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By JustWill [Ignore] at 22,Dec,17 18:01   Pageviews: 116

(Chapter 43 )

Mark and I spent a little more time making-out on the sofa after our early morning fuck session, then, because we were now too wide awake to go back to sle*p, decided to get showered and dressed. Though we both would have preferred to share the shower, the chance of being discovered "at play" by one of Mark's parents made that idea too risky. His folks usually slept in on Sunday mornings, but, as our out of character bright and early tryst had just demonstrated, even the most die-hard of late sle*pers can break their patterns. To be safe, we took turns in the shower, with one of us perched atop the nearby washing machine to chat and keep the other company while he got all wet and soapy. After getting all clean and donning fresh clothes, we tidied up the game room and settled in, side by side on the couch, to watch cartoons on the TV while we waited for Eric to return from his run.

We'd kept the volume on the television turned down low so we could hear when the older boy got back and entered through the door connecting the garage with the laundry room/shower area of the basement. On any normal Sunday morning after I'd slept-over at my guys' house, Eric would take an after-jog shower and head straight upstairs without bothering to stop into the game room where he knew that his sibling and I would still be sound asle*p and prone to excessive grumpiness if roused. This was not a normal Sunday morning, however, and the Goblin and I wanted to make sure that Eric was aware that we were awake. We were eager to share the news of the "upgrade" in our friendship status with the elder of our trio, sure that he would approve and be happy for us.

Also, my newly minted boyfriend and I had plans for his older br0ther and how he would be spending the next half hour or so of his morning.

The clock on the game room's wall read 9:15 when we heard Eric come into the house. The Goblin and I shared a grin, then turned our eyes to the room's door, expecting that the Big Guy would hear the TV and come in to investigate. When five minutes had passed and Eric had not made an appearance, Mark used the remote to turn the volume up a notch. That did the trick, and a moment later my other favorite guy in the world opened the room's door just far enough to stick his head in and take a look around. Eric hadn't bothered to knock. It wasn't like he was going to walk in on anything he hadn't seen or, better yet, participated in before.

There was a brief pause as Eric's glance traveled from his br0ther to me and back again several times. The expression on his face was one of wary suspicion. Given the fact that the Goblin and I were wide awake at such an early hour on a Sunday morning--a previously unheard of occurrence--the older boy's suspicion was quite justified. The fact that the two of us were grinning at him like a pair of monkeys who knew exactly where all the best bananas were hidden most likely only added to his belief that we were up to something. "Um...what's going on?" he asked. His thick mop of dark hair was slightly damp and mussed from the knit cap he always wore when running in cold weather.

I gave him a bright smile and a friendly wave. "'Morning, Lance. How was your run?"

The fact that I'd used that particular pet-name when addressing him, one that I rarely used unless we were doing things that required some degree of nudity together, puzzled him a bit further, and he raised his left eyebrow questioningly. "It was...good. Why are you two up so early?"

"Just waiting for you, Bro," the Goblin informed his older sibling. He used the remote to turn the TV off, then casually tossed it to the corner of the sofa before adding, "We missed you."

"Uh-huh." Eric wasn't buying it, and still hadn't stepped into the room. "You missed me so much that you woke up early just to tell me that." Knowing that he was more likely to get a straight answer from me than from his bratty little br0ther, the Big Guy glanced my way. "What are you two clowns really up to, Will?"

Mark answered before I could speak. "Nothing sinister, if that's what you're thinking. Coyote Boy and I had a long...talk...this morning," my Goblin flashed me a wicked grin, which I returned in kind as we both recalled that we'd done a lot more than just talk that morning, then turned back to his br0ther, "and we wanted to make sure that we filled you in before the whole house was awake."

Intrigued, Eric finally decided to join us in the game room. My older playmate must have been preparing to get in the shower when the sound of the TV caught his attention and caused him to look in on his br0ther and me. He had a towel draped over his shoulders and wore only a pair of grey sweatpants. Beads of perspiration glistened on his bare skin, and his face was still slightly flushed from the exertion of his morning run. Closing the door behind him, Eric walked over to casually lean with one hip resting against the rail of the pool table, crossed his muscular arms over his well-defined chest, and regarded us with curiosity. The guy looked sexy as hell. "Fill me in on what?"

"Well," I began, "you know how Mark was acting sort of weird last night?"

"Mark is always weird," Eric replied, chuckling when his sibling flipped him the bird for being the target of his playful verbal shot, "but I know what you mean."

"After you went up to bed, we had a discussion about it, and..."

From there, the Goblin and I went on to explain what we had discussed the night before and earlier that morning. We gave him the essential details of our "boyfriend" conversation, with Mark and I passing the narrative thread back and forth between us to clarify a point here and there or to ad personal perspective, occasionally finishing a sentence for each other or interrupting to elaborate on what the other was saying. Eric was quite used to our 'cooperative' method of storytelling, and his gaze traveled from speaker to speaker as we talked. The whole time, he asked no questions and his facial expression and body language gave no indication of his reaction to the information we were relaying. When we finished our tale, the Goblin and I both looked back at the older boy, silently waiting for his input on what he'd just heard.

"So..." Eric, his tone neutral, summarized, "what you guys are saying is that you're a 'thing' now."

"No, what we're saying is that we've kinda always been a thing," Mark corrected his sibling.

I shrugged, flashed Eric a dopey grin, and added, "It just took us a while to figure that out."

Shaking his head, the older boy rolled his eyes, looked up at the ceiling, and began to chuckle. "Idiots," he said quietly to no one in particular, "I'm dealing with a pair of idiots."

"What's so damn funny?" the Goblin, always eager to get into a verbal sparring match with his elder sibling, asked defensively.

This only added to Eric's amusement. His chuckle became a full laugh as he regarded us and answered his br0ther's question. "I'm supposed to be the dumb jock and you guys are supposed to be a couple of brainiacs, but I had that shit figured out months ago." His voice softened and took on an affectionate tone as he looked at the Goblin and said, "Seriously, Bro, the three of us have been spending a lot of time together lately. I'd have to be totally blind not to see how you guys feel about each other. Especially when we're having naked time."

"And...you're totally cool with it? With Coyote Boy and me being...boyfriends?" Though he tried very hard to hide it, Eric's opinion of him had always been extremely important to Mark, and his timid expression and hopeful tone when he asked those questions made this a rare occasion when he let that show. (For the record, I had total faith in Eric, my Lancelot, and never doubted how he would respond to our revelation that morning.)

