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By mahak [Ignore] at 14,May,18 03:24   Pageviews: 148

I was 12 . Not much aware of sex and masturbation. During a marriage function ,I had my first experience which I didnt like . I was asked by one of distant cousin to come with him to see his mango orchard . It was peak time of mango . I was taken to the orchard . It was large and various types of mango . Cousin was aged 22 and well built . We had not much acquaintance earlier ,but the lure of tasty mango I could not resist . There was a hut sort for the guards . No one was there . He arranged for many mangos and gave it to me. I took them and started to come back. He suggested that since the sun is now stronger ,better to enjoy the mango here in natural environment and after an hour we can go. I wanted to start the mango eating fast I agreed. The room was not properly lit . One bed was there ,I sit there . I was in my half-pants.
He sat beside me and started giving me massage . He told me this is village type massage which one enjoys here while taking mangos . I disnt bother much . Slowly his hands were coming almost inside my pants . No I was alert. But he was assuring me that everything is fine and I SHOULD CONTINUE TO ENJOY MANGO. My both hands were busy . Now suddenly, he put his hands inside and touched my small sleeping penis . I was very surprised . This was first touch of any stranger . He said why I am not wearing a underwear. He made me feel that this is a big deal and not acceptable. He put his hands again and now seeing me eye to eyr grabbed my little cock . It started bulging. He immediately opened my pant (only one button was the support ) . If i would have resisted a lot , the button could have broken and I had to go back. He started masturbating me . I was scared .. He was not bothered about my joy for sure. He turned me back and before I could react ,he put his very large and hard cock there . He used some lubricant and it was little inside. I screamed in pain. He was virtually trying to **** me as I had seen in Hindi mOVIES . He again put it and adjusted and few pushes which were very very painful.. After that he told me suddenly to put on the pant and go home quickly and also to take the mangos . I was in pain and immediately dressed and started to go bak. Walking was painful . I felt some wetness and touched my ass ..Oh God was totally wet and one sticky substance ..I could not identify..somehow later on I could realise that the wet substance was unloaded by my cousins's large cock ..the pain and the memory lasted for ever.... I was seduced many time subsequently ..but I enjoyed many a times ..except this time.

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By #516202 [Ignore] at 17,Jun,18 14:51
I was asked by my uncle to suck his big cock when I was just 6 years old

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 14,May,18 12:04
Bad first experience! Glad to hear it was better after that and you enjoyed it!

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