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By joeblow [Ignore] at 05,Jun,18 12:02   Pageviews: 146

My youngest **** is 3 yrs younger then me. She's a skinny, short 5 ft 3 inches...not weighing more then 125lbs. Jet black hair with green eyes. Not big titted but I nice handful to say the least. The fantasies I've had about her stretch my whole life...from me being the nasty perverted older **** babysitter to ducking her on her wedding day in her wedding dress. I've had the pleasure of accidentally seeing a pic of her sucking a well she's seen a pic of my erected cock. She turned bright red and turned away smiling. Maybe someday I can profess my love to her and she then and taste my cum?

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By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 09,Jun,18 21:21
The other guy may be correct! If this girl is a good friend and you want her to stay that way then it might not be a good idea to go after her pussy to hard! Be slow and just let her know how you feel a bit at a time. If she responds well then be a slight bit more up front. If she backs off then you should as well! Some are just meant to stay goof friends only! It is better to have many good friends than fuck it up and end up with no friends at all. A piece of ass is never worth loosing a good friend! Been there done it both ways sorry to say!

By AAA-Dick [Ignore] at 06,Jun,18 18:05
Don't do anything unless you're sure you want to go that way. And consider factors other than the fact that you want to fuck her. What are your situations? Anybody else involved? Is it in her picture of what would be OK? Then there's the risk that it would ruin the relationship with your sibling. If word got out, would it blow up things with your family?

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