"Please," Eric shook his head as if the Goblin's question was the silliest thing he'd ever heard. "You two would be completely lost without each other." His blue eyes twinkled with mirth and the corner of his mouth turned up in a teasing half-grin. "Besides, only a major asshole would stand in the way of true love." The Big Guy's use of the L-word made both Mark and me blush, though neither of us voiced any objection at hearing it describe our relationship. "You're not suggesting that I'm a major asshole, are you?"

I shook my head. "Nope. I'd never suggest that you were an asshole, Eric. Major or minor"

"Me either," the Goblin agreed. Then, unable to let an opportunity to taunt his sibling pass untaken, quickly added, "Not in this case, at least."

"Okay. You guys are an item and I don't have a problem with that. It's actually kinda cool, really." The older boy smiled brightly at the two of us for a moment and then his look turned more serious. Holding up a pair of fingers he said, "I do have a couple of questions for you, though."

"Ask us anything," I told him without hesitation as Mark nodded his agreement. "We'll answer as honestly as we can."

"First," Eric began, and I grinned as his expression turned a tad bashful, "...and I don't want to make this all about me, but I gotta ask...now that you guys are boyfriend and boyfriend, how do I fit into the picture?"

It was a reasonable question. It was also one that the Goblin and I had talked about at great length while we had taken turns in the shower earlier. Mark had been the one to broach the topic of his sibling and how the upgrade in our relationship status from best friends to boyfriends should or shouldn't affect my on-going sexual relationship with Eric. In actuality, though, it hadn't been so much a discussion as it had been my dearest companion explaining how he believed things should go from this point on, and me happily agreeing with his plans.

Over the past several months, despite their on-going and quite natural sibling rivalry, the relationship between Mark and Eric had gotten much stronger. Sharing me as a sexual partner, it seemed, had a lot to do with that. Other than their mutual love of hockey, the guys hadn't shared many interests in common prior to the introduction of the regular 'care and feeding' of a perpetually horny, dick-hungry Coyote Boy into the mix. Now, because my boys spent much of their spare time together, they'd gotten to know each other better, their familial bond had intensified, and they had become good friends.

On dozens of occasions by now, each of the br0thers had watched me greedily sucking his sibling's cock or writhing and whimpering beneath him as he fucked my ass and I begged for more. Apparently, that sort of thing makes for great br0therly bonding time. Sure, they still argued and sniped--mostly out of habit--but Eric and Mark had honestly come to enjoy each other's company. When it came to their relationship with me, there was never any sign of rivalry or jealousy. Because Mark and Eric were the greatly adored center of my universe, I took a huge amount of pride in being the 'shared interest' that helped bring the br0thers closer.

Since the Goblin had been the mastermind who decided how things would go, I let him be the one to break the news to his older br0ther. "You fit in exactly how you've fit in until now, Bro." His grin turned wicked and he hooked a thumb in my direction as he added, "According to what Will says, and what I've seen, you fit in several openings really well. Nothing changes."

The Big Guy looked at me for confirmation. "Seriously?"

"Yep," I was grinning widely and nodding enthusiastically, "on the 'no changes' part and the 'fitting openings' part."

"And how hard did you have to twist the Little Weasel's arm to get him to agree?" he asked me.

"Trust me, I would have fought hard for you, but I didn't have to." I pointed at the Goblin and said, "Mark was the one who told me how things were gonna be."

"Oh?' the older boy's question sounded only slightly dubious.

"My thinking was all quite logical," Mark almost pulled off a reasonable impression of Mr. Spock but ruined it by adding, "you Big Ape." He then laid out the points of his argument in favor of continued Will/Eric sex-play for his br0ther just as he had done for me earlier that morning, and counted each of his reasons off on his fingers as he spoke. "One: Technically, Coyote Boy has been my boyfriend all along, so it would be stupid for you guys to suddenly stop playing with each other just because we're saying 'boyfriend' out loud now.

"Two: I know how much you love sticking your donkey dick in Will's mouth and asshole, and I'd be a pretty shitty br0ther if I deprived you of something you want so much and just kept it for myself.

"Three: Coyote Boy has become all addicted to your cock. If he doesn't get regular injections of Eric cum, he'll just shrivel up and die. That would make me sad because I'd lose my best friend and my sex partner in one fell swoop.

"And, four: Watching him suck on The Be@st or seeing you stuff it in his horny ass makes my dick as hard as fuck. Why would I want to give that up?"

"Is it just me," Eric looked my way when his br0ther had finished reciting his list, "or did the little pervert just make all of his points in the reverse order of importance to him?"

Laughing, I shook my head. "Nope, it isn't just you. Sometimes, I think Mark only keeps me around so that he can watch you fucking me."

"That is not true," the Goblin tossed his arm over my shoulders and gave me a sideways hug. "I keep you around because you are a slut and you give me great head. Getting to watch you tend his schlong is just a nice bonus." What's important, though," he turned back to grace Eric with a benevolent nod and a smile, "is that, even though Coyote Boy is my boyfriend, I'm still willing to let you use him whenever, however, and as often as you want."

"That's very generous of you, Mark," the older boy laughed.

My best friend, my boyfriend, waved off his sibling's words magnanimously. "It's no trouble at all. The least I can do for my favorite br0ther."

"Uh...I'm your only br0ther," Eric pointed out.

"Sure, for now, but Mom and Dad are young yet. They still have plenty of time to make me a new one that I'll probably like a lot better." There was a brief, shared, 'ewww" moment of silence silence, as the three of us simultaneously contemplated the guys' parents doing what was required to make a baby. That silence was followed by a trio of shudders--'old people' having sex is a disturbing concept when you are in your teens--and mutual, uncomfortable chuckles. When the moment passed, Mark, his green eyes twinkling with amusement, continued, "Until then, you'll have to do, which means that Coyote Boy will happily suck your dick--any time, any day, anywhere--with my blessing."

"Dude," I answered for the Goblin, putting it as bluntly and honestly as I could, "I'm totally okay with it. I've pretty much been sitting here thinking about how I really want to lick the sweat off of your balls since you walked in the fucking room."

When we were naked and I was in the process of sucking his dick or he was giving my asshole a seriously amazing fucking, Eric and I both engaged in a lot of horny 'dirty' talk without him so much as batting an eye. If anything, such comments really excited him and made him even more randy. One of the things I found so adorable about him, however, was that when we were fully dressed and just hanging-out together my lewd comments often made him blush. He did so now; his cheeks taking on a rosy, modest glow as he wrinkled his nose before saying, "I don't know if I should be grossed-out or turned-on by that image, Will."

