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By mahak [Ignore] at 08,May,18 06:32   Pageviews: 126

My friend was a simple men(24) and her **** (22). I was 23. Since a friends **** ..u dont consider for bad things I never thought it that way....But she was a bomb...5.3 inch..with beautiful curves...n nice shaped boobs...when she used to wear skirt...seeing her lower thighs ,by accident, used to kick my dick. BUT THATS ,IT i NEVER really meant anything bad . She used to stay 15 mtrs away from our house and whenever her mom visits our house she will drop in to chat with mom.Not me. For last 2-3 yrs we knew each other. It was going on like this.. I used to masturbate 2-3 times daily during those days. One day when she knew that my parents were out for the day ,she came to my residence...I was studying...She asked if she can sit..I was little surprised ..but thought her mom may be following her...but after 10 mins she said where is aunty..i informed she is out. She told me their parents are also out.It was yet only little surprising for me. No wild thoughts coming to my mind. She asked if she can see our family album . I took out and gave it to her. On a wrought iron bed I was sitting in bermuda and doing maths.. n she in t-shirt and long skirt was going through the album...i was disconnect and involved in my work..suddenly..she turned my side..hold my cheek with two hands and took my lips very strongly into hers and started kissing very very hard...10-15 secs passed in 2 secs...my lip had a cut now and she was rushing out of my room..I was dumb ..could not assess what is going on..it was my first touch of a girl....she was moving out very first out of ...dont know....I didnt know what to do.. I was thing what if somebody comes to our house...if somebody had seen us or her moving out of my house in broad dAY LIGHT....I decided to ask her to wait..i hold her hand ..took strong courage from me ..and closed the main gate...took her against a wall.and touched her breast from above...my god ..no description..she jerked me..."you are very bad" ..what are u doing " I said what u did..it was also not good.... . Girl was daring and knew to control men...i took my hands under her t-shirt n forcefully started holding her boobs..I never got that feeling again while touching a boobs...God Sure before that I had never touched a girls boobs....I was not sure I was doing that...but the girl was strong ,though very sexy and curvely built..not allowing me to take full control...I could only hold for some moments on boobs and she will **** it out of my grips...that was also adding to my joy....by the way I have forgotten to tell..my dick was rock ...i never got that stiffness again...it became steel for real....anyway u get your best erection in 20s...In the process of holding her boobs fully ...her inner got torn...she was little angry ..but for sure I could make out she was enjoying much more than me ...a smart girl....with strong urge which I could make out much later....when got married....Now I wanted her to hold my dick..which I was pressing very hard against her thighs...She was not willing ...No .No she was telling....but I was desperate...I took it out ..He bhagwan...she was amazed with teh size.. she told its very big....but she was not holding in her hands...I dont know why....I was **** her to hold it...for some seconds I was successful.....but not longer ..she threatened me...playfully ..still I was scared....I will sought louder.....I was really scared also..all neighbourhood aunties had very high regard for me...I was a very good student..but this girl was playing with a growing boy turning into men's temptation..... Now I was desperate to see her boobs...I forced her to lie down...and took out the torn inner in the side...I could glimpse her boobs...amazing I was about to cum after seeing that.... . But she get me up fast and started me kissing very roughly ...my lips started to bleed slightly..it was swollen....I was surprised with a girl 3 years younger than me ....... I told her - are you not scared. She said why..You dont have to guts . She was absolutely playing with my reputation . She knew I being a gentlemen and friend of her **** may not go all eh way to fuck her. But my cock was so large I dont think it reached that thickness again.....with this there was some noise and she said bye..you cant do....bye....I was shocked with what happened .....In the meanwhile I started masturbating hard...but to my surprise .Sperm was not coming out after vigorously..handling it for 3 mins ,,finally I had very very powerfull burst..which went surprisingly at the main door ..almost two meters ...but I cherished the moment ..though I was regreting that I should have made her nude....but she gave me more exciting opportunities..which I may share later....

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