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Just another old tale...

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By Klamb [Ignore] at 13,May,18 22:49   Pageviews: 36

I went to a Midwestern university in a very typical college town. A
splot of small town hell that only had the university to keep it alive. One
of the things I loved about it was the many bars and clubs that had live
music. I could see a band almost any night of the week: punk, reggae,
blues, jazz, folk, pop, whatever.

One club, Mother's Junction, always seemed to have the best bands. Most
weekends you could find me there. One night, while enjoying a show by a
particularly good rockabilly band, I was chatting with friends and I
noticed the back of what I thought was the hottest gal in the place. About
5'8", slender, with long, wild, dark brown hair, and skintight white pants
that showed off the hottest ass I had ever seen! It was shapely, small
hips, & nicely rounded. Being a typical 20 year old, red-blooded American
male, I was needless to say becoming quite aroused! I could feel my cock
straining against my tight Levis. I tried to think of something else to so
my obviously hard on would abate. Then I noticed...she had turned around
and to my surprise, she wasn't a girl at all!!! She was a guy who just
happened to look VERY feminine! Boy, I was embarrassed! I couldn't help
but notice him the rest of the night. That ass was just amazing! Being a
good looking guy, I'd had my share of women but few had an ass that could
rival this guy's. As the night went on, I couldn't help but think about how
that ass would look naked and I was actually thinking I'd like to fuck this
guy! "What the heck????? I'm straight!", I thought to myself.

After the club closed, I went to a party at a friend's house. A good
number of people from the club where there and, wouldn't you know it, that
guy with the amazing ass was there. I'd been drinking a bit and couldn't
help but check him out. I never really got the chance to talk with him but
I'd caught him checking me out a few times. Was he gay? I couldn't really
imagine a straight guy dressing like that but it was a college town and
there were lots of different types of people around.

As the party was wearing down, a friend and his girlfriend asked if I
wanted to go grab a bite at the Country Kitchen with them and her roommate.
I told them I was broke (typical college ****) but they said they'd buy me
breakfast. As the restaurant was a few miles from town, they even said I
could crash with them and they'd get me a lift back into town in the
morning. I hadn't even seen his girlfriend's roommate yet but figured what
the heck-worse case scenario, I'd have some pancakes and get to ****
someplace probably cleaner and more comfortable than my college dorm room,
so I agreed to go. My friend & I rode in his car and his girlfriend and her
roommate, who I still hadn't met, went in another car.

When we arrived at The Country Kitchen (mmmmm mmmmmmm, Home Cooking),
my friend and I went in and grabbed a booth and waited for his girlfriend
and her roommate. After a few minutes, they came friend's
girlfriend who I knew and wouldn't you know it...the guy with that amazing
My friend got up so his girlfriend could slide into the booth and her
roommate slid in on the other side of me. The booth was one of those
old-fashioned ones where the people on the ends always had to get up for
anyone else to slide in and take a seat. Well here I am, stuck in between
my friend's very cute girlfriend and the guy with the amazing ass. I could
smell both of their perfume mingling in the air around well as the
aroma of diner food, coffee and cigarettes. I was introduced to the
roommate but to this day I couldn't tell you his name. He looked at me with
the sweetest smile and 2 of the sexiest brown eyes I had ever seen. He had
full lips, just a trace of 5 o'clock shadow, perfectly white, straight
teeth and he was doe eyed. He the longest, thickest lashes I had ever seen
on a guy...not that I usually notice things like that. He shook my hand and
told me he'd heard so many nice things about me from my friends. His voice
was soft and effeminate. I was pretty sure he was gay at this point. I was
getting another hard on. I excused myself to use the restroom and he slid
out so I could get up. There was that ass again! This wasn't going to help
me lose my hard on...seeing that perfect ass that close. I went to the
restroom and adjusted myself in my briefs so that perhaps my hard on would
be a little less noticeable or at least a bit more comfortable. As I
approached the table I could hear him talking to his roommate and saying,
"Oh My God! He's sooooo hot!!!!!". My friend gave me the funniest look...
like he knew something really funny but wasn't allowed to tell me.

The roommate got up again so I could slide back into the booth (there
was that ass again!) and I sat down between him and my friend's girlfriend
again. The roommate told me he'd taken the liberty of ordering for me. "I
hope pancakes, bacon and home fries is OK", he asked. I told him that was
fine...a good, hearty kinda breakfast...just perfect for a growing lad like
myself. We laughed at that. If only he knew where I was growing then! My
friend and his girlfriend decided to go play some music on the jukebox
while we waited for our orders. Here I was, stuck with the very gay and
very HOT roommate. There was one of the long, awkward silences until he
started conversation, asking what my major was, where I was from...all the
usual small talk. He seemed very sweet and was easy to talk to but I just
kept getting lost in his eyes. I'd stare at his lips and imagine kissing
them. Whenever I'd try to stop myself, my mind would wander to thoughts of
his ass, looking so perfect in those tight, white pants. The smell of his
scent was intoxicating.