"What does your pecker say?" Mark asked his sibling. "Personally, I've found that I should always trust my pecker when it comes to our boy and statements like that."

My older playmate glanced down at his crotch for a moment, and then looked back at me with a sexy grin on his handsome face. "My pecker says turned-on."

"That's why I love The Be@st, Lance. It's smart as well as beautiful and delicious." I lifted Mark's arm from around my shoulders and leaned in to give him a deep, loving kiss before rising from the sofa. "You should probably just take off your pants and let me give it what it wants."

As I started to walk toward him, Eric stopped me by pointing at the ceiling with a slightly anxious look on his face. "Hold on," he whispered, "What about...them?"

The Goblin laughed. "Seriously? All of a sudden you're worried about how God and the angels feel about Coyote Boy blowing you?"

"No, you jackass," his br0ther grumbled, "Mom and Dad. What if they wake up while Will is sucking my dick and come downstairs?"

After a quick glance at the clock, Mark said, "Relax, Bro. It's Sunday. They won't be out of bed for another hour and a half or so." Standing up, he gave his sibling and me an impish grin. "That gives you plenty of time to feed our boy a steaming fresh load without worrying about getting caught." He crossed the room to stand by the door, which he opened just a crack before leaning against the wall, and instructed Eric, "If you turn this way a little so I can get a good view of all the hot Coyote on Ape action, I'll stand guard right here just in case."

Eric adjusted his stance to give Mark the side-on view he'd requested and, with his concerns over being caught in flagrante delicto by his parents put to rest, he tossed his towel negligently onto the pool table and waved me over to him before shucking his sweatpants down to his ankles and stepping out of them. What I saw caused me to stop dead in my tracks just a few strides away from my handsome, older mate and mumble a hungry, appreciative "Oh...wow!"

The Big Guy glanced up after kicking his pants aside and caught me gaping. "What?" he asked, honestly puzzled by my reaction. He looked at his crotch, the section of his anatomy at which I was currently staring while I drooled and my cock went rigid as steel. Spreading his arms out at his side, he glanced once more between his groin and my face and waited for an answer.

Beneath his sweats, Eric was wearing only a jockstrap, the sight of which was the cause of my lusty, mesmerized reaction. In performing its intended function, the athletic supporter, stuffed to bulging capacity as it cradled all of my well endowed lover's magnificent guy-parts, presented his always impressive package in such a tantalizing fashion that I was rendered dumbstruck with anim@l desire. The jock was ivory in color, as were most of those purchased in a sporting goods store at that time, and tinted a darker, slightly tan, hue just below the thick elastic waistband, along its sides, and at the bottom of the pouch which nestled his big balls where perspiration during his jog had soaked the knitted fabric. From where I stood only a few feet away, I could clearly make out the outline of his long, thick cock, still flaccid and draped just to the left of center along the top of his nuts, and the coronal ridge of his meaty glans.

Exercise and football had helped Eric to develop thick, tight muscles in his thighs. When he was nude, my Lancelot’s huge cock and weighty balls hung beautifully between them. The jock gathered all of that scrumptious guy-meat into a snug bundle, lifting it up from where it normally swung so that it protruded forward enticingly. His flat, muscled stomach also enhanced the way his package jutted forth. The view was breathtaking, and an observer couldn't help but notice the full extent of what Eric had to offer when displayed so magnificently. Knowing exactly what that straining pouch of cloth held within it--and knowing that it was mine to release and please whenever I wished--made my own stiff pecker throb with worshipful desire. .

Because I was still wordlessly ogling his br0ther's delectable package and not answering Eric's question, Mark broke the silence. "Do you always wear a jock when you run?"

"Yeah," Eric answered absently, "it keeps my junk from flopping around." There was a brief pause as understanding dawned on our older playmate and then he chuckled softly. "Is that why he's staring at me like I'm food? Because I'm wearing my jock?"

"I don't usually pay much attention to your tackle, Bro, unless Will is doing something interesting with it" the Goblin said, "but your jock does make it kinda in-your face and...bulgy. To Coyote Boy--who is addicted to your man-parts--it must be like gift wrapping five pounds of pork chops and waving them in front of a hungry dog."

Both of the guys looked in my direction, an identical leer on their faces, and they shared a br0therly chuckle upon seeing that my cheeks had gone rosy during their exchange. I nodded meekly, pointed at my older mate's groin, and said, "It does look really yummy, Eric. I think that, from now on, that's all you should ever wear when I'm around."

He laughed. "What's the big deal? I know you've seen a guy in a jockstrap before, CB. "

His statement was true. I had seen dozens of different guys wearing a jock in the locker room during gym class since beginning middle school. Not all of the guys wore them, Mark and I didn't (though I was presently thinking about suggesting that my Goblin purchase one as soon as he was able), but enough of them did that it was a fairly common sight when we were all getting changed. Seeing those guys in a jockstrap had never had any effect on me. Hell, seeing them naked did nothing for me. There were only two guys in my life who got me hot and horny, and I was looking at one of them--and his magnificently bundled package--right now.

"I have," I agreed as I moved closer to him, not lifting my eyes from focusing on his groin until I was only a foot away from him. Reaching out, I ran my forefinger slowly down the length of his cock, feeling the warmth and growing firmness of that succulent appendage through the knit fabric that restrained it. Glancing up to meet Eric's eyes I said, "But I was never interested in getting my mouth on what was inside of any of those other jockstraps." I cupped his package in the palm of my hand--as much as I could get my fingers around at least--and gave him a gentle, possessive squeeze. "Not a single one."

The corner of his mouth turned up in a sexy half-smile, and Eric widened his stance, cocked his hips slightly forward, and pointed at the floor. "Then you should probably get down on your knees like a good little cocksucker and show me why what's in my jock is so special to you."

"Turn around for me first," I requested. "I want to see how you look from behind."

Still smiling, he shook his head indulgently and complied, turning his back to me to present the rear view I'd asked for. It was, as I had expected, a spectacular view, and I went down to my knees for a closer look.
Eric had a magnificent ass; firm and muscularly full, with a cute dimple on the outer side of each cheek to add a sexy touch of character to his bottom. The pair of thin straps which anchored the bulging pouch of his jockstrap in place passed between his legs and then separated so that, individually, each could hug the lower curve of one buttock before stretching along the side of its respective hip to join the thicker elastic band at Eric's waist. The arrangement framed my lover's butt perfectly.

Reaching out my right hand to fondly caress one of those amazing cheeks, I said, "You have a great ass, Lance."

