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By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 15,Dec,17 12:26   Pageviews: 124

I have to hurry,,,Iím in charge of the sodas. I have all types, diet and regular,,,coke, sprite and orange flavor. Thereíll be several different scotches and whiskeys,, vodka, wine and beer. Myriam is bringing the Jello shots.We all have a task to prepare for the party. The only one that does not is the host.
He just provides the home. Johnathanís (Dr Fialkow) house is huge and can accommodate us very well. The host never has to do anything. The members bring the food, the mats, the cleaning, and cover the expense.
The party is a three day weekend swingerís party. All or almost all 13 couples and 4 singles are attending. We start set up Friday afternoon. We begin after 7pm and continue until Monday at noon when we do clean up.
Iím a founding member of the group and itís been 12 yrs since we started. We are all employees of the Hospital or a +1. Todayís first order of business is the first pick by the men. Last time it was the womenís. I canít wait.
Everyone is arriving. We put our name chip in the baskets, women in one, men in other and we get a drink. Some people are down to their undies already. The plastic sheets are down and the mats are in place. We have seven in the living room, four in the dining room, two in the guest room and two in the spare bedroom.

Ok, we are picking, every man picks from the womenís basket. I was picked third by Johnny, a tech from engineering. Heís a good fuck. We go to the corner of the dining room and start to talk. He asks if i have a preference to start. I tell him i want tongue and then anyway it happens. He lays me down on the mat and removes the remaining clothes and begins to lick my pussy,
There are no time limits. An hour later we are done for now and agree to mingle. After the initial pick all members can go looking
for anyone that would like to fuck. If you find one then you spend time with that person until you may want to move on. Some men canít perform immediately so some of the women put on strap-on dildos and fuck any man or woman that has no partner. During this time thereís a food brake for anyone that is hungry.
After the brake, around 10 pm, the women pick from the menís basket. This establishes who will spend the night with whom. This is until 9 am the next day. After 7am the women help set up a breakfast buffet. Clothes are banned until Monday. Men are allowed to pick a woman at random and make love in front of everyone all morning.
The women are allowed to do the same all afternoon. Many continue with the nightís partner. Saturday night is entertainment period. We, all, write down some sex act we would like to see and two people are chosen to play act it. In this pick, men and women are mixed so the act can be hetero or homo.
And this is where my story comes in.


The act was as follows: fill a womanís ass full of red wine and water and fuck her with the enema inside her. No big deal. It seemed a little kinky but, nothing big. The act was read, we made sure there were three sheets of plastic on floor and one of the bigger mats. The author of the act brought a huge enema bag with her and we proceeded to prepare it. It was hung from the chandelier.
Thatís when the actors were picked. George (Dr Lopez, my fuck buddy at work) was the first pick. I was the second. Well,I like george and I like enemas. I didnít think much about it. George, as was his custom (and most of the men, too) was on Viagra. He was bigger than Gerome. We got on the mat and i got on all fours. George was lit and I wasnít far. He inserted the enema probe and started to fill me. He kept massaging my tummy and as he did i got fuller and fuller. Finally, and i donít know how, the bag was empty. Everyone was shouting,,,ĒFUCK HER,,,,,FUCK HERĒ.
George got behind me and brought his lovely dick right to my ass hole and pushed a little. I felt a funny sensation but it felt good so i told him. And thatís when it all broke loose.
He shoved his dick in all the way. My ass and tummy reacted at the same time. There was an explosion of red liquid drenching everything. George was covered and so was the mat and covers. George was over exited and was going a mile a minute. Iím screaming and shooting red out of my ass. Georgeís wife got all turned on and crawled under me and started to lick my clit and red liquid. Her pussy was under my face. I started to lick her pussy. She started screaming and moaning. Two of the guys got on each side of me and started to suck my tits. They had huge bones. Two of the women decided to take advantage and climbed on their dicks. I was told that one girl decided to give George the finger. And so for twenty minutes, eight people did the Enema Fuck. We all cummed,,we all fell on the matt laughing our heads off. I spent that night with George. Next day, Sunday, i spent it with two of the guys as their Mommy. They showed me how they liked to be ass fucked while a woman looks on (they were rough on each other) and I spent some time with Johnathanís wife. Monday morning George and I got the best skit award and given preference on the next party.

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By vab69cpl [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 09:07
thats a great story n moved to the top of my todo list
By twowarmtts [Ignore] at 09,Jan,18 09:50
it's so much fun,,you'll love it

By shinybellend [Ignore] at 15,Dec,17 13:44
I would love to drink your red wine enema

By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 15,Dec,17 12:41

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