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First Suck of Cock

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By Tommy1701 [Ignore] at 15,May,18 09:18   Pageviews: 163

A long time ago, I was very young 17. It was with my step cousin, he was in his twenties.

It started off by me just wanking him off until he shot his load into a handkerchief. Then he asked me if I would suck him. I wasn't sure to be honest. Took him a few bars of chocolate to persuade me but in the end I did it.

I am so glad I did, I loved it, taking him into my mouth, he was telling me what to do, what got him horny. First time it took him a while to cum, but when he did he practically shoved his cock down my throat. I took every last drop and it was a big load, not that I knew it at the time.

Six months later, he got married, I was surplus to requirements. But I have to thank him he taught me well. His wife was a right sexy bitch too. And no I never did, but I thought it!

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By uncut1944 [Ignore] at 21,May,18 11:47
cousins are great I too sucked my first cock. We would take turns sucking each other off. He was into my uncut cock and he was cut, do like sucking a cock with 4skin.
By Tommy1701 [Ignore] at 21,May,18 11:49
He never sucked me, said it was gay, lol.
By uncut1944 [Ignore] at 21,May,18 11:53
at that age you just chalk it up to experience
By Tommy1701 [Ignore] at 21,May,18 12:10

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