I heard him snort softly in self-deprecation. "I'll take your word on that, I guess." Even without being able to see his face, I knew that Eric would be blushing furiously at my honest comment. From head to toe, the guy was six foot two inches and one hundred and seventy-five pounds of muscular, handsomely sculpted maleness, yet he was totally oblivious to just how fucking gorgeous he was. It wasn't false modesty on his part; it was merely the fact that Eric truly lacked any sense of vanity on the subject of his handsomeness.

"Trust me, man, there's no guessing about it." Leaning forward, I placed a fond, appreciative kiss on first his right glute and then the left. "Your butt is fantastic."

"Ass-kisser," the Goblin teased from his station at the door.

Taking a moment to trace my fingers lightly over the spot where my lips had recently contacted his sibling's derriere, I looked over at my boyfriend and said, "I've laid more than a smooch or two on your sexy and very fuckable butt if I remember correctly." With a vulpine grin I added, "Beautiful things deserve to be appreciated, Mark."

"That's a valid point," my adored best buddy laughed and nodded. "I wasn't complaining, just trying out a new nickname for you."

I wrinkled my nose and shook my head. "Thanks, Buddy, but I think I'll stick with Coyote Boy, if you don't mind. It's the one that my boyfriend gave me, and I kinda like it." The brilliant smile he gave to me at hearing that was a strong reminder of why I loved the impish little bastard. "I'm also good with Cocksucker these days," I told him, returning his smile but with a lascivious twist to my lips at the end, "in case you're taking notes."

My statement was absolute truth. It was a huge turn-on to hear either of my guys call me a cocksucker. From anyone else, it would have been an insult, an attempt to demean and belittle me. From Mark and Eric, it came as a term of endearment and praise for a service I lovingly, eagerly, provided for them whenever they asked--a service which they both thoroughly enjoyed and greatly appreciated. I took enormous pride in my growing skill at giving head to them and the pleasure I could give my pair of much adored playmates by using my mouth on their beautiful dicks. Being their cocksucker was a role I cherished.

“So noted,” the Goblin told me, and then silently mouthed the word “Babe” to pleasantly remind me that I now had a third nickname added to my list of favorites.

After nodding happy acceptance of my boyfriend’s reminder, I returned my focus to his older br0ther. "And…speaking of cock sucking and beautiful things that deserve to be kissed and admired..." I put my hand on Eric's hip and applied a little pressure to indicate that I wanted him to turn back around, which he did without comment. "...I'm pretty sure I've got an appointment scheduled with The Be@st right about now."

By turning to me, the older boy positioned his groin only a few inches from my face. There was no mistaking that the bulge in his jockstrap had grown noticeably larger. He was nowhere near fully erect, something that I planned to make happen very shortly, but the fabric that constrained his large pecker was visibly straining to keep it snugly confined. A new wet spot had appeared on the front of the jock's pouch at the point where the tip of his swelling, pre-cum producing glans contacted the cloth.

His recent exercise had heightened pheromone production along with perspiration, and, with my nose so close to his crotch, I could clearly pick up the intoxicating scent of his guy-musk. It was a clean, masculine aroma, and one that was very distinctly registered by my brain and sense of smell as 'Eric'. That signature scent, as always, made my heart race with desire for him. With my hands grasping his thighs for balance, I leaned in, kissed the cloth covered head of his cock and whispered to it, "Consider yourself admired and appreciated." I then promptly buried my nose in my mate's groin, nuzzling my face greedily against the full-to-bursting pouch of his jock and rubbing his heady scent all over my cheeks and lips and chin.

Sighing his appreciation of my demonstration of affection for his manhood, Eric palmed the back of my head, pressed my face more firmly against his crotch, and gyrated his hips slowly to ensure that my entire face was thoroughly "marked" with his scent. The fabric of his jockstrap was slightly damp with his sweat and pre-cum, and I could feel the heat of his arousal and the swelling of his dick from our physical contact through the cloth as it rubbed against my skin. "You really like doing that, don't you, Coyote Boy?" Eric asked huskily when he let me up for a breath and glanced down to meet my gaze.

"I love the way you smell down here, Eric," I answered honestly. "And the way you taste."

"How do I taste?"

I ran my tongue over his belly, just above the top of his jockstrap's waistband. His skin was warm and salty and, above all that, fabulously Eric-flavored. Looking up at him adoringly, I licked my lips and said, "Delicious." I hooked my fingers in the thick elastic band of the jock and tugged it down far enough to expose the top inch of his dark, slightly damp, pubic thatch. After licking a quick swipe across that coarse patch of hair I told him, "Fantastic." Moving my face lower, I licked the growing spot of pre-cum from where it had soaked the fabric just below the bulging outline of his glans. "Sweet," I said. For extra measure, I placed a kiss on his dick's head and added "Sexy," to the list of adjectives.

By now, Eric's pecker had thickened and lengthened significantly. Though it was only just three-quarters erect and still slightly bendable, his growing hard-on was definitely causing the pouch of his jockstrap to struggle in its attempt to keep all of his guy-parts snugly contained. As his cock became stiffer, it pushed at and stretched the knit fabric that kept it from freedom. The sight of his huge dick outlined behind that thin piece of cloth as it strained it to its limits was hot as hell. I knew from experience, though, that what his jock was hiding from sight was even better.

But I hadn't knelt at my lover's feet just to look. I needed to get my lips and tongue on his skin. Eric had directed me to kneel for him 'like a good little cocksucker" and, by complying, I had made a promise to perform that function enthusiastically and to the best of my ability. Horny Coyote Boy that I was, I made it a point never to break a promise that involved me doing interesting things with either of my guys’ dicks.

Hooking my fingers under the waistband on either side of the Big Guy's hips, I pulled the jockstrap down to the middle of his thighs, thus exposing my favorite parts of Eric's gorgeous anatomy. The Be@st, in all of its masculine glory, sprang free from the confines of the snug pouch which had so unfairly imprisoned it, swung to slap softly against my cheek, and came to rest, hard and succulent, at the corner of my mouth.

"It's like it knows exactly where it wants to be," Eric observed with a husky chuckle as he shifted his legs to allow the jockstrap to fall to his ankles before deftly stepping out of it. "You've trained my dick well, Will."

