ass around so i can play with your clit as you and Krystal lick your way up each side of my thick cock, cupping my balls and jerking it up and down as you girls kiss each other at the tip. I give your ass a light slap as Krystal shoves me into your mouth..."Suck that cock, make him nice and hard so he can fuck me!" Krystal says as she gets up and positions her tight pussy over the head of my dick, slowly you guide my hard manhood into her wet willing pussy, watching closely as every inch of me fills up your friend..."I want you to suck my clit while i watch you fuck my friend" you say to me as you move your hot ass over my face. I eagerly spread your ass cheeks so i can stick my tongue up in your pussy as i run my fingers over your clit. Krystal is pumping her tight box up and down on my swollen cock as she takes your tits in your hands and leans in to kiss you long and hard. You are grinding your wet pussy on my face as I lick you up and down, sucking your big juicy clit into my mouth, swirling my tongue back and forth making you moan with pleasure.

Quickly you buck your hips back and forth, feeling the beginnings of an orgasm wash over your body, I shove another finger deep inside your pussy and that sends you over the cum hard on my chin, covering me with your sweet tasting cum. "mmm, god damn Dave I need your cock in me" you say as Krystal hops off my dick and lays down on her crawl over her in a 69 so she can lick your slit while I fuck you from behind. I tease your hot slit with the tip of my cock as Krystal rubs your sopping wet cooze with her fingers...she jerks my cock up and down and shoves the swollen head past your tight pussy lips. Soon every inch of me is buried in you as you begin to finger your friends well fucked pussy, I slam my cock hard into you my hips slapping up against your ass with every stroke. I can feel Krystal sucking on my balls as she works her fingers on your clit. "oh god, oh god, oh GOOODDDDD!" she screams as you fuck her hard with your hand, feeling her tighten up and cum as you lick up her juices...I feel you clamp down on my cock with your tight pussy as waves of pleasure rip through your body yet again...

I grab onto your hips and pick up the pace, thrusting hard into you, wanting to make you cum on my thick dick. with every deep stroke i give you, i feel my balls tighten feeling like i can't hold on any more. With Krystal sucking my balls and rubbing your clit it's not long until I feel the need to empty my jizz...I quickly pull out and Krystal takes me deep into her mouth, tasting your pussy on my cock, sucking me hard and jerking my cock back and forth faster and faster..."Fuck, Christina...I'm gonna cum...Oh god suck me off, i want to shoot my load on Christinas tight little ass....!" With a few hard strokes of Krystal soft hands, I shoot stream after thick stream of cum all over your perfect ass...some of it drips down your wet pussy and mingles with your sweet juices which Krystal eagerly licks up off your slit. She takes my dick back in her mouth to clean the mixed cum off of it. You get up and take her into your arms and kiss her deep savoring the taste of your pussy and my cum on her tongue. "Well now that is a great way to end the day" I say as I pat each of you on the ass, watching the cum drip off both of your chins. "hehe, I was always wanting a threesome with Christina and you", Kyrstal says with a slight giggle in her voice. "Ooh we've been having lots of fun while you were gone, Dave", you laugh as you give Krystal a little kiss on the cheek. "Hope you can come and visit more often" I wink at you. "Ooh, next time it might be someone else, or maybe we'll just make you watch...give you a private little show" you smirk back at me...The next few days are gonna be fun, baby!

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