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Naked In The Hall (a true story)

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 15,May,18 23:08   Pageviews: 95

Rooming houses are common in my region.
The rent is cheap, so it's easy for frugal guys
like me to save money and live within our means.

I live in an all-male rooming house 3-story
apartment building, and we each have our own
private rooms; it's like a Single-Room
Occupancy "motel" in which rent is paid by the week.
Each floor has a shared bathroom with a shower;
and our common kitchen is in the basement.
I live in a small room on the top 3rd floor...

Most of us guys here are seniors, retired, divorced,
single; and some guys are younger.
The place is usually quiet, and everyone here
pretty much keeps to himself, so there
isn't much socialization going on here unless
someone here wants company watching the sports games
or a movie with a few beers and some 420
(I don't drink nor 420).

I'm the only Puerto Rican guy in my building;
and there's a Chinese guy, seven black guys, and
five senior white guys here.
I'm attracted to the elder seniors, as they're
discreetly up for anything as long as it's
done behind closed doors.
We're such dirty ole horny farts like that! lol

I'm up every morning at 3am, freshening up and
getting ready to start my work day.
This morning was different... the 3rd floor bathroom
was occupied, so I had to use the bathroom on
the 2nd floor.
I was fully dressed, so I was just washing my face
when an elder tenant guy on the 2nd floor stepped
out of his room, totally NAKED, to use the bathroom.
He had almost walked into me!

I turned around and saw him naked... and I was
impressed like "Wow... what a hot fuckin HAIRY body!"
He turned around quickly and ran back to his room,
before I could get a better view of him
(without my being Obvious about it).

As I was heading back upstairs to my room I saw him
hiding behind his room door waiting for me to leave
so that he could step out into the bathroom.
He was still fully naked.
I smiled and waved at him. I just hope I didn't
offend him by seeing him naked.
I certainly wasn't offended. On the contrary,
I admired it as a sexual Compliment!

I had always fantasized about having some hot man
fun with him; and this morning's "accidental sighting"
made for a very happy start to my work day.
I'll never forget this!

I wish this situation could happen EVERY DAY!

Now the question, or the challenge, is:
How should I approach him respectfully to apologize
to him, AND break the ice to him that I would like
to have some private fun with him?

I'll just leave that into the hands of
Fate or Destiny.

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 28,May,18 10:13
Thanks, guys!

Well, no new developments for my wishful thinking of the guy.

BUT I SAW HIM NEKKED AGAIN! Two nights ago! lol

This time he was wearing only underwear briefs.
My upstairs bathroom toilet was clogged and I had to piss;
so I used the bathroom on His floor.
I was commando in my shorts, still pissing...
...he stepped outta his room, groggy from sleeping,
and walked into me. I felt a hard "lump" against
the back of my thigh!
He snapped up wide awake and apologized to me,
but I laughed and told him it was okay.
Meanwhile my cock was boned up in my shorts!

I have to maintain respectful distance for the guy.
But darn, I'm trying to figure out how to entice him
without offending him!

By CreativeOne [Ignore] at 28,May,18 10:04
First of all Maz ... Great blog and secondly here's some advise . Me personally ... I would have just knocked on his door to say its all good and not to worry about being embarrassed because of what he did . Besides it is an All male place and he is the one that came out of his room in the nude . Still though if nothing else ... The note under the door thing isn't such a bad idea either if he doesn't answer the door. . Good luck and keep us in the loop as to what happened in the long run

By Mazinga [Ignore] at 15,May,18 23:13
By the way, the old guy is Straight, divorced (or widowed),
and has adult grownup childrin who often visit him.
In any situation such as this I ALWAYS ASSUME that
the guy is Straight, and so I must maintain respect.
By WSJockstrap [Ignore] at 17,May,18 21:09
First, Lucky you!
Second, no need to apologize. Sounds like its not a totally 100%, private bath, no matter the time of day!
Third, GO FOR IT!
Forth, keep us informed!
Fifth, Can I join you?
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 21,May,18 23:17
True, the bath is only private IF the guy Locks
the door while he's inside.

( The worst I've ever seen in this building, just a
few months ago, some gorillabitch idiot was sitting
down (in the basement bathroom) taking a shyit with
the door wide open.
And our common Kitchen is right next door!
Needless to say I changed my mind about cooking
after seeing that bullshyit.
Two weeks ago the dude got cuffed away for
drugg dealing... Good Riddance! )

#3... I'm growing tempted to 'go for it'... maybe I'll
slip a note underneath his door! lol
The best that could happen is he'd keep it down
low-key between me and him.
The worst that could happen is him cussing me out,
and gossiping about me to the other tenants.

As for #5... I Love to lather furry critters with soap...
...that means You. JOIN ME!!!

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