"I told you that The Be@st was smart, Lance," I laughed. Taking Eric's thick shaft in my hand, the tips of my fingers barely meeting the pad of my thumb as they encompassed its girth, I stroked it fondly and gave it a little shake before laying several smoochy kisses on his engorged glans. I paused briefly to lick the sweet taste of my lover's pre-cum from my lips and then, using the tone and cadence I would when speaking to a beloved puppy which had just done as it was told, addressed his boner. "You're such a smart penis, aren't you? Yes you are! A big, smart, handsome pecker." Looking back up at the guy who owned the appendage I was fawning over, I teasingly pointed out, "I've even taught it how to sit up and beg."

From the sidelines, Mark interjected, "That was an easy trick to teach the horny critter. Try getting it to fetch your slippers."

"I don't wear slippers, Goblin, so that would be a waste of time." There was amusement in Eric's eyes as he gazed down into mine, watching me pet and fondle his hard-on. When I playfully flicked the tip of my tongue over his cock's head and gently probed its slit for traces of nectar, that gaze lost focus and his eyelids closed for a moment as he sighed in pleasure. "I'm planning on teaching it to cum when I call it, though."

"I'm going to really enjoy those lessons, Coyote Boy," the Big Guy purred and gave me a sexy half-grin.

"You and me both," I replied in all sincerity. I gave the head of his dick a couple more sloppy kisses before adding, "We'll practice for as long as it takes until The Be@st gets it right." Drawing just his glans between my lips, I lapped at it lazily and nursed on it for a few seconds.

"Repetition is the key to learning," my Goblin pointed out for our benefit. "You're both going to have to invest some serious time and effort into the project." His voice sounded down-right gleeful at the prospect, a clear indication that Mark was looking forward to watching me 'teach' his sibling's cock just as much as Eric and I were eager to participate in the actual 'lessons' themselves.

Removing my mouth from the delicious end of my mate's pecker, I smiled up at its owner and said, "Class will begin shortly," I wagged his boner at him to draw his attention to it, "but I need you to hold this for me, just for a couple of minutes if you don't mind. I've got some business to take care of a bit lower down." Puzzled by that last comment, my Lancelot raised a questioning eyebrow and tilted his head charmingly, waiting for me to elaborate. "I believe this all started with me saying something involving my tongue and your balls."

Eric chuckled, low and randy, as my intentions became clear and, without comment, wrapped his hand around the base of his stiff cock when I released my grip, claiming full possession of that magnificent specimen of man-meat. The pool table, draped with the green cover that kept it dust-free when not in use, was just a few shuffling, backward steps away. Wearing a sexy as hell and slightly cocky lopsided grin on his face, he backed up and sat on the edge of its rail. Keeping his gaze locked onto mine, Eric placed the palm of his free hand on the flat playing surface behind him for support, leaned back, and, with his toes just barely scraping the room's carpeted floor, spread his legs wide in welcome for me.

When my older playmate was sure that he had my undivided attention, he began to slowly, casually, stroke his cock. His scrotum, heavy with its precious cargo of egg-sized testicles and loose from the heat of his body after being imprisoned so snugly in the now discarded jockstrap, dangled low over the table's side. I could clearly see that his right ball was a little bit larger, but that the left one hung slightly lower. As Eric masturbated, they bounced and jostled enticingly in time with the leisurely pumping of his fist.

In the few moments that passed after the Big Guy had sat on the table's edge, a series of Eric-related thoughts went through my mind.

The first, and the one that hit me most forcefully in an "Oh, Jesus, my boner is going to explode and make a mess in my underwear" fashion, was that Eric was fucking gorgeous. This was in no way a new thought for me by any means. I'd been infatuated with my best friend's older br0ther since I was six or seven, and always believed that he was the best looking guy I had ever seen long before the idea of having sexual contact with him was ever considered by either of us. That Eric was physically attractive was something I readily acknowledged, both to myself and out loud in his presence, on a regular basis. It was just that, in that moment, seeing him on display in all of his naked glory, the magnitude of his handsomeness struck me in a way it never had before.

The second thought was that my Lancelot was deliberately teasing me. He knew that watching him play with his cock was a huge turn-on for me, and the beautiful bastard was putting on a show for the purpose of making me horny and more desirous of him. Unlike his normal, modest demeanor, Eric was showing-off, without any apprehension or hint of shyness, just to make my dick hard. He was succeeding at that fantastically. It was a side of my older mate's personality that I had seldom glimpsed before, but hoped to see a lot more in the future.

Heavily underscoring those first two thoughts was the realization that this guy, comfortably nude, completely uninhibited and relaxed about the sexual aspect of our relationship, and eagerly offering himself up to me with a cocky, charming smile on his face while he handled his huge hard-on, was the same Eric who, just a few months before, had been timid and hesitant about letting me give him his first blowjob. He had been awkward and unsure about sharing a shower stall with me and uncomfortable with the idea of too much physical contact with another naked male. It was blatantly, sexily, apparent that my beloved older friend had undergone a significant change in attitude and comfort level since that time. The thought amazed and amused me in equal measure. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would be so lucky as to witness and actively participate in the scenario that presented itself to me right now.

That I was mentally processing something that I wasn't sharing aloud must have shown on my face. With a puzzled look in my direction, Eric cocked his head and asked, "What?"

"You're...just...fucking awesome," I blurted, not making any attempt to suppress the unabashed adoration in my voice. Both guys chuckled warmly at my fervent statement, and I felt my cheeks grow warm as they blushed. "No, seriously, Eric. You are incredible."

"So you keep saying, and I'll believe you if you say so," he brushed off the compliment as if it had no bearing on his sense of self, "but my nuts are not going to lick themselves, Will. Isn't that the most important thing right now?" His blue eyes twinkled with good humor as he waited for my reply.

"Yes," I nodded. "Yes it is."

His expression of amusement turned lusty. "Then you need to get your bitch ass over here and take care of them for me like you promised," he commanded. My fast crawl across the floor to do as I was ordered was accompanied by the sound of Mark's teasing, delighted laughter.

Once I was positioned between Eric's legs, I wasted no time before rising to my knees and, putting both hands against the side of the table for support, nuzzled my face into his luscious ball sack just at the base of his cock. The sparse, dark hair that adorned his scrotum tickled my nose as I breathed his scent in deeply. His musk was stronger here, intoxicating, from recent hard exercise and tight confinement against his body in his jock. I inhaled deeply, savoring the alluring aroma of his personal scent before darting out my tongue to lap at the smooth, slightly sweat dampened skin of the Big Guy's scrotum.

With my face planted firmly in his groin, I could feel the warmth of my love's body heat radiating against my cheeks as I eagerly bathed his gonads with my tongue. Each adoring lap at his skin left the salty taste of clean perspiration as well as the distinct flavor of 'Eric' on my taste buds. He was delicious.

