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Sissy fantasy

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By Kinkykid [Ignore] at 17,May,18 21:13   Pageviews: 164

I have a bunch of kinda nerdy friends, you know, glasses, video game, smart, kinda dorky looking. They're great friends, known them since early grade school, and I fit in mostly. I started growing my hair out in higshschool cause I thought itd be cool, but it was the first time I ever tried that so they were joking around a bit, especially since my beard was very pale a few years ago. They teased me with things like "Cutiepie" and feminized my name.

They didnt do it for too long but since that I've had fantasies of them tricking me into girly clothes and then groping me and grinding against me. Later I imagined that they all had huge cocks, and since they were all too nerdy to get girlfriends they decided to turn me into their personal cock slut.

I imagined their big hairy cocks were a minimum 9 inches long, some larger, and they would grab my hair and rub their cocks in my face, make me suck on their huge sweaty balls while i desperate jerk them off with both my hands. My one friend who's very overweight would have the thickest cock and he would grab my head and fuck my mouth, his enormous balls slapping my chin. When he cums he pulls out and covers my face, rubbing his cock head and spreading it all over me.

They finish but each taking turns destroying my ass with their cocks while i choke on another cock, all the while they call me sissy names and laugh.

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By Scorpio69 [Ignore] at 17,Oct,18 23:30
Oh my!

By maturehornyBiguy [Ignore] at 05,Oct,18 10:44
love your sexy sissy fantasy
By Kinkykid [Ignore] at 05,Oct,18 15:18
Wanna be in one? 😘 hehehehe
By maturehornyBiguy [Ignore] at 07,Oct,18 16:34
you know...

By nice64 [Ignore] at 26,May,18 12:11
That 's hot I would like to have a sissy
By Kinkykid [Ignore] at 07,Oct,18 16:29
im available

By glaukon [Ignore] at 07,Oct,18 16:25
Sissy fun is just about de bestest
By Kinkykid [Ignore] at 07,Oct,18 16:29
tell me about it! hehehe

By ubob4me [Ignore] at 17,Jun,18 15:01
Hope it becomes a reality for you!

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 25,May,18 10:34
Hot fantasy!!!

By Nevermore [Ignore] at 19,May,18 09:22

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