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On Masculine Beauty...

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By TriAngle_Walks [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 10:05   Pageviews: 129

For this post I would like to express my thoughts on masculine beauty. In other words the appreciation of the male form and the ways people and society view it. For the sake of explaining myself I will be making some generalized statements. I am aware, however, that each individual is different and that these statements in no way apply to all.

For starters, I'd like to touch on feminine beauty. Most of us are probably aware as to how feminine beauty is generally viewed in regards to society and the media. Feminine beauty is often regarded as being ultimately superior and most desirable. Masculinity, on the other hand, is not often associated with beauty at all. In many societies it is commonly taught that men and/or the male body is "dirty", "gross", "disgusting", or otherwise unappealing. That said, ladies, I'm totally aware of all the negative representations of women and the many problems that women face. However, discussion on this topic is widely available. Men, on the other hand, have fewer acceptable outlets to discuss how we are affected. For that reason I will be focusing on the male side of things.

In regards to men often being viewed as less appealing, I wonder how this affects our views about ourselves. I wonder if that has perhaps influenced, in some way, our decision to be a part of this site. I believe that every human being, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, feels the need to be accepted and desired. For many men, the women in thier lives aren't always able to provide these needs. I believe that part of this is due to women being taught that it is taboo to openly express sexual desires and feelings and the perception that men are dirty. Men often wonder why thier partner isn't as interested or excited as they are about sex.

The difference in views, when it comes to sex, is complicated by other things as well. It is commonly said that men tend to be more visually stimulated than women. This is demonstrated by the fact that porn is most often consumed by the male demographic. As another example, if a woman sends a guy pics of her breasts/genitalia, the result is most often arousal for the man and is received positively. On the other hand, a woman receiving a dick pic is often met with either a scoff, a shriek, or general disgust. Of course, sending an unsolicited dick pic to someone you don't know or are not in a relationship with is ill advised. That is, unless, you're on this site

I think that one of the reasons us guys are here is to say, yeah, "look at my cock", "does it arouse you?", "Is it beautiful? Is it sexy?". We want to know what you feel when you see it. We want you to crave it, desire it. We want you to fantasize about it. Love it, appreciate it, perhaps even worship it. Afterall, that's how we feel about sex and your body.

Because of this disconnect in how we view sex, whether hard wired or socially influenced, us men just don't feel very desirable sometimes. I suppose that when we whip it out what we're trying to communicate, even if only subconsciously, is this: "I'm baring my most private and intimate place to you. Accept me." When we are met with either a lukewarm reception, indifference, or disgust it can feel like rejection. Us men are part of the problem as well. We're all aware of the locker room jokes and the standards we place on eachother. Amongst men, the emphasis of our masculinity is measured by what we've got between our legs. Women seem less concerned with this idea and often seek other traits. Because we have placed so much emphasis on the status of our phallus, if we are not met with a favorable response it can be damaging.

This brings me to the topic of man on man, gay, bi, "straight" but "curious" and the like. Once again, this doesn't apply to everyone. I do think, however, that there are some correlations between the previously mentioned topics and why men choose to have sex with men. Most simply, we know what we want. Our sex drive is usually higher than that for women and there are generally more men looking for sex than women. For some it is simply the opportunity that appeals to them. One might not normally have same sex attraction but would be willing to unload with another guy if the opportunity presented itself. Some men have absolutely no interest in a same sex encounter, but can enjoy being wanted or complimented by other men. I feel that this goes back again to the whole validation argument. We want to feel like you want it!

For men who do feel same sex attraction; we're not afraid of dick pics. We want them. We enjoy the eroticism of it all. The throbbing glory of a man in his aroused state is a turn on. Afterall, we've been tugging at our own for years. We know how it feels. The rush. The excitement. The way it feels in our hands. The pulsing joy as we orgasm. Feeling the cum erupt from our bodies. It's no wonder, then, that some of us (even some straight guys) are turned on by the sight of an erect cock. In fact, "cock worship" is a popular fetish amongst gay/bi men. No wonder, really, when our cocks have been so long neglected. Cock worship is the polar opposite of how the phallus is normally treated. Instead of being seen as dirty or shameful, it is being adored and attended to. Not because the other person is mechanically getting you off. It's because they passionately crave it. They adore it. They want to give it pleasure. To observe it in all it's glory. To leave no part of it wanting. As a man it feels extremely empowering and fulfilling to receive such attention.

