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By bella! [Ignore] at 28,May,18 16:01   Pageviews: 248

I'm dumbfounded so I'm just going to put it out there.

Is receiving a "💋" on your page and a canned message telling you (and 100's of other SYD members) to stay "SUPER SEXY" really that important to you? Grow some nads, all you're doing is elevating this peron to a position that they are undeserving of. This person is a diamond member and can have up to 5,000 friends and I would wager to say that there are not even 5,000 active members. So why do you think you were not added as a "friend"?


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By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 06,Jun,18 02:07
The majority of men on this site are desperate and are happy to get attention of a female no matter what she looks like. Guess they feel flattered and obligated to be friends and vote. Seriously they donít give a fuck if itís sexy. Could be a 1000 pound paraplegic with a prolapsed rectum and a pussy slathered in vomit and they would be happy to talk to her.
By AdenRice [Ignore] at 06,Jun,18 22:04
By bella! [Ignore] at 07,Jun,18 06:22
And I've been referred to as a "cyber stalker"!!?!! She is thinking about me again....... HER and her mighty midget have changed their (WHY?) once again.
By Angelofdeath [Ignore] at 10,Jun,18 00:29
I donít bother to even check anymore. No matter what the Oompa Loompa says about me I have proof he gets off to my pics and I bet that chaps her caved in ham with two floppy pizza slices on the side.

By Asslover8 [Ignore] at 30,May,18 15:30
See. That's what I was saying about the site overall. !!!!
By bella! [Ignore] at 30,May,18 21:20
You have said "what" about the site, overall?

By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 29,May,18 17:52
I honestly have no idea. No it isn't important to me. My friends list is with those I have some real conversations with.

By cardinal [Ignore] at 29,May,18 11:41
Sweet bella!

By *jamie [Ignore] at 29,May,18 06:39
Donde esta no beso

By #541072 [Ignore] at 29,May,18 05:43
💋💋💋💋💋💋 you have me your friends list though bella!

By titan4 [Ignore] at 28,May,18 21:54
Sour grapes
By bella! [Ignore] at 28,May,18 22:13
Thanks for your response but I assure you, it is not at all sour grapes on my part.

It's just like I said, I am dumbfounded. This reminds me of a pet owner with a puppy. The puppy is given praises and/or rewarded with a treat when they display positive behavior. Who's a good boy, you are a good boy......

By bella! [Ignore] at 28,May,18 21:51
So many views and NO ONE has the nads to offer any reason why! This is really very sad!

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