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Here's an idea....

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By gaysjman [Ignore] at 19,Dec,17 18:17   Pageviews: 93

It should be compulsory for all of us members, all 20,000 of us strong and then some, to be gathered together once a year for a big party...expenses paid (would be nice)...a solid week-end of fun and loving...all of us together in one place...NAKED...Not a bad idea eh?

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By MoeJoe [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 07:51
It sounds like a logistical nightmare, but then anything can be done if those who say they are interested are serious about it
By gaysjman [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 08:10
Something of that scale would certainly take some doing for sure, but can be done...set up maybe as a yearly convention for members only, perhaps SYD could arrange that for us, as long as we pay our share, through the 2$ or even 5$ a month plan...of course there would have to be enough interest in this to make it work...this is just an idea but would be like a dream come true for us all...maybe I have too much time on my hands

By MoeJoe [Ignore] at 29,Dec,17 08:17
Good idea, but who's gonna pay the expenses....SYD ??
By gaysjman [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 05:14
Right now, all of us members make up SYD, although SYD is a company of and by itself...just an idea, but if every member were to put in one dollar a month for a year, X 20,000 plus members, that would total roughly 250,000.00...2.00 a month for 12 months would easily double that amount...some kind of arrangement would have to be made for that money to be gathered and saved for that purpose I say, it's just an idea...
By gaysjman [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 05:50's another idea, those of us who wish to attend the yearly gathering could save ten percent of their yearly salary for personal expenses...that would be in addition to the the other money gathered...I don't know, just brain-storming here because I think it would be an excellent idea for all of us to gather in one place to have a fun-filled week-end (or longer) of fucking and sucking and playing fun with just us guys...

By gaysjman [Ignore] at 26,Dec,17 17:12
It would be a goal, and a worthy one, if that could happen...think of the memories and friendships formed...and all the fun to be had...

By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 26,Dec,17 17:03
Naked would be a great idea ! What a party indeed.

By kebmo [Ignore] at 20,Dec,17 23:40
In North Korea? Iran? Maybe Canada!!
By gaysjman [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 04:10
Canada...for sure...

By pifad [Ignore] at 20,Dec,17 00:45
Fabulous idea

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