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Sex in car

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By likedicks [Ignore] at 17,Dec,17 06:05   Pageviews: 80

One Sunday me and my wife woke up after a night out. Both of us ware so horny we just had to get away from our kids. We decided to go for a drive and search for a quiet place where we could make love. Anyway, long story short, we went to beach parked our car so the back of the car is facing car park. Windows is tinted on the back so in theory nobody should see inside. We got in the back. We undressed each other. She started to suck my cock. She never took it so deep in mouth before. I was so turned on that I didnít ever care if someone can see us or no. Than it was my turn to switch her on. It rubbed and licked her pussy, she started to moan, she stopped me and I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to slide it in her cunt. She laid on her back, opened her legs. This hairy pussy was so wet, omg I just shoved my cock in her, she received it with laud moan as I forced my way in to her. Then I just fucked her, Iím sure the car was shaking, but I didnít care. She came first. She was so laud and she scraped my back with her nails. She became so wet, it felt like we are in bath. Than it was my turn to cum. Even she asked me not to cum inside her, I could not resist and unloaded all the seed inside her. It felt like one of the longest orgasms Iíve ever had. Ahh she was so so full of cum. We got dressed and got out. There was another couple looking at as and smiling. We just smiled aswel and drove off. Even in next day wife still was complaining that she is still dripping cum,

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