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On this day - June 3, 1968...

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By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 02,Jun,18 17:11   Pageviews: 45

On June 3, 1968 Uncle Sam decided that they needed me. It was on that day 50 years ago that I received my induction notice. Little did I know I was headed to hell.

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By nekekal [Ignore] at 03,Jun,18 01:33
I went in February of 69.
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 03,Jun,18 10:24
I was in country by February 69... I had no idea what the fuck I was doing... I don't think any of us did.
By nekekal [Ignore] at 03,Jun,18 11:55
I had escaped the draft for a while. Deferments. But ran out of things to do. I always remember that in basic, someone ask why we didn't learn to field strip the m16, since that piece of shut jammed all the time. The DI said that it took too long and probably wouldn't work anyway. We should just look around and find one that someone wasn't using. That war was a total fuck up.
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 03,Jun,18 13:39
I was a medic so didn't use my m16. I think I fired it a few time just to do it, cause they were shooting at me!!! I don't think I hit anything!!! Yes, they were pieces of shit!!! Also impossible to keep clean anyway. I was always wet, dirty, covered in shit, b-l-o-o-d and whatever bodily fluids the wounded would have oozing out of them. After awhile it didn't matter...

And it doesn't matter for me anymore. After 50 years I have put it behind me. At my age I only want to concentrate on making the best of years that I have left. I don't dwell on those days. I think of it as a year long nightmare that I was lucky to wake up from.

I let others decide and debate the issues. Much like my d-a-d did when he came home from his time in WWII. I pretty much understood him a lot more why he wanted to forget about his service.
By nekekal [Ignore] at 04,Jun,18 01:11
I am with you there. And I don't want to be thanked for my service. I was drafted. The penalty for not going was pretty high.
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 04,Jun,18 23:00
I am not one of those "flag waving patriots" demanding to be thanked for whatever they did. I prefer not to say much nor do I want to be recognized. I did what I had to do. I survived. The ones who need to be thanked and blessed are the families of the ones who did not return.

I feel I have more than enough thanks! I was able to go on with my life, such as it is.

I was able to watch the PBS series on the Vietnam war along with my step daughter and her 2 daughters (my step granddaughters). I gave them my perspective on what they were watching. But like I told them you watch and read everything you can but you will never know what it was like unless you lived it and were there. And even then you still won't understand. I still don't but I don't dwell on it anymore.

By pifad [Ignore] at 03,Jun,18 04:32
Thank you for youíre service, Iím happy you survived. My induction was May 27, 1968.
By veryshyguy [Ignore] at 03,Jun,18 10:21
Thanks to you to. We did what was expected of us that is all...

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