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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 30,May,18 19:33   Pageviews: 59


I made this meme, because Summer is here
and that means outdoor Cruising in discreet areas.

Unfortunately, there always haaas to be a dumbass
who can't keep his fuckin twat SHUT and he goes on
to post ads on Craigslist (and now Doublelist)
asking the most Stupidest question of all:

"Has anyone been to that new cruising spot
LOCATED (at such-n-such place)?"

Today I saw someone posted an ad on Doublelist
asking that exact same dumbassed question, AND
the idiot included the precise address location
of said "new" outdoor cruising spot! W T F???
Someone get me a baseball bat, PLEASE!!!

Every year during the mild weather season, more
new outdoor cruising spots are discovered and enjoyed
by many who like to have discreet casual sexual
encounters outdoors.

I like to indulge in some outdoor action once in
a great while (and I Have done so in the past
several years)...

But NOT when there's always a Dumbassed IDIOT
posting ads on the local hookup sites disclosing
the locations of such discreet outdoor cruising spots!

Well, those outdoor spots aren't "discreet" any longer
because Twinky Dumbass posted an ad asking to suck dick
at an outdoor spot located at such-n-such area!

Lemme tell you something, you Stupid Bitch:
Do you realize that VICEE personnel are often
browsing your local hookup sites, on the hunt for
any wrongful activity??? YES THEY ARE!!!

Even COPS like to get Their rocks off outdoors...
...they'll sissybitch your dumb cockwhore ass,
and Then they will STILL cuff you off to jail
for INDECENT EXPOSURE. Your word against Theirs!

Indecent Exposure, meaning you're hiding behind
the bushes catting your fuckin DUMB feline ass
50 fuckin feet in the air waiting for some dick,
and along comes a pet unleashed dog into your little
"discreet cruise spot", followed by its owner
who looks over and suddenly Discovers YOU

OR- some little kidds happen to run by, and they
see you there, Soccermom happens to find them there
and she looks over and suddenly discovers YOU
The fugly sight of You just Haaad to fuck those
innocent little kidds up, huh!

I don't care how "discreet" you say your precious
little "cruising spot" is, ALL outdoor parks
and wooded areas are open to the PUBLIC of ALL ages.
If you get caught fuckin around in the bushes,
in those outdoor PUBLIC PLACES,
you'll get arrested for Indecent Exposure!

A few years ago, a man's deadd body was found in the
woods, at dawn, here in Schenectady NY.
No wallet found, Identity unknown.
His purpose there, unknown.
Perhaps he was a homeless person from the City Mission?
OR- perhaps he was CRUISING and he got Mugged?
Think about it, Dumbass!

Yeah, go ahead and blab yer fuckin ass-mouth off on
Doublelist posting ads telling us all where the new
outdoor cruising spots are.
The cops reading Doublelist will LOVE your dumbass
for disclosing such information;
and so will the Thugs, Crackheads, and Muggers!

By placing your stupid ad on Doublelist, or Craigslist,
or whatever local fuck-buddy site you log into,
not only are you jeopardizing your own safety,
you are also jeopardizing OTHER PEOPLE'S SAFETY!

Wow...just wow.

Hey, if I struck some raw nerves with this meme
and this here blog, Guess What, Twats:
I. Naturally. Don't. Give. A. Fuck!

You're better off putting a bullet through
your own skull before you advertise or disclose
any outdoor cruising spots on Doublelist
or any other hookup sites!


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By pifad [Ignore] at 31,May,18 02:46
You are absolutely correct.
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 01,Jun,18 17:11
It had to be said.

It's bad enough when the govt encroaches upon our
personal freedoms and privacy.
We don't need some dumbassed sissybitch advertising
things online that no one else needs to know.
It opens up gateways to unfortunate events, and it gets
innocent people into trouble or hurt or even worse.

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