The older boy had stopped masturbating when I began my work and, switching hands to hold his heavy boner out of the way and keep his nuts slightly raised, he tangled the fingers of his right hand in the hair at the top of my head. Using that grip, he guided my mouth and tongue to the places he most wanted their attention; pushing my head lower to gently suck and lick at each individual testicle, pulling me to the left or right to lap at each side and to snake my tongue as far behind his sack as it could reach, or holding me steady at a given spot while he 'mmmm'ed in pleasure at the sensation of my mouth on his warm flesh.

Once I had kissed and licked every exposed inch of Eric's family jewels that I could access with him in his current position, I said, "Lie back on the table so I can get the rest, please."

Without hesitation, he released his grip on my hair and did as requested, easing himself back to recline flat on the pool table and lifting his legs up with his knees spread wide apart to rest his feet on my shoulders. To further assist me in my delectable task, my playmate cupped his balls in his now free right hand and lifted them up to expose the underside of his scrotum and his perineum. "Like this?" he asked.

I took a moment to admire the appetizing view before replying. In this new position, I was able to get a look at Eric's 'undercarriage’ that I seldom had the opportunity to see. Because the top part of his backside still rested on the pool table's edge, his bottom was tilted at a somewhat upward angle. With his knees raised and his legs splayed this widely, I could clearly see my Lancelot's asshole where it resided between the now slightly parted cheeks of his scrumptious ass. The view was spectacular, and I had to fight the sudden, nearly overwhelming urge to lean in and plunge my tongue deeply into his nether opening--one of the few spots on Eric's body that it had not yet tasted. Uncertain that my elder partner, who had never expressed any interest in having that part of his anatomy explored in any fashion, would enjoy the experience as much as I knew that I would, I successfully resisted the impulse, and purred "Perfect" before diving back in to tongue-wash those places that I knew he would enjoy me licking.

For another minute or two, I thoroughly kissed and lapped at the tasty portions of him that I could safely get to. Wanting to feel and fondle his balls with my own hand, I gently pushed Eric's hand away so that I could take possession of that precious cargo as I worked. I licked the back of each testicle, lapped greedily at the underside of his scrotum, and played my tongue languidly up and down his taint, going as close to 'no man's land' as I dared.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned softly, "That feels fucking awesome, Will. It tickles a little, but feels great. How do I taste down there?"

"Yummy," I told my tasty mate sincerely. "Every part of you tastes delicious, Buddy." To prove my point, I turned my head to the side and planted a kiss on the arch of his foot resting on that shoulder. "Every damn part."

"You did a good job washing my balls," he told me. "Now you need to let me get up so you can suck my dick." Eric lifted his feet from my shoulders and sat up on the table. "Move back so I have room to stand."

I shuffled backward on my knees as he had ordered, mumbling, "Jesus, Dude, you're getting to be as bossy as your little br0ther."

Both guys laughed at my mock-indignant statement, and Mark pointed out, "You like it when we're bossy and you know it, Coyote Boy."

While Eric got to his feet and assumed his original stance with his butt resting against the table rail, one arm behind him with his hand on the table for support, and his hips thrust forward, I grinned over at the Goblin and conceded, "Yeah, I guess I kinda do, now that you mention it." Turning back to give his older sibling my full attention, I added, "I wonder why that is?"

Eric was holding the base of his erection in his right fist, offering it to me. From where I knelt in front of him, I was nose to glans with The Be@st. When I glanced up to meet my well-hung partner's eyes, I saw the heat of lust and desire there. "It's because you're a horny cocksucker who needs to stop asking questions and get your mouth on my dick like you were told." To add emphasis, he tapped the head of his cock against my lips as he spoke.

It wasn't exactly an answer to my question, but it was a very fair assessment of my normal 'horny cocksucker' status when it came to blowing either of my two guys, so I wasn't going to complain. Instead, I licked the tasty juice from the tip of his glans, gave it a loving kiss, and opened my mouth like a hungry baby bird to let Eric feed me the first third of his long, thick boner. His dick was warm and delicious as it slid past my lips and over my tongue, and I didn't waste a second before beginning to nurse on it ravenously. "Mmmm," the Big Guy crooned as I sucked his amazing cock, "that's a good boy, Will. You love having my dick in your mouth, don't you?"

"Um-humm," I mumbled enthusiastically around the scrumptious meat stuffing my face-hole. There was no way that I was going to stop blowing him in order to answer his question directly when just showing him was more fun for both of us. I looked up into his eyes so that he could see just how very much I loved it before slowly swallowing a few more inches of his rigid prick, rolling my tongue greedily along its underside as I sucked on it passionately. In general, I was a pretty cheerful and upbeat guy, but I was rarely happier than when I had Mark or Eric's cock in my mouth. They both knew this and, fortunately for me, were always more than willing to provide me with as much dick as I wanted to suck...purely for the purpose of making me as happy as possible, of course.

Eric was still holding his hard-on at the base and my lips were bumping into the top of his fist every time I gobbled it's exposed length. He was already poking the back of my throat with each downward bob of my head but, knowing how much we both enjoyed it when he packed my mouth to capacity, I wanted to swallow his entire fat prick. So, I brushed his hand away with my own, took a deep breath, and slowly worked my mouth down his eight plus inches of stiff pecker until my nose was buried in his thick, sweat dampened pubic hair.

"Ahhh...fuck yeah, Will," he groaned as the end of his dick crested my tongue and delved into my throat, "eat my goddamn cock, man." The Big Guy put his now free hand on the back of my head and pushed it more firmly against his pelvis. "I wanna feel the head scrape your fucking tonsils, Cocksucker."

After a few moments, I tapped his thigh--a signal we had recently begun to use when I was deep-throating him to let him know that I needed to come up for air--and Eric immediately eased the pressure of his strong hand so that I could let his boner slide from my mouth and catch a breath. I hungrily licked and kissed his cock from root to tip for a few seconds, then swallowed him whole once more. Four more times we repeated that process, with me slurping down his meat to its hilt, pausing for a moment or two, and then letting it gradually slide from my lips in order for me to give it the same thorough tongue-bathing that I'd given to his balls earlier.

During one such interval of ardent pecker-licking, the pecker's owner, his voice husky with the pleasure I was giving him, demanded, "Tell me what you are, Coyote Boy."

I ran my tongue slowly up the length of his boner, tracing the prominent vein that graced its dorsal side, and looked up at him with adoration. "I'm a cocksucker, Eric."

"And you like having my dick in your mouth?"

