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By skinnisex [Ignore] at 13,Dec,17 21:12   Pageviews: 78

First time I attended a sex party I wasn’t at all sure what I was getting myself into, but I got talked into it by a dude named Rob I met one night in the local gay sauna. He said it was his friend’s graduation party, and that’d be “special”. He explained there would be lots of guys, some straight and some gay, but basically it would be a care free anything goes kind of affair and to dress sexy! I thought what the hell, sounded like fun, so there I am, turned up at this guys flat in London on the top floor, his parents away and place to himself. He actually answered the door, Jamie, a 22 or 23 year old something celebrating his graduation. I had just turned 19 years old and had only had a handful of experiences with guys by this point. He was super handsome, very slim, tall, blond and cute. He gave me a wide smile and ushered me inside, and took my jacket. Rob leaned round the corner and grinned, grabbed his friend Jamie round the neck in a playful head lock and said “see, told you he was something aye...and you thought I wouldn’t come through for you”.... “show him what you got Chrissy boy”... so I took off my shirt and trousers, and was stood there in my fancy sexy men’s camo pants, that made me look like a bitch boy in an army barracks to be passed around and used by sexually frustrated marines in need of a good hole to fuck! Well I was wrong about the army barracks, but not too far off the mark with the rest of what was to come. Jamie tuned to Rob and said “oh my, oh goodness, he’s the best present ever!”.... I figured it a joke, but I was soon to learn otherwise.
I walked into the living room area stood in just my pants and around 15 guys mostly bare chested turned round and looked me up and down, said hi, winked, woofed, high fived each other, and licked their lips and nodded at me with approval. Jamie announced that I was to be the guest of honour to all his pals, and that he was getting first dibs... I was given a drink and some long hard hits on some poppers to get things going... I realised then that I was to go with Jamie, I didn’t mind at all as he was smoking hot, and he soon had me in his bed room. He wasted no time in kissing me all over, his door was wide open, this was an open house which meant everything was open and on show, guys could come in and watch sat on the bed, stood round or even join in, it’s just that I was Jamie’s first and foremost. After about ten mins of him sucking me off and announcing to the cluster of guys in the room watching that I was delicious, he had me pop his cock out of his pants. It was rock hard and big and veiny, and sprang to life the moment it was set free. He stuffed it into my mouth and told me I was his dirty little bitch, his cock holster and that I was going to have his seed. Guys were stood round naked stroking each other off and kissing whist they watched, but not having sex, they were waiting, watching, enjoying... Jamie eventually had me on his bed on my tummy with my ass in the air facing everyone.... with one hard tug he ripped my underwear from my naked body completely off, I realised then he was going to fuck me, and I wanted it bad, I wanted his dick inside me, it tasted so good, and I was so horny and hard I was gagging to have a guy take me as his. After a few minutes he slid inside me, he was thick, maybe about 7 inches in length but thick. I felt so wide and open once he managed to completely engulf my anus. He got balls deep inside me and all the guys cheered him on and gave a running commentary of how Jamie to “fuck that ass...fuck that boy good” in-between Jamie’s own announcements of how he was going to breed me and fill me with hot thick spunk, and to take it like the filthy boy I was. He pounded me for about ten mins, there was never any mention of condoms, I was going to be filled with his semen as he wanted. He then had me flip onto my back, and he threw my legs up over his shoulders and then right up near my own head while he thrusted me, his thighs and pubic bone flesh slapping against my buns as he entered my hole. Then he withdrew, he was leaking precum everywhere, lots of it, I’d never seen that much precum before... he lay on his back and had me mount him, climbing onto his dick facing him so he could look into my eyes as he fucked me. The other guys took this opportunity to all put their cocks in my mouth and have me suck them off and I ride Jamie’s cock, I got into a good rhythm, getting really deep with each rock back and forth up and down his shaft, his pole gliding in and out of me, each thrust feeling exquisite as the sides of my tight boy pussy clamped hard around his hard throbbing penis. A couple of guys spunked in my mouth and wanked all over my naked body so I had seed spirt over me and running down my skin. But the others kept it together and just gave me enough for them to get off but not cum. Jamie then spun me round without his cock even withdrawing from my hole, so my back was to him. Different guys then walked in and wiped their cocks all over my naked body and in my mouth, and a couple more spunked over me... but I was more in what was happening inside me, suddenly after about 5 mins of Jamie thrusting faster, he went all out, with every thrust he held his hands around my hips and pulled with all his strength, his arms pulling me into him and he got his dick as deep inside as he could...faster and faster he pumped until he was fucking me so hard and fast he yelled “Im gonna burst, aaaahhh!! fuck!!! Oh god, ah ah ahahhhhhh!!!!” Right then I could feel it, he emptied his swollen nut sack into my body, his back of fresh hot seed deep into my boy hole. It was warm and flooded me, he kept on spunking and twitching, almost unable to stop squirting more and more, I never thought it’d end he filled me so good. With that in a pool of sweat he lay back on the bed out of breath panting “oh my god, jesus Christ that was a good fuck”..... the other guys lifted me off his dripping penis, and I was thrown back onto my belly on my front and told to relax for a min.

Over the course of several hours I had the rest of his friends use my hole, small, average, big, thick, thin, white, black and Asian... In total I think 12 guys fucked me and lost their loads, and others just jacked over me while I was being penetrated. If I had known beforehand what was going to happen, that many guys, I know I would have chickened out and prob never gone, I never thought it could happen or that I’d be able to or want to. But I was so wasted and in a state of sexual prowess I never knew existed. Some of them only lasted a few mins, blew themselves in me prematurely, but others fucked me properly, one guy took ages to cum, I never thought he’d stop, in the end he just pounded me from on top and then lifted me into the doggy position to finally shoot a load. One guy fucked me twice, once early on and then again after....others wanted to aswell but I was too sore and couldn’t go on any more... they were all happy, I was sent away dripping a dozen guys creamy seed into my knickers and running down my legs as I went. Everyone that attended that night had had fresh STD tests done and were clear, but I did check myself out in case. I’d never been that sexually promiscuous before in my life, yes I’d had a fair number fuck my ass full of cum, but not a breed session like that, it was pure animal, they were there to do one thing and one thing only, use a boy, fuck his hole and get their thick potent creamy semen as deep into his anus as humanly possible, to pound the life outta him and make him remember their cock inside him, to make sure he submits fully to being dominated and overpowered by superior masculinity... to make that boy his bitch!

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By Dan_88 [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 20:32
Thats so hot, got my cock rock hard and throbbing

By #437938 [Ignore] at 18,Dec,17 09:46
Ooooh my what a story! I would love to have a experience like that.

By furluvr [Ignore] at 15,Dec,17 00:57

By JustWill [Ignore] at 14,Dec,17 11:52
Great story!

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