I thought I'd be a bit of a smart ass and find out if he really was
gay. I said to him, "Can I tell you something? When I saw you at the club,
I first saw you from behind and thought you were a girl". I laughed a
bit. He just gave me a sly grin. "A hot girl I hope!" he answered. I
blushed a bit. "" I answered. There was his little grin
again. He chuckled a bit and told me that he'd caught me staring at him
all night. "Maybe I should've ordered you some sausage instead" he said to
me, breaking into a somewhat girlish cackle. We were flirting! I was
flirting with a guy and he was flirting back! Now this was a first for me.

As the waitress brought our orders, my friend and his girlfriend came
back to the booth and sat down. "Well, you 2 seem to be getting along!" my
friend's girlfriend laughed. She looked at her roommate with an "I know
what you're up to" look. We all enjoyed our meals and chatted about the
show and the party and the usual sort of talk. Every now and then, the
roommate would rub his knee against me leg and give me a little look. As
simple as the gesture was, it made me even hornier. I'm sure I was red from
blushing. Every now and then, my friend's girlfriend would say something to
her roommate like, "Doesn't Mike (that's me by the way) have the prettiest
blue eyes" or "Don't you just love Mike's hair". The roommate would always
reply in the most positive tones and then he'd look at me and sigh a bit. I
found this weird but oddly exciting. The roommate was getting bolder now
and would occasionally rub or squeeze my thigh under the table. I'm sure I
blushed every time he did...but I never made a move to stop him. At one
point, he started to lightly run his fingertips along the outline of my
bulging erection. I didn't know how much more I could take! Every time he
made one of these little advances, he'd just look at me and smile a
bit. The look in his eyes said "I am going to have you before this night is
through". Little did he know, or maybe he did, he already had me! I wanted
him as much as I'd ever wanted any woman I'd ever been with.

We finished our meals and my friend paid the bill. We sat and finished
our coffee and cigarettes and decided as it was late, almost 4:30am, we'd
better get going home. My friend and his girlfriend had apartments in the
same building. We stopped by his girlfriend and her roommate's place first
to have a drink. My friend said he'd go up to his place and change and
would meet us back there in a few minutes. His girlfriend and her roommate
went into the kitchen to get some drinks for us all. I asked if they needed
a hand but I was told to just make myself comfortable, so I just plopped
myself onto the couch. The roommate came out and put on the stereo...
Bauhaus I think was what he put on. I could hear him and his roommate
talking in the kitchen, occasionally looking out at me and giggling like
schoolgirls. My friend's girlfriend came out and asked if I'd mind if she
just went to her boyfriend's apartment to spend the night and if it was OK
if I stayed here with her roommate. "He'll take good care of you' she said
to me with a smile and a wink. He's the one who'll be taking you home later
too, if that's OK. I guess I was in no position to argue...nor did I want
to argue! I was looking forward to being "taken care of" by her roommate!

Alone at last. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous...and it must
have shown. The roommate came out and sat next to me on the couch. He'd
brought a couple beers with him. "Are you OK", he asked. I fidgeted a bit
and said, "Yeah...just not really used to being alone with a guy like
this". He laughed a bit. "What? You've never been in a room with another
guy before?"

"Well, you're gay aren't you?" I asked. He laughed and said, "Yeah, so?
I won't do anything you don't want to do. I really don't feel like having
you freak out on me or anything. If you want to just hang out, we can...or
we can do whatever you want...but you did seem to enjoy me touching you
back at the least I know HE did!" He smiled and placed his
hand on the still erect bulge in my Levis. All I could do was moan. "Now
tell me again how much you like my ass in these jeans" he said with a wink
as he stood up and showed his ass to me. "Its one of my best features...and
I think you'll really enjoy it if it you give it a try" he said in a
slightly mocking tone. I couldn't help but reach out and put my hand on his
ass. This all felt taboo but it felt so good! My cock was ready
to explode.