"I love having your dick in my mouth," I agreed fervently and with the utmost sincerity.

With a warm chuckle, he gently pushed my face toward the glans end of his gorgeous, tasty erection and said, "Then do it. Suck it like you mean it. I wanna shoot my load in your mouth and watch you swallow it."

There wasn't a single aspect of my Lance's demand that I didn't find incredibly appealing, so I complied without hesitation, wrapping my lips around his thick boner and proceeding to give it the best, most loving, blowjob that I could provide. Though I could take Eric's long dick all the way down my throat easily when we went slowly, it was still a massive choking hazard when I was giving him a more vigorous blowjob like the one I was giving him now. To avoid that, I took the base of his shaft in my right fist so I could lavish The Be@st with the attention it deserved without fear of gagging. I slurped on his hard-on noisily as I suckled on it, breathing through my nose as my head bobbed up and down and my tongue caressed as much of his pecker as it was able to with so much meat packing my mouth. Soft, almost growling sounds of pure enjoyment escaped from deep in my throat as Eric's scrumptious cock slid in and out of my grasping lips.

"Ahhh...Jesus, that feels so fucking good," Eric moaned. "Suck my dick, you little cum whore. You cock sucking slut."

Hearing either of my two guys talk to me like that while I was servicing them, with my mouth or asshole, always made me as horny as hell, and this time was no exception. My dick, hard and leaking pre-cum since the moment I'd knelt at Eric's feet, throbbed inside the cramped confines of my pants with every affectionate 'insult' the Big Guy laid on me and contributed even more of my ball-juice to the sodden front of my underwear. I tightened my grip on his shaft, squeezing lightly to let him know how excited he was making me, and 'mmmm'ed earnestly around my mouthful of the rest of him to be sure that he understood that I wanted to hear more.

"Ha! You like that, don't you, you little bitch?" Eric snickered sexily from above me, enjoying himself as much as I was. "On your knees with my cock in your whore mouth where it belongs? Look at me when you're sucking my dick, Coyote Boy," he ordered. "I want to see how much you love blowing me."

Obediently, I rolled my eyes up to meet his. The heat of intense lust I saw in his smoldering, blue-eyed gaze made me moan with delight, sent a shiver of joy through my body, and the look of worshipful passion I gave him in return caused him to grin down at me lecherously. He began to pump his hips at my face, urging me to suck him faster, and placed a firm hand on the back of my bobbing head to hold it in place as he face-fucked me. His balls tapped my chin with each thrust of his pelvis, swinging in time to the rhythm we'd set between us. I reached around his hip to grasp his lucious ass, encouraging him to keep feeding me his awesome dick.

"That's right, cocksucker," he gasped, "show me how much...ohhhh...you like that dick. Show me...mmm...how bad you want my...ahhhh....load in your fucking mouth."

And, show him I did, spending the next ten minutes paying devoted, oral worship to my favorite part of his body. I cherished the taste of Eric's cum, and I totally loved every second of the delightful effort I had to invest into convincing his nuts to give it up for me. As I used my lips, mouth and tongue to zealously milk his succulent boner, he moaned and quietly growled his great appreciation of my work.

Soon, Eric's legs were trembling slightly, and his grip tightened on my hair. I knew from much experience at sucking his dick that that load, hot and creamy and delicious, was going to be pumping across my tongue any minute now. I was eager to receive it; my tasty reward for a blowjob earnestly and lovingly given. "Uhhh...Christ!" my mate groaned, "You do that....mmmm...so fucking good, Will. I...ahhh...love how you...ohhh...suck my damn cock."

With that, and a final, drawn-out moan of pleasure from deep in his chest, Eric shoved his pelvis forward, jamming my nose against my own fist as he pulled my head toward his pubis, and climaxed. I felt his fat cock throb and thicken within the grip of my lips as he sprayed pulse after pulse of his flavorful cum over the back of my tongue and the top of my throat. He held me firmly in place as he came, and I savored and swallowed every drop of his abundant load of spunk as it shot into my jizz-hungry mouth. After his powerful orgasm subsided, the Big Guy happily leaned back and allowed me to greedily suck his diminishing erection clean of all traces of his cum. He stroked my hair fondly and murmured soft words of affection until I finished that delightful task.

When Eric's penis had resumed its flaccid state, I let it slip from my mouth, gave its head a lingering kiss, and then, licking my lips, looked up at him with a huge grin on my face. "Not bad work for a little cock sucking slut, huh, Lancelot?" I teased cockily.

"Not bad at all, Will," he laughed and dropped to his knees to join my on the floor, "not bad at all." Eric put his arms around me and pulled me against his chest for a strong embrace. When I hugged him back, he turned his face to mine and gave me a deep, probing kiss; an extra, amazing reward for having blown him so lovingly and well. Because I really enjoyed the feel of his skin under my fingers, I took the opportunity to run my hands over the hard muscles of his pecs and back while we passionately sucked face. After a moment or two, he drew his head back and grinned his charming half-grin. "I'm really starting to like the way my cum tastes on your tongue, Coyote Boy."

"Welcome to the club," I said before stealing another quick kiss from him. "In case you haven't noticed, I've been crazy for the stuff since the first time you shot my mouth full of it."

My comment, which was nothing short of the absolute truth, earned me a third kiss. Afterward, as I leaned against him, chest to chest, and fondly caressed the cheeks of his butt, Eric addressed his little br0ther over my shoulder. "Your boyfriend," he said, "gives fantastic head."

"You're not telling me anything I didn't already know," the Goblin, who had remained uncharacteristically quiet as he watched me gobbling his older sibling's massive cock, chuckled. "And, with all the practice Will puts into sucking dick, he just keeps getting better at it." Mark came to sit beside us where we knelt, still loosely embracing each other, and put a hand on his sibling's shoulder and the other on mine. With a wide smile on his face, he leaned in and kissed me." Isn't that right, Coyote Boy?"

"Like I always say, Goblin, a blowjob worth giving is a blowjob worth giving well."

Laughing, my boyfriend said, "I really like that motto, Buddy, but I don't think you want to put it on your family's coat of arms."

"In case anyone is taking notes, I want it to go on record that I am officially volunteering as on-call pecker donor any time Will needs a practice subject," Eric informed us, his sexy half-grin making me want to take him up on that offer right then and there.

I reached between his legs to wrap my fingers around his flaccid cock and gave it a playful tug. "You know I will definitely take you up on that offer, Lance, but be warned...I like to practice a lot, and I might wear The Be@st out."

