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my Friends don't #Blog

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By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 31,May,18 03:13   Pageviews: 51

Most of my friends on here are mutual friends. They are alright people (or so they seemed at one point ).. but I recently found a SYDbutton that has "your friends blogs" and there's nothing !!

Do these bitches NOT BLOG or what !?
Or are they here just as peepers ^-^

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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 01,Jun,18 09:21
Blogging doesn't seem to be a very popular thing,still there are some nice hot blogs to read!

By kebmo [Ignore] at 31,May,18 07:21
On the recent blog page you'll see a "Top Active Bloggers" link. This is great if you want to read some. Please be courteous to the author of the ones you like and leave a comment. I have 58 stories and most of them are about me and my cock sucking friends. Warning: May cause
By bella! [Ignore] at 31,May,18 09:49
That is good advice, kebmo!

Me, I like to look at the Recent Blogs option everyday /blogs/ . The blogs that catch my eyes will have interesting titles. I'm not into reading anything too long because I'm 99% of the time on my phone and the type is small and my eyes are old. To greenfan12, don't know what you're interested in reading but a newer member, Mazinga writes some wild blogs!
By up-for-it [Ignore] at 01,Jun,18 09:19
Yeah you are right , your blogs cause some serious

By greenfan12 [Ignore] at 31,May,18 03:13
Lol no matter. I just want more friends to do shit with ;]
(Take that to whatever kind of meaning)

So SYDmembers.. which of your friends is the best to, do things with ? Let Me Know


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