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Hairy or shaved??

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By uncutnunhung [Ignore] at 12,Dec,17 14:26   Pageviews: 69

I just went through a long period when I didn't shave, and you can see that many of my more recent pics show my hairy cock and balls.

I wanted to know which you guys prefer: my cock and balls all hairy, or trimmed and shaved?

Respond below, or send me a PM with your preference.

If enough of you guys feel a certain way, I will start posting more pics like that....

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By maninpanties [Ignore] at 03,May,18 08:23
Shaved is best

By uncutnunhung [Ignore] at 23,Apr,18 16:17
Right now the votes are Hairy: 5; Shaved: 4

Keep giving me feedback, because once I reach 25 responses I will start listening to whatever the majority is here, and then post a picture to prove it every week.

Get commenting!

By chilli [Ignore] at 20,Apr,18 16:15
shaved is better

By Uncutandsexyfit [Ignore] at 24,Feb,18 02:00
The hairy is so sexy

By safie69 [Ignore] at 31,Jan,18 13:38
Shaved! Shaved! Shaved! Shaved! Shaved! Shaved! For sure...

By knewbi [Ignore] at 03,Jan,18 11:57
Shaved. Nothing should get in the way of a nice.cock.

By #543844 [Ignore] at 27,Dec,17 12:58
I liked it shaved bald and smooth That way you see it all just the way it should be

By #457614 [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 22:36
The easy answer: Always hairy.

I don't mind when a man wants to trim, but never shaved.

By pifad [Ignore] at 14,Dec,17 06:23
Hairy, hairy, hairy

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] at 13,Dec,17 06:35
Hairy and uncut is best! Lovely cock!

By cutroundhead [Ignore] at 13,Dec,17 04:17
The hairier the better....

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