Before the older boy could reply, we heard the faint creaking of the floor as someone moved around in the room above us, alerting us to the fact that one or both of the guys' parents were now awake. All three of us looked up at the ceiling and sighed in unison. Weekend 'playtime' was now officially over, and it was time to return to our 'normal' lives.

Eric glanced at the clock on the game room's wall and said, "Shit, guys. I h@te to cum and run, but I've gotta grab a quick shower and some breakfast or I'll be late for work. Sorry." He got to his feet, picked up his discarded sweatpants, and began to put them on.

"Not a problem, Dude," I said. "I promised my Dad that I'd help him around the house with chores this afternoon, so I have to get going, too." As the Big Guy retrieved his towel from where he'd tossed it onto the pool table, I saw that his jockstrap was still lying, crumpled and forgotten, on the floor. I picked it up, intending to hand it to him, but was unable to resist the urge to bury my nose in its pouch and inhale deeply. His personal scent permeated the knit fabric, and the heady aroma made my dick, which had been comfortably relaxing in my pants while the three of us talked, begin to rise to attention once again. At the sound of warm chuckling from both of my adored companions, I looked up and asked, "What?"

Mark, obviously amused by my behavior, shook his head. "You realize that you're a little bit twisted, don't you, Coyote boy?"

I shrugged and replied, "You like me a little bit twisted, Mark. And, I clearly said, not more than forty-five minutes ago that I really liked the way Eric smells." Shooting my boyfriend a lecherous smile, I added, "Which reminds me--you really need to start wearing a jock. I promise to make it worth your while." I waggled my eyebrows at him for emphasis, then turned my attention to Eric so I could, reluctantly, return the jockstrap to its rightful owner.

Flashing me a lusty grin of his own, the older boy waved the athletic supporter away. "Keep it," he told me. "I've got extras."

"Really?" The randy pleasure in my voice was impossible to hide.

"Sure. Bring it with you the next time you stay overnight, and I'll trade you for a...um...fresh one after my run...if you want."

"You know, Bro," Mark teased his sibling, "Most guys would give the person who regularly sucks their dick a box of chocolate or flowers."

"Fuck flowers," I said before giving Eric's gift another quick sniff, "they could never give me a boner like this does." While crossing the room to tuck my fantastic present into my backpack, I gave the Goblin a lascivious look over my shoulder. "Seriously, Babe, you need to put buying a jockstrap at the top of your shopping list. I love the way you smell, too."

"I will make that a priority, you horny bastard," my love informed me. Seeing that his br0ther, who was quietly chuckling at our verbal exchange, was about to leave the room, Mark called him to a halt by asking, "Hey, Eric, what was your second question?"

The Big Guy stopped in his tracks, turned to face the Goblin, and cocked his head in an inquiring fashion. "My second question?"

"Yeah," I said, understanding what Mark was talking about. "After we told you about our being boyfriends, you said you had a couple of questions."

My partner in banter took over at that point. "That's right. The first one was about how you fit now that he and I are a thing. I told you, then Coyote Boy showed you.”

"Because showing was way more fun than just telling," was my next contribution. It was off-topic but, nonetheless, very true.

Reclaiming the verbal ball, the Goblin concluded, "That was one question. A couple means two. So what was the other one?"

"Wait," Eric raised a finger to pause the conversation. He pointed at me and looked at his sibling. "Did he just call you 'Babe'?"

"Uh-huh," Mark gave a 'what are ya gonna do?' shrug. "Boyfriend."

"It was either that, or Sweetie-Pie," I further explained. "I convinced him to settle for the lesser of two evils."

"I suggested Honey-Bunny, but you threatened to 'Old Yeller' me if I ever called you that."

"Dude," I explained my reasoning, "honey is bee vomit, and bunnies are high-strung, wimpy bags of fur." I looked to Eric for support on this. "Tell me, please, how calling your boyfriend a jittery pile of fuzzy insect puke is, in any way, a statement of affection."

The Goblin was grinning ear to ear by now. "A lot of people like bee vomit, Coyote Boy. It's an all natural sweetener and has many medicinal uses."

"Guys, Guys!" our older playmate held up both hands to stop his br0ther and me from continuing. He knew from long experience that, once the two of us got going with a verbal exchange like this one, we weren't likely to stop of our own accord any time soon. Off the cuff banter was, after all, one of our favorite ways to pass the time. "I know that you're having a hell of a lot of fun," he said when we had stopped talking and given him our undivided attention, "but I really have to get going, so just listen for a minute.

"I did have two questions. You've already answered the most important one," he looked at me with a randy expression and nodded, just once, in gratitude for the way I had chosen to answer that particular question, "better than I had hoped. The second question will take too long for us to get into right now, so we're just going to have to wait."

Patience was definitely not high on his younger sibling's list of most prominent personality traits. "But, Eric, you can't just leave us hanging," the Goblin complained.

"Shush," my Lancelot cut him off with the same type of scowl that put-upon elder br0thers have used when dealing with their annoying younger siblings since the dawn of time. "So here's what we are going to do. I don't have to work this Tuesday after school. You two will come straight over here when you get off of the bus. I will be waiting for you." Grinning conspiratorially at Mark, he continued, "You and I will then take turns fucking Will," he glanced my way and his grin turned sexily predatory, "which we will all totally enjoy. And then, we can discuss my other question. Does that work for everyone?"

My boyfriend and I looked at each other silently for a moment, pretending that we actually had to consider his br0ther's excellent proposal. When we turned back to face the older boy, Mark, wicked grin in place, raised his hand like a school k1d seeking permission to speak. At Eric's nod of consent he asked, "Will there be more Coyote Boy fucking after the discussion?"


"Then my partner and I are definitely cool with your plan, Bro."

With that settled, Eric left us to get his shower, and Mark and I headed upstairs so that he could have breakfast and I could thank his parents for their hospitality and say my good-byes.

As promised, I spent most of the afternoon helping my Dad with chores around the house. We truly liked spending time in each other's company, so the work was fun and the day passed quickly. In the evening, after family dinner, the Goblin came over and he and I spent a couple of hours hanging out in my room working on an adventure that the two of us were planning to run for our Dungeons and Dragons group.

Later that night, when every one had gone to bed and I was alone in my room, I dug Eric's jockstrap out of my backpack. Wearing it over my nose and mouth like a surgical mask, I inhaled the delicious, musky scent of my much adored older lover's cock and balls and, replaying in my mind the memory of that morning's fantastic blowjob and imagining how awesome our after school gathering on Tuesday was going to be, I beat-off like a deranged monkey. The orgasm was amazing...

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