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Detailed fantasy for a woman who likes her pussy licked 👅👅ԅ

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By JTCock [Ignore] at 27,May,18 16:02   Pageviews: 48

A story. The story of steamy romance, open honest love, and passion unlike any known before, chemistry that defines the concept, equals excellent lovemaking beyond our wildest dreams.

In the spirit of fantasy let this take place under the shade of an old tree in the middle of a meadow, with soft blankets. I am filled with anticipation at being able to take control and push you over the edge A LOT.

We have a hard time getting to your destination without just attacking each other. When the time is right our lips touch, gentle at first, building to a passionate tongue battle. Our mouths imagining what pleasure they can give to other parts of the body. Our **** is flowing… Our hearts are beating faster… My cock is beginning to get hard, and I can see your nipples are begging to be licked and sucked on.

I cannot keep my hands off of you, and your hand is already rubbing my cock through my shorts. They begin reaching up your dress and rubbing between your legs feeling your hard clit. I can't stop you from pulling down my shorts and wrapping your lips around my now throbbing cock head. I moan and encourage you to gradually work the whole thing into the back of your throat.

I am imagining my mouth being on your wet pussy, and using my tongue to tease you. For right now I simply relax and allow you to work your magic on my now tingling cock, they rush of pleasure courses through my entire body. Your enthusiasm is building, and I noticed that one of your hands has found its way to your clit. Our excitement builds together as I begin to feel intense contractions just beyond the base of my cock… You take me places I never knew existed or thought were possible. You beg me to let you push yourself over the edge, "Not yet, I have plans for you."

At this point we are both so excited that we're dizzy and can't think straight, but we have nothing to do other than give each other intense pleasure until we collapse.

This is where I take over. You are squirming and on the verge of orgasm. You let me suck on your fingers and I can taste how excited you are, and I'm shaking inside with anticipation. This is when I reveal some light restraints, cuffs that prevent you from moving your hands, and keep your ankles far enough apart so that he cannot close your legs… Even if you want to.

By now I am totally naked in my cock is very hard, you want to put it in your mouth and beg me to.. I get out the massage oil and start stroking my cock, leaning so that you can almost put your tongue on it. I move it just close enough so you can taste the head, but slowly pull away. You are defenseless and I am about to take my time savoring every sensitive inch of you, and pushing you to the edge as slowly as I can.

Now it's time for massage oil on you. I put a few drops on your nipples rub them in circles, gently squeezing her breasts and ever so lightly rubbing the underside and sneaking my tongue to lick just the tip firm but slow. Then begin to massage her breasts together as you squirm. I back away as you are defenseless. I begin to stroke my cock again where you can see it. Slow at first but, gradually speeding up letting you know how good it feels, and making you beg to taste it again. This time I have other plans. It gently drip massage oil across the inside of your thighs, and adding some to your clit even though you're so wet you're dripping.

I gently rub my hand on the inside of your thighs gently brushing your pussy lips as I pass through. My mouth finds its way to your rock hard nipples again, and my fingers find their way to the opening of your pussy. I gently suck on your nipples, and even more gently stroke the inside of your lips. You beg me again to let you come, this time I can't resist. I gently stroke your clitoris between my fingers, squeezing, rolling it around and this pushes you close. I take your whole breast into my mouth and sucked deeply as I stroked her pussy from the bottom all the way to just above your clit and press my fingers and as I move them from side to side…

As you from the first of many orgasms I show you my hard cock again. Letting you take the whole thing in your mouth, has your tongue swirls around the head. I hold the base of my cock and downs to head in and out of your mouth, and then I let you push me to the edge. Now I cannot resist licking you. I position myself between your legs, and begin to gently lick your inner thighs and the outside of your pussy. I cannot resist any longer, her scent and taste are driving me wild… I worked my tongue inside of you as my upper lip gently drags over your clit. I push my tongue in deeper, in as far as I can and begin to move it up and down as you squirm.

I reach down and stroke my cock as my tongue finds its way to the tip of your clit, flickering my tongue ever so gently as you squirm. I gently drags my teeth over the top of your clit as my tongue pinches it from below… Then I suck all of your lips and clit into my mouth and savor the puffy juicy deliciousness. This is all it takes to push you over the edge again.

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