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NO FAP Challenge: How Long Can You Last?

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 05,Jun,18 22:42   Pageviews: 48

Anyone here ever try a "NO FAP Challenge"?
It's when two buddies challenge one another
to abstain (hold his load) for a period of time,
to be determined by the challenger.
NO jerking off, No self-touching, and NO stimulation
sources whatsoever.
It could be a few days or several weeks, and
the challenger must also comply to the challenge.

At the end of the abstinence period the buddies
then go into an edging marathon of slow masturbation,
stroking or sucking one another slowly, or frotting
very slowly, without rushing the pace or forsing
a climax, until they Both cum.
It doesn't matter who cums first, BOTH partners
must get one another off to completion.

There is NO role-play in this, so that each person
gets his fair share of cock and cum.
When doing this with a buddy, it must be STRICTLY MUTUAL.
No 'total' top or bottom roles, no greed or selfishness,
This is about Sharing an intense orgasm Together
on the level playing field. Don't defeat its purpose.
None of that "it's getting late, I gotta go" bullshit.

And, of course, you might experience Blue-balls..., keep a warm wet hand towel or wash cloth handy
to sooth your balls after all is Done and Cum.

This challenge works best when the abstinence period ends
on a day that both buddies have time off from work,
such as a weekend or a holiday.
Retirees have all that free time for this! WOW!

Drink lots of Ginseng before the edging.
Have your lubes, poppers, and toys ready for play.
And have your mind totally clear of all distractions,
and no outside interruptions whatsoever except for
restroom piss breaks; and then Get Back Into It!
This way you can focus all sensitivity onto your cocks.

I seldom do this with older guys, because I love to make
my fellow geezers goon outta their fuckin minds!

Alone Time? FUCKIN YEAH!
I always do this alone when I want to intensify my orgasms.
As of this post (5 June 2018 10:40pm EST) I am into
my 15th day load and holding it indefinitely, at my own will,
simply because I WANT TO enjoy the pending orgasm when
the time comes for me to edge my juice out, Teasingly.
I've got 30 years of Edging practice in my jeans,
and I just LOVE to GOON, baby!

You can do this alone, or with a buddy.
You can also try this at your next Circle Jerk gathering.
Give it a try, you'll get Hooked! lol

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By kebmo [Ignore] at 06,Jun,18 04:35
I'm out.
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 10,Jun,18 01:38
After almost 16 days I finally spooged my load
after edging for nearly 2 hours.

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