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How I became an anal whore (story)

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By horatio [Ignore] at 01,Jan,18 18:23   Pageviews: 75

I've had a few cocks. In my mouth, that is, and in my hands and on my mind, ofcourse, but not in my ass.... I've trained my ass to be able to have them in my tight, cock-craving cunt, when the occasion comes, but never had that joy.. I sort of got fucked once, but however my friend told me he was 'in', I never felt to be fucked properly, I think his cock softened too early..

To be honest: I was an (anal) virgin. I was horny, but shy. And married, which didn't help. I wanted to be brave, selfconscient and outgoing, but I was not. I craved to be that self confident male (slut) that takes what he wants, or is taken if and whenever he wants... but I'm not. Was not.

This story is about my transformation of an anal virgin without much sexual self-esteem, to an outgoing experienced (anal) slut, a willing gangbang-fuckhole, a cum-dump and eventually a professional whore, who knows how get banged, to receive large quantaties of cock and cum, how to please men and eventually: how to make a fuck-buck.

Since I decided to change my attitude, I puzzled how to. I did not dare to go to a bar or to dig Grinder. Too shy, afraid for things like Hiv, and for guys who like to beat gays up...

I've got some gay friends, but they are even more monogamous than most heterosexuals, so I didn't expect them to introduce me to the world of anal-bottom sex.. No reason to expect them to help me to fullfill my filthy needs.. That is, by themselves, but they might know how and where to pull some strings..

I managed a gay colleague to invite me over with him and his friend for dinner. Left my car home to be able to drink, although it might have been wiser to go by car and drink too much to find out and decide that it was wiser to stay for the night and get laid. That didn't happen, though..

But somehow I convinced them to set me up with some of their more promiscuous friends. They understood that I am not thát straight and perfectly understood my wish to get pounded..

So I got introduced, and once I entered that circle of guys, my virgin days would soon be over, I guessed.

They set me up in a whatsapp-group of promiscous male gay-friends and left the rest to me. I chatted, got interested in several guys, went in one-on-one chats, exchanched some pics (they all liked my veiny cock, and tight puss by the way). Each guy was hung different: thick ones, long ones, curved cocks, white, brown, cut, uncut, more and less attractive cocks. I was especially attracted by the cock of a guy named John.. it was huge! Twice as long as mine, 1,5 times as thick. Two-toned and with an enormous sharp-edged head. A real horsecock... with a matching pair of big delicious cum-factory balls. The thing was definitely too big for me, but man! that thing was tantalizing... John however did not think he was too big.. I might be a bit tight in the beginning, he said, but I'd get over that...

I did not get laid by John. Not immediately, that is... Somehow, during our chats, the idea of a gang-bang introduction to anal bareback sex, came up. I got extremely aroused by the idea, and we decided to check it with the bigger Whatsapp-group. Most of it's members where very enthusiastic about the concept.

They all confirmed to be free of diseases and all fancied the idea of an oldfashioned night with lots of different men, cocks, balls, saliva, male-cunts and loads and loads of thick tasty semen.

And they all fancied the idea of a real virgin to ****... because I fancied and mentioned the idea of being raped by a gang of guys. One after another, with cum oozing out of all my holes, and getting refill after refill. The idea of being raped and bred like a bitch made me almost dizzy of hornyness, but these guys fancied the idea of raping my virgin boicunt and breeding me like a bitch even more..

So 12 guys met me at my place while my wife was for business in Asia. They didn't have sex for a few days or longer and where horny as hell. A few details had stil to be decided yet: was I going to be fucked doggie-style, or on my back with my legs up high next to my head.

I fancy the idea of the doggie-style: it's the bitchiest position I can think of. Ass up, head down, presenting my cunt obediently to whichever man or creature that cares to dominate me...

We nevertheless decided to start me on my back, so I would be able to see who was going to (ab)use my little asscunt. This position had an extra advantage, we discovered later, because if I arched my head far back, the guys were able to fuck my face, and eventually: my throat..

So, having decided that, the guys pulled some straws to figure out who was going to be the first, and who was going to dive in a pool of semen, whilst I took three anal showers to get completely clean, and ready to receive their cocks and their cum..

When I re-entered my bedroom, all guys where stripped naked, some wanking to stay hard. I got a bit feared, almost panicked, wondering whether it was really the smartest thing to undergo this gangrape, and I was puzzling whether it was possible to back-out...

But since it was a analrape-party there was no backing out, they were all going to go back-in via my back-entrance. So they grabbed me, simply forced me on my back on my bed, bent my upper-legs up next to my torso, and held me down. That did hurt quite a bit, but that was just temporarily...

So they held me down, made fun of the scared virgin in me, told me what a little whore I was and what they where going to do, when a chubby guy with a short thick cock started to lube me up. He tickled my balls and put one, two, three fingers in to see whether there was any chanche to get in. I relaxed, tried to give way, and whispered 'fuck me, do me, abuse me'. Which he did. He used some **** to get the head in, and then slided in quite easily, since his dick was rather short; like five inches. He fucked me fiercily and grunned when he shot his semen into my willing bowels and called me a slut. Which was true.. One down.

I was no virgin anymore; I got properly fucked by his thick hard log, and felt his semen spurt in my boicunt. The second guy was a handsome paleskinned redhead with a long curved cock that somehow had its maximum girth at one third of its length. He grinned, called me a 'little whore', lubed himself up and rammed his cock in. Since he had less girth than mr Chubby, his first half slid in easily. Halfway, he found out to be stopped, pulled partly out to go once more. The curves in my bowels had to re-set to accustom to their new purpose, but once adjusted to it, I managed to have his cock easily... the thicker part of his long cock stimulated my prostate, so I had my first sissygasm even before he shot his load. I felt his big warm load deep inside. It was a two-week quantity; thick, nutritious, and testosterone-loaded.. My cum leaked from my belly, their cums started to leak from my now well lubricated puss. It leaked down my back, and it felt good to be filled with cum... two.

