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By Likedick [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 00:03   Pageviews: 102

Today I had to go into town. I got the bus in. As per the normí I popped on my head phones n started my music. After about about 20 Mins the bus stoped & a guy about my age got on n sat across from me.
After a while he caught my eye. I had to take a second look. The guy had his bottoms down his cock fully hardened his ball sack looked promminant smooth n very full. He wasnít playing with himself! He was looking out the window? He saw I was looking & before I could blink his hand was moving his back pack so I could get a better look.
Out of the bag came a pump bottle of lube. I watched as he slowly pumped the clear lube under his fore skin. He then gently pushed the the lube down to the base of his head. I was mega hard n it could clearly be seen as I was commando under my joggers. He happerly jurked his thin 7Ē dick until we where close to town. Where he hasnít cum but fixed himself out & left the bus My cock was throbbing & I managed to use my coat to hide the tent in my lower half. Now I was to go for a medical meeting ( hopefully I would get back to work ) I got to the meeting & after about 20 MinaĒ the guy said right now for the fisica side. A I said. Yeah I need you to strip n lay on the table please he said. Well in a bit of shock I kinda said ok. Well I went behind the curtain n got naked as the doc said. He soon joined me with gloves & fell Well he checked out most of me joints then asked me to stand for the testicl test to make sure their wasnít any lumps. As lifted my semi hard cock n placed his ungloved hand on my sack he said donít worry most men get a hard on when he checked out their balls. He said some even cum when he cheeks the prostrate. He went on to say he had a young man cum on his arm just that morning. I asked if my nuts felt right n he said there nicely sized. My cock was twitching. I was needing to dump a huge load. I could see this doc was using his job for getting his kicks. Well I lay back on the table knees up legs apart waiting for a finger up my ass. N he said can I just move your sack with a huge amount of lube in his hand. Well half the lube splogged down my hard cock n the rest on my balls. We looked at each other n he said oh sorry about that. Iíll sort it out in a second with a grin I closed my eyes as I feel a finger enter my ass & it was his middle! I feel his other hand on my cock moving the lube all the way up then down my cock. I reached for his zip n pulled in down I managed to fit his semi hard cock out but only after dropping his trousers n boxers. He had a 4Ē hard on. I made no comment but jurked his cut cock as he fingered my ass & wanked my sloppy head. I asked if he wanted a sucking & I soon had has cock in my face. After sucking him for a short time he said he woníted my ass. I said no but you can cum on my hole. I soon found myself on my back with his dick tapping my hole n then a hot sticky glob of spunk hit my balls then a 2nd it felt great he kept wanking as he lent over n started sucking on my nipples I felt more cum hit my cock I so needed to cum but he stood n said I really enjoyed that n past me some paper off the table to clean off as he pulled up his boxers n trousers.
I soon left very turned on & needing a load dumped. I headed for the one place I new Iíd see cocks ! The gents toilets by the station. Well although I had a few guys looking at my rock hard cock & I even got a few tuchers. I still hadnít blown my load. I got the bus n found it was packed No unloading there then. After getting home I intended on wanking & cumin as much as I could. But the wife n kids were in. Iím going to try and see if I can meet a cock at the woods when Iím out today and get to cover it in my hot sticky sweet cum.

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By condoblueskies [Ignore] at 08,Jun,18 09:59
go for it man.

By penisluvr54 [Ignore] at 24,Apr,18 02:29

By mywusch [Ignore] at 27,Jan,18 10:37

By #497186 [Ignore] at 26,Jan,18 02:47
impressive blog x great wanking material x

By JoJoSeals [Ignore] at 26,Dec,17 16:43
A very hot encounter, I am very hard know Thanx for sharing,

By pifad [Ignore] at 24,Dec,17 05:13
Cum see me, Iíll get you to dump your loads and I swallow

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