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My shift to men

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 22,May,18 20:08   Pageviews: 121

I guess if I look back to my past I have liked cocks as much as pussy. When I grew up I didn't know any better and just thought that was how it was supposed to be find a women get married and have kids. Now that I am older I have found I like to suck aa cock ,if it is nice , and have irt cum in my mouth while I swallow. I also like to have a average size cock in my ass. At first I was a little tight, but I loosened up after I started to use a dildo . I really got into this kind of thing when a bath house opened locally. I couldn't stay away. I was there as much as I could without my wife finding out. I joined and went into the common area where men, and some women, were naked watching porn. This was the greatest time of my life sexually. I started watching porn in the booths and when the glory holes were put in I sucked every cock I could. In the common area I got to look at many nice cocks and suck some to. Of course I had my share of blow jobs, which I loved. A man gives a much better blow job then a woman. I especially liked it when he kept sucking me after I came. It was amazing. As I said I graduated to the common area where sex was common amongst the members. I was a bottom there for the first time.

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By onthelose [Ignore] at 22,May,18 20:25
I later got to bottom for this guy who had at least 7 inches and was pretty big around. It hurt a little at first until I got used to it, after that it was great. He made me cum massaging my prostrate with his long cock. Sadly all good things must end and the prudes struck again and closed them down. That pretty much was the end of sex with others for me except for a few random fucks and blowjobs at the waste of time porn stores. Now all that is around are a bunch of guys frozen in place watching the same porn movie over and over again.

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