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By mahak [Ignore] at 08,May,18 06:28   Pageviews: 98

I am 36 male , well built and with strong large dick . I work as white collared executive in Mumbai . I daily travel from DADAR RAILWAY STATION (MUMBAI) to KURLA ( MUMBAI ) by local train . During peak office hours .in first class compartment also you are hard pressed with each other and sometime my dick will feel some excitement after just a rub ,unintentional . I like that but since m a executive ..u know. Some days back I took a very crowded train from Dadar . Fresh I was . It was Monday so more than usual crowd . My hand bag was not able to come with me after my full pull inside the train . So I was concentrating on my bag. Suddenly I felt usual hand of stranger just passing through my deep asleep dick.... . Now I was able to bring the back inside the train and was kept in front ..just ahead of my dick ..pressed against . Surprisingly..the hand of stranger again came ..but this time remained close to my dick and thigh....for few seconds...long enough to know that this is intentional......I was surfing with great effort net on my mobile...... But crowd was so hard pusshing..that repeatedly my dick was touching the sranger's hand....Now it started ..awakening...To my utter surprise..his hand was over it...slightly pressing...I was very I should I react..Should I kick the men or keep it normal... My dick decided keep it normal..However it was very ack ward ..if someone guess whats I can allow this.. but that men was upto something. he started pressing it ...holding it with two 4 incher started gaining size....slowly it was 7. It ws very difficult to handle the mobile in my two bag hanging on my neck/shoulder support..and this men bent to pressing my dick very bulge was now too strong.....we were not in a position to see each other face..neither we were interested...that men was enjoying more than me .thats for to me my menhood was questioning me ...but still I was enjoying also..all this in 3 mins only...I was extremely surprised to see the daring of the men...that bastard gutsy men started unzipping my pants . I was helpless and thoughtless . One stranger was unzipping my pants in a crowded train and I was motionless . In seconds , he had done that. Now he he put his hands inside and trying to locate my cock.He loved the bulge I already had and thought this as a go ahead signal . Since there were little space , and the cock was now hard , he was finding it difficult to take out of underwear to feel the cock in his hand . But he was very experienced .. knowing that the station was coming fast ..he reached there and my cock was in his custody ...As a person I was very nervous ..but my cock was scared yet enjoying it . He took my dick it was out he gave me a glimpse...I was not able to react to his fast actions...he started to rub ..touch of strangers hand made the dick very sensitive..I felt I will cum...I remembered my first encounter with my wife...withing 5 mins I cumed 3 times without penetrating ...its different now I make her moan for 30 mins..Now he was trying hard to take the dick out of pants ! ..I was very nervous... owner of such a huge cock was nervous ...station was about to come .. ...I didnt get the meaning..but my dick immediately ejaculated full in his hands...that he never fast..more so since the cock was big enough to grab.full 8 jerks...I felt very sad truly..I was exposed..a weak men or what...all this..but now I took my dick into my control...put it back . I have to go to office..Luckily it was dark face saving..I dont know if similar thing has happened to anyone..pls share.

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By Blade [Ignore] at 14,May,18 00:28
Was on very crowded train just like that. people pushed in. my gf & I were on vacation, and made mistake of taking train out of city at rush hour.

GF pulled my dick out and jerked me off. No one could see, as you couldn't even look down to see your shoes it was so jam packed in there. when she pulled my dick out, I had to turn so my dick wasn't pressed against the people in front of me. I turned so my dick was in the gap between two guys standing in front of us with their backs to each other, making a slight V, with my dick in the middle of the V.

When I came my gf didn't cover my dick. she did that on purpose, as she knows I shoot huge loads. It was dark, but when the light flashed just right in from the windows, I could see I covered both guys lower backs.

I got my dick back in my pants after I stopped dripping cum, and we got off as quick as we could at the next station. I came so hard that time. It was so hot to just cum in public and not worry (at the time) where My cum went.
By mahak [Ignore] at 14,May,18 01:10
wish i had similar hot experience

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 10,May,18 07:01
Hot story!
It hasn't happened to me,but i am sure you are not the only one who has been so lucky!

By Jb11 [Ignore] at 08,May,18 17:36
Sadly no such luck

By JackHammer [Ignore] at 08,May,18 08:50
No, but I wish it would.

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