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By wankme [Ignore] at 29,Dec,17 16:57   Pageviews: 86

By the time of our third encounter, Lee's curiosity and excitement had grown to the point where he was ready to give sucking my dick a try. It was while I was sitting on an ottoman between his spread legs as he stood and leaned back against his living room wall, his swollen and oozing penis in my mouth, when he breathlessly told me he wanted to suck me off. Apparently, the excitement and anticipation of sucking his first dick was all it took to cause his climax, because very quickly his legs began to shake so hard I thought my might fall. He gave a deep growl, and his hips bucked, thrusting his dick deeper into my mouth. I'd already learned that it was most erotic for me to concentrate on sucking his dick head and letting the rim of it glide across my lips as I took him deeper and then pulled back until just the tip and slit of it was in my mouth as he was cumming. Lee did not disappoint me. I felt 5 or 6 strong cum spurts filling my mouth and coating his penis as I sucked. Once sure he was drained I swallowed my reward and sucked his dick clean.

Lee was eager for his first cock sucking lesson, so he sat on the edge of his sofa and had me stand in front of him, just as I had done him the first time. He stroked my dick, and when a stream of precum ran out he quickly ran my knob back and forth between his lips, then put the tip of my dick between his lips and sucked the head into his mouth. His tongue and lips explored my dick head, then he experimented with going down the shaft deeper. He was fondling my balls as he sucked me. He took my dick out his mouth several times to catch his breath and to ask if I liked what he was doing. I assured him he was doing fine. He let me know that he hoped to give me a good, long sucking since he was enjoying the experience, but that it was okay to go ahead to cum if I had to. I lasted maybe another 15 minutes, then told Lee I had to cum. Lee closed his eyes and sped up his sucking, jumping as my first cum spurt shot into his mouth. He apparently found the experience to be sensory overload because as I was cumming, Lee's cum began to spurt onto my leg! He sucked my knob hard as I fed him his first warm, creamy cum load and I felt him swallowing it as my dick delivered several more spurts and gushes into his mouth. He kept my dick in his mouth, eyes closed, for a couple of minutes before letting it slip out of his mouth.

He quickly asked if he had done okay and I assured him emphatically that he had done great! He was relieved and he was eager to give his impressions about sucking me off was like to him. Kind of like my first impressions when giving him head, he said my dick felt really big at first, and that even though I'd let him know when I was going to cum, he was still startled at how strong my cum spurts were and how much I came. He said that he was sucking so hard that he didn't really taste my cum at first, but enjoyed gently sucking my cock head afterwards because he was able to get a bit more sperm and liked it. When he assured me he would get better with practice I knew he really had enjoyed himself. Over the next few years we both got lots of pleasureable practice

Being next door neighbors, separated by just a wall, was the absolute ideal situation. Even though we both were total novices at this, and around 40 years apart age-wise, we had the advantage of close proximity, so for either of us to initiate something on the fly took just a few coded taps on our adjoining living room walls. Lee had learned, to his surprise and pleasure, that he enjoyed sucking me off as much as I did him. We started going to the adult bookstore fairly frequently and would give each other head. By the time we got back to our apartments, got undressed, and pored through whatever magazines we'd bought, we'd be ready to go at it again. On occasion I would have him drive slowly through the neighborhood near the bookstore and pull out his dick and suck him off as he drove. The first time we tried frotting, I shot off a load on his hard dick, which got him so hot he almost immediately creamed mine with his cum! I quickly sat down and pulled him closer and proceeded to gently suck him dry. He didn't even soften, so after he'd given my dick some more sucking and licked his cum off I was eager to suck him off again. What we'd already done we both agreed was hot as fuck so we were both crazy horny still. As I was sucking him, there was a new idea percolating in my head; so when Lee began to show signs that he would cum soon, I sprang the idea on him. I told him there was something different I wanted to try. When he asked what it was, I told him I wanted him to jack-off in my mouth! I didn't have to ask him twice. He stood with his dick only inches from my mouth as he furiously pumped it, and then as he got closer to his climax I could see he was postponing it to the very last moment. He leaned closer until his cockhead brushed my tongue and unleashed a torrent of cum. He was always a pretty heavy cummer, but he outdid himself this time! Lee's cum spurted across my tongue and lips, and I felt some spray my chest. It is one of the biggest and most memorable cums I've ever gotten! I swallowed my reward, then pulled his hand off his cum coated dick and sucked it down as deeply as I could, sucking hard as I pulled back until just the tip of his dick was still in my mouth until I had milked his dick dry. We agreed it was the hottest thing we'd done yet, and we added it to our bag of tricks and it quickly became one our favorites

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By xtc1 [Ignore] at 02,Jan,18 14:47
I sure would not mind having your cock for my fist time

By littlemike58 [Ignore] at 30,Dec,17 05:37
great to have a good friend to share fun times

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good hot read, luv’d it

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