So I was no virgin anymore, and had my first hands-free orgasm... Ten to go.. The next guys fit in perfectly and brought me in some sort of trance. The same that I sometimes have when watching an overload of sissyfication-porn, but far more intense.. I came three times more, was soaked in sweat, cum, precum, my own juices and theirs.. after the fourth guy withdrew, a gush of cum came out that was licked-up and swallowed by the redhead. He even tongued my ass in search for more... when he was pushed aside, he gulped up as much as possible, got up to my face, french-kissed me and so shared the juices of five guys, including my own... four down. Ten to go and already cum-covered; my body, belly, back, thighs, face, chin covered and shiny. I even had it up my nose, so with every breath, I smelled the love of these men..

It was John who pushed the redhead aside. Claiming his right. His right to fuck my not-so-tight-anymore-ass. Not so tight for most guys, for most sluts, for most cocks. But this horsecock, in shape as well in size, was Big! I saw it pointing at me and I blushed; I felt like a virgin again, felt in love with that Monster and wondered how I....

But there was no time to wonder, to practice or to accommodate myself.. There it was, it's thick head rammed on the doors of my asscunt. Ramming down the doors of my sacred love temple.. Down came the doors, in came this Ram. Man..that hurt.. that hurt so good. I dreamt of this moment so often, and it was better than imaginable.. John grunned "he raped me for my own good". And it felt good. Even better than that.. It hurt like hell, and it brought pleasure of the kind that sends us to hell.. The burning sensation of a too-big cock taking what is rightfully its. I accommodated seven inches, eight, nine, but it still wasn't in completely. There was something like two inches to go, and I felt how his cock got stuck in a curve of my bowels.. and how much he tried, and rammed (which hurt, hurt so damn good, but made me fear for internal damages), he didn't get any deeper. John said "let go of her, and put that bitch on her knees, so I can mount her". I was released from their grip, put on my knees, ass up, my head forced down, shoulders on the bed, and John mounted me. He re-entered. This felt soo good! I came twice before he even was as deep as before. I felt his cock in my stomach and felt my tummy bulge as his enormous cock moved in and out. But still, these last two inches where not conquered yet. As John put his hands on my hips to get a firmer grip, I put my hand on my belly and felt his big dick inside. I could almost grab the thing, and John made clear that he understood what I was doing..."Yeah, direct it, baby..". I tried to manipulate its direction to release his cock from the curve in my bowel in which it got stuck.. And the two of us had succes.. with his next thrust, I felt the curve slide, and Johns enormous cock slid in balls-deep. I was stretched even further. The burning sensation of being ripped apart by that stallion was incredible... I felt his big balls colliding with mine, felt his hips against my back, knew he couldn't get any deeper and almost fainted from pleasure and joy. No need to say that I orgasmed again. It was so intense.. it shivered throughout my whole body, shivering down my spine, spasmed my back, my bowels, my everything, and whilst doing so, I caused John to ejaculate. I felt his big warm tsunami filling my intestines. Filling my womb, filling my mind, fulfilling my destiny... The sheer feeling made me tingle and curve and wringle, it gave me more uncontrolable spasms and made me lose consciousness for a few seconds... I pissed myself as a result but eventually regained my senses when John shot another load (his third, he told me later), lost his girth and slowly withdrew..... five.

They turned me back on my back, in a pool of cum, folded my legs up, and had their way. I loved it. They all penetrated me, ate my ass, tongued and licked out the sperm that was oozing out, and thought of a new game; When they put me back on the bed, my head was over the edge. One of the guys bent my head down opening a straight route to my oesophagus and put his wet, cumdripping cock in my mouth. He pushed against my throat, ignored the gag, and forced his cock deep in my oesophagus. I gagged ofcourse, but felt the thing entering me deeper with every thrust.. He fucked my throat whether I liked it, or cooperated or not!! The absolute submission! Meanwhile, number eight or nine was plowing and fertilizing my ass, so I was fucked in every opening I had. Having seen that, everyone wanted to fuck me his way too. I was fucked in every opening, there where countless orgasms, loads of sperm, spit, juices everywhere; it was leaking out of my nostrils, it was in my hair, my eyes, even in my ears. It was everywhere; in my mind, in the present, it erased my past, it was my future... It was sex sex sex, sense, smell, sound, sight, taste. It was hell and it was heaven...

When I woke up, everything but my soul hurt. I cleaned up, went to bed and slept for a day...

A few days later, our rapidly expanding whatsappgroup decided that it was worthwhile to get together again soon. I was happy to receive (!) and my suggestion to the guys to pay a € 100,- entrance fee was rapidly accepted. We meet twice a month now, with an evolving and growing group. John gets in for free. I also had him fuck my throat. All the way, with his balls covering my eyes... heaven..

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By 2pierced [Ignore] at 07,Jan,18 06:05
WOW, I wish I could participate in such a wonderful adventure, my ass, cock, and mouth are ready for use!
By horatio [Ignore] at 11,Jan,18 15:38
You are very welcome!!

By dave55 [Ignore] at 05,Jan,18 23:20
great blog xx
By horatio [Ignore] at 06,Jan,18 04:26

By tb1 [Ignore] at 03,Jan,18 00:15
Very good read, I enjoyed it
By horatio [Ignore] at 03,Jan,18 13:16
Thanks mate! I get very horny again, re reading it...
By tb1 [Ignore] at 04,Jan,18 00:01

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