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The dream - part 1

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By Watchin_boners [Ignore] at 05,Jun,18 22:16   Pageviews: 110

Can’t stop thinking about experimenting lately, started about 2 years ago but has been on my mind so much in the last 6 months! I still pussy but a little piece (ok a significant piece) wants to play with a dick. Here’s my ideal night...

Bored in a hotel I’m browsing my favourite site (SYD of course) and get a message from a guy. “Wow nice cock! How are you tonight?” I reply “I’m good. Bored and horny alone in my room

I check out his profile and notice he is blessed with a great, veiny, cut, white cock. I feel my cock swell just looking at at! Another message from him pops up... “I see your in Alberta, me too! Where abouts are you?” I reply “I’m spending the night in Red Deer.” Almost instantly he replies “No shit! That’s where I’m at!”

We spend the next 10 minutes sending teasing messages and a couple pics. My hand squeezing my cock the entire time. Finally I just say it “You into dark room stuff? I’m crazy horny but just as nervous! Would love for you to come over and let me play with that cock”. My heart is almost beating out of my chest. My cock that’s been hard for the last 30 minutes goes flaccid from the nervousness I’m feeling. It feels like forever when he replies “I’m cool with going slow and doing whatever you’re comfortable with man!”

Immediately I’m hard again and I get the feeling that I’ve found a decent guy that would let me do exactly what I want! My next message makes my heart pound even more... “I’m in room 615 at the Sheraton. The door will be open.”

Holy shit! This is gonna happen! He replies “Dude I’m on my way! But no pressure, let’s just have fun

I turn all the lights off except for a super dim lamp in the corner of the room. I strip down to my underwear and prop the door open with the lock. He mustn’t have been far because I hear the door creak open just minutes later. It’s dark and I hear “Hey Rob. It’s Jake”

I hear the door close and I say “hey man. Sorry it’s so dark but the anonymity makes me a little more comfortable”. I chuckle awkwardly and his silhouette walks over to me. “You tell me whatever you want to do” he says. I immediately feel a rush of **** to my cock and my stomach settles from the butterflies I was feeling. I reach down and feel his bulge in his sweatpants. He’s as excited as me! “I’ll start my just helping myself” I say.

I drop to my knees and start to slide his pants down. He’s instantly rock hard as I slide them down and his cock springs up, just missing my chin. I pull pants right off and grab his cock with my hand. It feels so god damn hot! I’m surprised my my instincts but I stroke it and put one of his balls in my mouth. They are totally smooth and taste better than I would have thought. I lick all the way up his shaft and taste his precum. It doesn’t taste great but it doesn’t stop my from trying to fit his entire cock in my mouth. He groans as most of his cock disappears in my mouth. I gag a bit and he pulls back. “Stand up” he says.

I stand and he notices my rock hard cock trying desperately to get out of my boxers. He guides me over to the bad. By now our eyes have adjusted to the dark a bit. I sit on the edge of the bed and he instructs me to lay down. I do as he asks and slides my boxers off. “Wow!” He says, “that’s even more fucking hot than the pictures!” He starts kissing my cock...

Well there’s part one! Let me know if you want to hear part two And now I’m even hornier!! Hope you enjoyed!

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By cfan2 [Ignore] at 29,Jun,18 14:25
Hope your dream cums true for you!!

By kebmo [Ignore] at 05,Jun,18 22:24
That sounds like a great first time! Now my cock is all hard and I have to "deal with it".
By Watchin_boners [Ignore] at 05,Jun,18 22:28
I hear you man! But I don’t have “buddies” to call and help me out!

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