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Hand Job After Anal

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By shinybellend [Ignore] at 15,Dec,17 11:59   Pageviews: 57

I had spent a good ten minutes having anal sex with my girl friend. I kept up a steady pace where I never got the urge to cum so I could keep sliding my ram rod up and down her bum tunnel. It was another of those hot sessions where her arse hole was very wet and didnt require any more lube after the initial application.

She took it well considering I was going at her for so long. I tried to keep my legs straight but the trembles were beginning to set in and I knew that if I bent my legs I would cum and I didnt want to yet.

I slowed down my fucking rhythm and eased my cock out and allowed my bell end to have a breath of fresh air. It had been deep in her ass hole for some time. As I pulled my cock out her ass hole gaped wide open and it was dripping wet and my bell end was very shiny and well lubed.

Just for a change I didnt ask her if she wanted to taste it. I asked her for an hand job. So I let her turn over and wank me while I stood up in front of her. Her ass hole farted as she stood up and all her insides sorted out.

It was amazing to watch her beautiful hands wanking my cock with all her bum juice all over it. She began to wank my cock slowly at first then getting faster. She wanked me like I had been fucking her ass hole. Hard and fast and no letting up.

My bell end felt tighter inside her fist than it did inside her ass and it was sloppy wet the juices were flying everywhere as she wanked me fast. I could feel the cum blast building up and it was just on the verge of beginning to get a little bit uncomfortable her wanking me so hard when it all happened.

She could always tell from my face when I was about to cum and she stopped wanking me at just the right moment without me having to say anything and my bell end ejected about nine or ten thick ropes of cum all over her face.

What a babe she was.

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