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Which do you measure by?

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By blackfoxcock [Ignore] at 27,May,18 06:05   Pageviews: 95

Bone pressed erections length or Non bone pressed erect length?

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By AAA-Dick [Ignore] at 27,May,18 06:41
Non. Pressing in is cheating. That part isn't really useable,either.
By matthegreat [Ignore] at 29,May,18 18:05
By blackfoxcock [Ignore] at 29,May,18 23:49
So if that is cheating why is it shown online for measuring penis?
By matthegreat [Ignore] at 30,May,18 14:38
Rule number 1 of the internet: don't believe everything you see. And besides, it's a very subjective area
By blackfoxcock [Ignore] at 30,May,18 15:50
Measuring by pressing into the fat pad where the bone is taught everywhere. YouTube and on medical stuff. Plus it's more accurate because you have a solid hard spot to keep consistent measurements.
By AAA-Dick [Ignore] at 30,May,18 20:08
I suppose, for medical reasons. But in practice, it's length yoy can't use. If an overweight man is an inch shorter, that's an inch that he doesn't have to put in your companion's body.

Hey, I'd better re-measure. It will certainly make me feel better a out myself. Meh, it's all bullshit anyway.
By blackfoxcock [Ignore] at 30,May,18 23:43
In the end of the day most likey all measurements are bull shit. Best thing to do is measure with objects then
By AAA-Dick [Ignore] at 31,May,18 21:53
Right. Then I'd know that I was 1.34 Coke cans long.

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