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Pure Desire

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By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 28,May,18 01:09   Pageviews: 102

Pure Beauty!

For months off and on Id spend time at my neighbors. Both he and his wife were tan, lean and quite sexy! His beautiful male physique kept most of my attention. On several occasions with out his wife noticing, hed caught me staring at his cock.
He always seemed to enjoy my glances and stares, even though at times he was uncomfortable with his wife so close by. I could not contain as his arms were that of gladiator very profound, strong and powerful looking. His stomach lean and tight with his abs popping out a-bit. His ass so tight and round! Just beautiful! She his wife was just as beautiful. But for what ever reasons I wanted him.
I swear at times after he noticed me staring hed get a little bigger.
One sunny day in June I walked over to there house to find him home alone. She was out of town he said as he noticed my excitement. I suggested we go for a swim, he agreed. As we swam his wet body glistening with the water he looked like a God!
Once out we were lounging catching even more sun. Both of us had a nervous tone to our strained voices.
I finally went for it, asking Can I see?
He replied nervously see see what?
I replied you know, I want to see how big you are .
He was very quiet not saying a word. I recalled how excited he seemed when he caught me staring. So once again I went for it, placing my hand on his stomach immediately I felt his longing for my touch! That sent tingling through out my body! I grew just a bit. I drew a circle with my finger around his navel . Which sent more shock waves of arousal through out my body!
And I said please may I see? It will be just our ****...
Still no words from him but his body loved my touch. Sliding my fingers just inside his waist line, sliding down his swim trunks just a bit... I felt th shock waves through out his body. At that moment I knew I was getting what I wanted.
I leaned down and kissed his navel, using my tongue to draw circles. While sliding down his trunks a little more. I grew a little bigger at that time and so did he. He appeared bigger than I thought!
As my tongue slid down with his trunks my heart was pounding!!!!
His body was so intense with desire.
At this point I have to take care to pull his trunks over his cock!!!!
As soon as I see his full beauty Im instantly fully erect and rock hard!
Sliding his trunks all the way off, looking at his beautiful body in the sun, I am hungry!
I slide my fingers from his feet all the way up his legs, placing my hands on his waist. He is all most fully erect so much bigger than Id thought. Keeping my hands on his waist I lean forward pressing my chest against his cock I kiss his navel. I look him in the eyes and say your cock is so beautiful.... Ive longed for this moment, aching with desire! And for now you are mine.... Im going to worship all your beauty! As I slide back down he is fully erect veins popping out standing tall ! Im so excited!

His head is so wet ! Im not sure with his size, but I want him ! Very gently the tip of my tongue meets the tip of his head ... His nectar so sweet, mouth watering... Im in heaven, his sweet taste just for me! My tongue massages the tip of his head taking every drop wanting more. I dont know if I can keep from Cuming! I whisper I love your cock I like be your sweet taste! He lets out a slight moan ....
My tongue is making bigger circles around his head ! I feel him throbbing!
My lips begin caressing gently sucking as I slide off and on his head... making gentle slurping sounds as my mouth waters ... As his excitement builds I say I love your cock!
As he moans I slide his intire head into my mouth lips wet tongue massaging him . For just a few moments I just hold still him inside my hot wet mouth, Im sure felt like eternity to him ... As I could feel him holding back from sliding deeper into me. He moaned as his hips tightened. I love how much he wants me, I love how much I excite him .
All at once, not to fast, I slide all the way down on him until his head is in my throat, knowing its only about half he s cock. He moans as I gag a little.
I hold him here for just a bit, he is throbbing so much as I am .

I slide all the way off and right back down , making this motion a few times !
Then back to his head slurping as its my succulent. His back is arched body tense... I slide all the way back down!!!!
He pulls me off as hes breathing hard heart pounding!!!!
I look at him and say catch your breath. I say you are mine and I want you!
I lick him from his balls up to his shaft over and over while he relaxes..

Take his head into my soft wet lips, sliding off I say when youre ready give me all of your sweet cream....
Sliding all the way back down he explodes wave after wave .
He moans out my name.
He slides deeper into my throat my eyes three quarters of his beautiful cock!
I slide back to his head, massaging as he shakes, he squirts another wave into my mouth! At the be same time I cum!!!!
My neighbor always wanted to experience a man as did I.

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By Scorpio69 [Ignore] at 18,Oct,18 02:56
Wow! That's so HOT! You got me so hard. I love reading some hot experiences. Maybe I'll write one, one day. 😘
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 21,Oct,18 21:16
Awesome thank you so much! Maybe we could write it together

By #540626 [Ignore] at 16,Sep,18 03:31
such a sexy story, i'm so turned on now
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 17,Sep,18 01:34
Wow thank you! You are so Hot! Can I be your neighbor?

By shysteve60 [Ignore] at 08,Jul,18 19:17
wish you were my neighbor
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 20,Jul,18 20:40
Me too

By sissyevelynn [Ignore] at 29,May,18 13:20
Ooooh my, such a hot story! I wish I could be sooo lucky.
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 29,May,18 14:11
Thank you for the comment
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 09,Jul,18 14:06
Me too! Thank you!

By tb1 [Ignore] at 29,May,18 01:15
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 29,May,18 14:12
Thank you for liking my story
By tb1 [Ignore] at 29,May,18 17:25
you're welcum
By Kissme1212 [Ignore] at 16,Jun,18 02:41
Thank you for the comment

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