So, to the ladies, make your man feel like his cock is the greatest thing since sliced bread. You might be surprised at the confidence boost this provides him. As they say, confidence is one of the sexiest qualities. Even if you have a hard time at first, this boost might help you feel more attracted and sexually enabled in the process. Of course, this is a two way street. Your man should be equally attentive to your needs as well. I do realise that I'm speaking to a different demographic of women here, in general. If you are a woman on this site, chances are higher that you're nearly as pervy as us guys and might not have any problems when it comes to loving the D.

To the fellas, love your body. Love your cock. I believe women and men are equally beautiful in different ways. Men: you are beautiful. You are sexy. You are worthy of feeling accepted in the skin you were born. You have the right to want to be wanted and to receive it. Let's try and open the door for a change of attitude when it comes to male sexuality and how our bodies are viewed. This concept isn't strictly for the realm of women or feminism. Us men need sex positive validation too! Whew.... well I totally dumped a whole clusterfuck of thoughts into this post. If you've made it this far I hope I made some sort of sense and hopefully some of it resonates with you. I'd love to hear what you all think. Men and women alike, leave comments and thanks for reading.

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By Whoknows [Ignore] at 08,Feb,18 07:27
Awesome post, fella.

By Oz29 [Ignore] at 30,Jan,18 05:49
Excellent, thought provoking and intelligent post my friend

By cruisebi [Ignore] at 25,Dec,17 18:56
Love your post bud, thanks for sharing

By alanhuk [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 05:44
You are so right. your words fit many of us perfectly! As you say, having our naked body complemented on by a smile or touch or masturbation or full sex is so fulfilling.
thankyou for sharing your thoughts so well

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 05:31
Right at the beginnings you say that everyone has a different reason or reasons for joining, and sharing different things, enjoying diversity of beauty is always in the eye of tne beholder, and men and women are intrisically different in their sexualality. Its great to have sites like this to share and let others have a front row seat of who we are naked.. nudity can bring out your inner sexy. Its hard to hide it when your nude and getting sexy is one of the best feelings to have *LiX*

By SammyBW [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 03:11
Nicely written

This site definitely boosted my self-esteem and I am pretty grateful for that.

I am unsure if it was meant as a joke but even on this site I find it unacceptable to send your nudes to other people without asking or talking first.

By qqqq1234 [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 18:31
well-written article

By HotFuckerBoy [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 16:48
Wow! Very well written! You have really put some deep thought into this, and you know what? You are right.

I remember when my girlfriend first got together and started having sex, we had sex everytime we seen each other in those early days. Sometime several times a day, as it often goes with new couples. One afternoon, we we had plans to go out to dinner. She came over and one thing lead to another, so it was no surprise that we ended up having a quickie on the couch.

When we were done, I stood up to put my pants on, I figured it was time to go. She stopped me like, "where are you going?"

She wanted to lay together longer, and in particular, study and admire my cock.

At first, I was so taken by this, I never had anyone acrually want to stop and thoroughly examine me like this before. She said something like, "I just want to look at you longer."

I'll never forget how awesome that made me feel.

Many a morning, when I wake up with a great big solid boner, I'll pull the covers back and say "Hey, look at this," she'll playfully smack me or roll her eyes in jest, but she never takes her eyes off my cock, usually we have sex shortly after.

I think it's safe to say, women can certainly find a man's cock attractive, but social conditioning has made it "taboo".

I love my girlfriend for many many reasons, and knowing that she really does like what I have between my legs and that she's comfortable with communicating that with me makes me feel really great.

By andy99 [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 11:54
That's the most articulate expression of male sexuality I've heard in a while. Especially the part about man on man sex - for years I would never have thought about having sex with another man. Now I do - a lot! But does that make me gay or just very interested in sex however it comes? I call myself bisexual but I'm not even sure that's accurate. Anyway, great article - thanks! Hope we can discuss more.
PS. Love your pics! You have a fine body & a wonderful cock

By decatur212 [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 10:58
Good job, just read your post, and you are spot on, and cudos for putting that out there, been along time coming
By TriAngle_Walks [Ignore] at 21,Dec,17 11:25
Thank you for the comment I'm glad to you agree

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