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Big dick in charge

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By mrseveninches [Ignore] at 31,Dec,17 15:23   Pageviews: 48

My partner has a big thick 8 inch cock. My dick is shorter than his and not as thick. Overall he has a superior dick. That's why his big cock is in charge of my dick. Anybody else like their dicks being under the control of guys with bigger cocks than their own?

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By tridian09 [Ignore] at 01,Jan,18 04:54
I actually have a thing for being in charge when the other guy has the bigger dick. He's got all that dick and mine is the one doing the work.

By AAA-Dick [Ignore] at 31,Dec,17 20:26
I'd love to be the "big ****" to a small handsome cock.

By LittleWeewee [Ignore] at 31,Dec,17 16:39
For sure!

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