"Why don't you let me help you to relax" he asked. He turned around but
my hand seemed to stay right where it thing I knew my hand was
on the hard bulge in his pants. I could feel the heat from his hard dick
through his tight, white pants. I'm no expert but it looked & felt like he
had a big one. He giggled a bit and told me, "I think you'll like THAT
too...if you give it a try. Its also one of my best features" He smiled and
took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. "You need to relax a
bit...why don't we get that shirt off of you and I'll give you a shoulder
rub" he said while unbuttoning my shirt. I was mesmerized. At that moment,
he could've talked me into anything. I was pretty muscular from having done
roofing and construction during breaks from school and from playing rugby.
He let out a "Wooooooo, look at you!" as he took off my shirt. "Is the rest
this good?" he asked with a lascivious grin on his face.

He had me sit on the edge of his bed while he knelt behind me on the
bed and started to massage my neck and shoulders. I'll admit, I'm a sucker
for this. A good massage and you can get me to do almost anything. I think
I was moaning and groaning and sighing a bit...I can't say for sure. I do
know this; I was in heaven. His hands were strong but not exactly manly. In
fact, his palms & fingers felt soft against my skin. He started to massage
down my arms and he brought his face close to my ear and whispered, "Does
this feel good?" I could feel his breath on my ear...warm & sweet. "You
have such a nice body", he said as he started to kiss my ear. This sent
tingles through my entire body. I felt his hand reach around and squeeze
one of my nipples as he started to kiss my neck. All I could do was moan.
"Why don't we take these pants off of you" he said as he laid me down on
the bed. He removed my shoes then undid the button on my jeans and slowly
unzipped them. "Nice" he trailed off as he slowly rubbed my crotch before
sliding my jeans off. My fully erect 6.5" cock was now sticking up past the
top of my briefs and was resting against my belly button. I reached down to
touch myself and found the tip of my dick wet with pre-cum. He stood at the
foot of the bed, his shirt unbuttoned all the way, giving me the sexiest
look I'd ever seen and said, "If you're not OK with this, I'll stop...but I
don't want to...and I don't think you want me to either. I just smiled and
nodded that I was OK as he took off his shirt. His body was almost
feminine. He had no body hair that I could see, except the patches under
his arms.

He slowly played with one of his nipples as he rubbed crotch with the
other hand. I could see he had quite an impressive bulge. "Do you want to
finally see my ass? You've been staring at it all night" he asked with a
smile. He turned and slowly pulled his pants down, revealing the sweetest,
smoothest bubble of a butt I had ever seen. I got up to touch it and
lightly he put a finger on my chest, pushing me back saying, "Shhhhhhh No
baby, not yet".

"I want to kiss you" he said in the softest voice. He said this as if
he never got to kiss anyone, which I found hard to believe. I lay back on
the bed and took him in my arms, awaiting the warm touch of his full lips
to mine. The kiss was like fire through my body, igniting passions I'd
never felt before. As we kissed and our tongues met, my hands explored his
body. I felt the muscles of his back and worked my way down to his ass --
that sweet, perfect ass. He kissed his way down to my chest, licking,
kissing and nibbling both of my hard, pencil eraser sized nipples. He
slowly kissed my belly, occasionally flicking it with his tongue. I felt as
though I was being worshipped. His face was now between my legs and he took
my erect cock in his ends, every so lightly, and looked up at me with
pleading eyes and asked softly, "Please".

No man could resist that look and he took my silence as consent and
began to lick my shaft, slowly running both hands up and down the length of
it. He licked the precum that was oozing out of me and moaned as he took
me in his mouth. His right hand fondled my balls, squeezing them ever so
gently. He worked my cock with his mouth, tongue and hands for about 10
minutes until I couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm gonnaaaaa cuuuuum!" I
shouted. He took me all the way down his throat, his nose nestled in my
pubes as I shot load after load down his throat. Lying back, feeling spent
and catching my breath, I watched as he continued to lick my cock and
balls. He slowly came back and lay next to me and asked, "Did you enjoy
that? I'll do that for you anytime" He laid his head on my chest and
sighed...a smile on his beautiful face. I kissed the top of his head and
held him in my arms.

Being both young men with insatiable sexual appetites, we spent the
night and most of the morning kissing and exploring each other. I fucked
that beautiful ass at least four times and each time was better than the
time before. I had him on his knees, on his back, on his belly and riding
me. He was so hot & tight & wet inside. Each time I found his spot, he
would moan from the depths of his soul. We both came in copious amounts
numerous times.

I'd like to tell you that we continued to see each other but that
wasn't the case. In fact, I never saw him again. Whenever I'd see my friend
or his girlfriend, they'd tell him that he always asked about me and told
them to tell me Hi. A few months later, I dropped out of school due to lack
of funds and moved to a small town to take a job offer. Years later, I
still think of the hot guy I mistook for a hot girl. What a perfect ass...

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